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Summer’s Here! Woot!

An early evening swim – E Lake Ainslie, NS

For those of you who don’t know … I live in Atlantic Canada. We’re north of New England and, as such, usually skip spring and go right from winter to winter/summer mix (with lots of rain), and then into summer! Full on, hot, sweaty summer. And I love it!

I hate winter … no doubts, no regrets … I just hate it. I hate all the extra layers of clothes, the heavy shoes/boots, the shivering to keep warm. I am, and always will be, a summer girl.

The only … and I mean ONLY … problem I have with summer is that I can’t wrap my head around writing. I want to be outside. I want to go to the park with my youngest grandchild, I want to sit by the water’s edge (we have a LOT of that in Atlantic Canada) and just chill.

I tend to read a lot in the summer. Here are a few items on my summer reading list:


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My Works-in-Progress

The Not-So-Secret Sex Life of an Avowed Spinster

Despite a costly divorce from a conniving ex, Beth Andrews has managed to rebuild her advertising agency into a profitable business.  However, with hard work comes sacrifice. In Beth’s case, sacrifice means no social life and, worst of all, no love life.

However, Beth has a plan. Rather than live vicariously through the nightly sexual escapades of her upstairs neighbor, she intends to bed as many men as she can without falling prey to a long-term relationship. Can she find what she’s lusting for? Or, will one of her short-term lovers win her heart on a more permanent basis?