What’s New in Nancy’s World

Spring is finally here…

Jpeg 6I absolutely love this time of year. The chill is finally out of the morning air (most mornings anyway), the afternoons are shirt-sleeve warm, and the sun is shining brightly outside my office window.

It’s a great time to begin a new project while still keeping in mind there are edits to be done to books scheduled for release over the next few months.

I’m looking forward to a productive couple of months before I break for a short summer vacation. I hope my fellow authors, as well as my readers, will make time for themselves this spring/summer. Push away from your computers/laptops, get out of your reading chair, and enjoy the beautiful gifts from Mother Nature.

Available Now:

My Beyond Fairy Tales story from Decadent Publishing, Do You Want Me, is now available in audio. You can find a sample HERE.

New Contracts/Pending Releases:

September: My Halloween-themed novella from The Wild Rose Press. Set in my favorite vintage period (the 1960’s), it’s titled Bewitched.

October: My Egyptian time travel/paranormal, Eye of the Pharaoh, from Soul Mate Publishing.

Also this Fall: My first release for The Wild Rose Press‘ Scarlet line. Kilty Pleasures, will be part of their Men Who Wear Kilts series. No firm release date set as yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

January, 2017: My vintage historical (1967), Paging Dr. Cupid, from The Wild Rose Press, is a follow-up to my Candy Heart’s Romance, Only Yours.