In the Final Stages of a New Book!

There are many exciting steps involved in the process of publishing a book, whether it be romance, mystery, time-travel, or even non-fiction. I am currently in the final stages of my next release … a futuristic romance with a new twist for me … an alien heroine!

A very far departure from my usual vintage and contemporary romances. Also, somewhat of a stretch from my time travel/paranormal romances. The closest comparison, I suppose, are my erotic romances but only to the extent that there is language included (in a most comical way).

Concept ~ the story came about because of a submission call from Harlequin. They were looking for anthology material and one of the proposed anthologies was “alien romance“. I wrote, The Vessel, with this call in mind. Unfortunately, they cancelled the proposed anthology before it even got off the ground.

Shopping the story ~ Okay, so I had a finished 25K novella, written entirely from the military hero’s pov, and it needed a home. Because of the adult content my first thought was Decadent Publishing. I loved working with them on three previous erotic romances: The Muse, my award-winning The Mysterious Mrs. Pennybaker, and my Beyond Fairy Tales Do You Want Me. All three are available digitally, in print and in audible format!

I sent off the manuscript. Within a week, they came back with a contract offer!

Editing my work ~ I began working with a new-to-me editor. Changing editors is sometimes a worrisome process, but this has been a delight! We just finished a second round of edits and the book is off to the line editor and then on to formatting. Soon will come the galley read-through. We’re getting close.

The cover ~ The next step (hopefully) will be the creation of the cover. This is always one of my favorite parts of the process. I love getting a look at the first thing my readers will see! I don’t have that coveted artwork as yet, but I do have a meme I created to celebrate the sale and pre-advertise the book.

A bit about the book ~ While it’s not the “official” blurb, here’s a preview:

It’s 2162 and following numerous nuclear and chemical wars, what little is left of life on earth is dwindling quickly. The only hope appears to be the government’s ability to utilize alien fempods for reproduction.

When Major Liam McGregor is assigned to escort a sequestered alien from the government’s safe house, through open territory, and back to the government’s facilities, he soldiers up and plans his extraction and transport to the letter, anticipating a smooth process.

What he gets is a beautiful, wise-cracking alien princess, a series of attacks by lawless raiders, and a handful of doomsday preppers who’ve managed to evade the chemical sterilization that caught the majority of the U.S. by surprise.

Alora, second daughter of the House of Delawon, isn’t convinced this man they’ve sent to see to her safety is up to the task. After all, her predecessors have all met with untimely deaths in their attempts to assist with re-population, including her own sister who committed suicide rather than comply.

The solider and the princess must learn to co-exist on a journey fraught with danger. Will their quickly escalating desires provide them with even more trouble than those threatening their lives? Or, will untapped passions keep them safe?

~ ~ ~

I look forward to sharing more about The Vessel, including a multi-site cover reveal, and hope you’ll come back for the celebration. In the meantime, there are six copies left of this month’s free Gift-Away book, Home is Where the Hunk is. You can access the order form by clicking on the cover on the right side bar of this site.



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