What’s New in Nancy’s World

Cover Updates and … Ta Da … a Second Printing:

perf5.000x8.000.inddThe Wild Rose Press has issued a second printing of my futuristic-time travel, Time and Again, with updated and additional content. Recipient of Long and Short Review’s BEST BOOK designation when it was first issued, Time and Again is one of my personal favorites.

GamblingonLove_1600X2400Entangled Publishing has given my 2013 post-Civil War romance, Gambling on Love a new cover. Once the book and cover are updated on all the booksellers’ websites, the price of this full-length novel will be set at a permanent 99ยข! I’m positive my late partner, the talented Patti Shenberger, would have loved the new look!

New Contracts:

I just signed a contract for an upcoming Halloween-themed novella from The Wild Rose Press. Set in my favorite vintage period (the 1960’s), it’s titled Bewitched.

I have two more contracts pending and will post updates once they’re final.


In addition to the Halloween novella, I’m also working on an uber-sexy story for Decadent Publishing‘s 1NiteStand series. Tentatively titled, Touch Me, it will be the launch book for a 3-story series.