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 New Release

Touch Me ~ Book 1 in my Lusty Liaisons Series of ultra-steamy short stories–part of the new line of quick reads from The Wild Rose Press’ Wilder Catalog!

When schoolteacher Maggie Lewis agrees to a one-night only meeting with businessman Evan Steele she’s not sure what to expect. Yet, the temptation this unique and exclusive service provides is more than she can resist. Her friends are always bragging about their fantastic sex lives. Maggie has only experienced mediocre. Will the decadence of a single night with a stranger change her perceptions?

Evan Steele is a workaholic. His recent sexual conquests have left him longing for something more, something different. He longs to experience a lusty, no-holds barred night with a woman who, while not a virgin, still borders on inexperienced. He wants someone who hasn’t got a clue who he is and isn’t after him for his money or anything longer than a single night.

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My Works-in-Progress

Tease Me – Book 2 in my Lusty Liaisons Series

Dani and Alex were college lovers who often took part in a steamy threesome with one of their professors. Now, years later, they’re both professionals in demanding jobs.

Can they reunite for a fun-filled weekend and welcome a third person into their bed for a night of pleasure? Or, will jealousy in the ranks spoil their sexual appetites.

Also look for: Trust Me, Try Me, and Thrill Me – all part of the Lusty Liaison Series!

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The Not-So-Secret Sex Life of an Avowed Spinster

Despite a costly divorce from a conniving ex, Beth Andrews has managed to rebuild her advertising agency into a profitable business.  However, with hard work comes sacrifice. In Beth’s case, sacrifice means no social life and, worst of all, no love life.

However, Beth has a plan. Rather than live vicariously through the nightly sexual escapades of her upstairs neighbor, she intends to bed as many men as she can without falling prey to a long-term relationship. Can she find what she’s lusting for? Or, will one of her short-term lovers win her heart on a more permanent basis?