SOUL OF DISCRETION by Susan Mac Nicol and M. Tasia

GENRE: Erotic (M/M) Romance

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About the Book


Simon Bridgeworth believes in loyalty, and keeping things in-house. When he discovers his best friend, who has been running the Canadian division of Simon’s tech empire, has been skimming millions from the company, Simon flies to Toronto to get to the bottom of the theft and learns his friend has been murdered. Devastated and at a loose end, Simon knows there’s no way the company’s problems can be kept under wraps now. Imagine his surprise when he learns the Mountie investigating the murder is the first repeat Simon has allowed himself in years.

Sergeant Nick Cooper is a proud member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He’s served his country in the military, and now he’s protecting the citizenry of Toronto. But devotion to duty is no longer enough. On a whim, Nick hooks up with Aristocrat69 on crUIzer, and what started as one night of incredible sex turns into an attraction neither man can ignore. When a grisly mob murder sends Nick to the Breakforce Corporation, he is shocked to discover his lover is none other than its CEO. When Simon’s life is threatened, ethical lines blur as Nick does anything to keep him safe – no cost is too high for the man who has become Nick’s everything.

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Pushing himself up into the sitting position, Nick prepared to get up and go to the bathroom when Simon grabbed his arm. “Where are you going?”

Nick pulled back, shocked by the question but he answered, anyway. “I’m getting cleaned up to go.”


No? What the hell? “You don’t want me to get cleaned? Come on man, you can’t be serious. I’ll only take a minute.” Nick’s anger rose. He hadn’t pegged Simon as an asshole but obviously, he might have been wrong.

Simon sat up and took Nick’s hands. “No, I meant I would like it if you stayed. We can have a drink, maybe order in food. Have you eaten?”

Nick couldn’t stop himself from staring at his lover for a moment, but he quickly recovered. “Sure, I’d like that.” He honestly would.

“I’ll clean up and leave a robe in the bathroom for you to use if you’d like.” Simon said before kissing Nick and walking to the bathroom naked, making Nick’s cock twitch. “Easy there, we need a breather between rounds.”

Simon came out of the bathroom wearing the same yoga pants he had on the first time they’d hooked up. The ones that highlighted that perfect ass of his. “All yours, Nick.”

“Thanks. Do you mind if I take a quick shower?” It’d give him the extra time to try to work out what the hell was going on with Simon.

“Yes, go right ahead. I’ll pour us a drink and then we can look over the room service menu.” Simon replied acting as if this was perfectly natural to him. Nick didn’t think it was.

“If that’s what you want.” Nick answered, still unsure of the situation.

Simon picked up on this and walked over to stand in front of him. “I realize I’m behaving oddly compared to last night. I’ve been thinking, and if you’re agreeable, I propose that we spend our free moments together while I’m in town. We get on well and even you must admit, we’re sexually compatible.”

Nick thought about it, he wanted to see Simon again. “How long are you expected to stay in Toronto?”

“At the moment it appears I won’t be able to conclude my business in Canada for at least a couple weeks.”

Well, no one ever accused him of being stupid. Weeks of the best sex of his life with a man he finds irresistible. Where did he sign up? Nick would likely regret this when it ended, but until then he planned to enjoy this to the fullest.

“Okay, deal. While you’re in town, we’ll see each other.”

“And no one else. If you’re with me at night, I don’t want to share you with any other men. I’ll do the same.”

Nick had never been one to date multiple men at the same time, even if this wasn’t really considered dating. But if Simon needed to hear it, Nick had no problem with that. “I agree, no other men.”

Simon flashed a smile that must have men falling to their knees all over England. “Now get showered so we can order dinner.” Nick smiled back before heading into the bathroom still shocked by the turn of events.

About the Authors

Susan Mac Nicol writes steamy, sexy and fun contemporary gay romances, some suspenseful, some gritty and dark, and others just plain ahhhh….

Lover of angst and conflict, she enjoys putting her characters through the emotional wringer and bringing them out the other side with an HEA, or, at the very least, a HFN.

She is a PAN member of Romance Writers of America and is also a member of the Romantic Novelists Association in the UK. She’s the Editor-in-Chief at Divine Magazine, and she’s a Charity Board trustee at Being Me in London.

Sue is passionate about research and has stayed in a circus, taken lessons from a blind person on how it feels to be non-sighted, and has traveled to a lighthouse with maintenance crew to see firsthand what it’s like inside. She’s also written a screenplay with a Hollywood actor/producer, with a view to taking her book, Sight Unseen, to the big screen.

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M. Tasia (Michelle) is a paralegal and author who lives in Ontario, Canada. A member of the RWA and its chapter RRW, she is a dedicated people watcher, and a lover of romance, 80’s rock, and happy endings. Married to a good man, mother of two wonderful girls, Michelle is also a servant to two spoiled furry children.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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