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Surviving Winter

winter writerLet me start by saying, I hate winter. You’d think a writer wouldn’t mind being cooped up inside by foul weather…able to write without distraction. It was good for a month or so. Now, I long to feel something other than snow or a bitter wind on my cheeks. My muse wants sunshine and warmth.

In an effort to trick myself into forgetting what’s just outside my office window, I’ve begun playing the summer vacation music of my youth … the Beach Boys, the Four Seasons, Elvis. (Yes, I am that old.) With any luck, spring will arrive before I’ve reverted backward even further to the likes of Sinatra, Bennett, or…heaven help me…Perry Como. (I do admit…I have a soft spot for Hot Diggity.)

~ ~ ~


oz-shoesWaking Up in Oz – Set in 1975. A vintage re-telling of The Wizard of Oz.

Following a devastating tornado, attorney Dorothy Gail Farmer finds herself stranded in Oswald, Kansas and surrounded by a town full of Wizard devotees. Can she muddle her way through business dealings with the wicked land baroness, Evelyn Witcher? Or, guard her heart from a sexy storm chaser nicknamed ‘The Wizard’?

Part of the new “Stranded” series from The Wild Rose Press’ historical line, Waking Up in Oz is a comical look at just how far some people can take an obsession.


the-vessel-meme-3The Vessel – a futuristic fantasy.

Career soldier, Liam McGregor, has his hands full escorting alien princess Alora of Delawon to safety. Will he be able to protect her from the lawless marauders wreaking havoc over the wasteland that was once the U.S.? Or, will his most difficult task be keeping his hands off the fempod destined to save mankind?

Coming in Summer 2017 from Decadent Publishing.