A Look Back … and Ahead

We’re two weeks into a new year and, as I’d hoped, right on schedule for a great writing year. My two works-in-progress are moving along smoothly, as is the first set of edits in an already completed book.

Looking back, I realized 2017 was actually a slow year for me in terms of publishing. Rather that my four or five books, I only released two novella-length books last year. Two really well-received books but, still, only two.

In February, 2017, I released my Valentine-themed novella, Paging Dr. Cupid. A sequel to my 2016 Candy Hearts romance, Only Yours, Paging Dr. Cupid is set in the mid-1960s and features a handsome doctor hero and heroine who aspires to be a concert pianist.

Paging Dr. Cupid is considered a “sweet”, “vintage” romance and can be found on Amazon.

Here’s a quick peek at one of my favorite scenes:

A half-hour later Grace tossed back the last mouthful of lukewarm coffee and closed the cover on the first of two instruction manuals. “Okay, new electric beast, let’s see what you can do.”

Tentatively, she rolled a piece of blank paper into place and poked at the stationery carriage. When she pressed the switch on the side of machine, the motor hummed to life. She’d barely placed her hands on the keyboard when the font ball began spinning wildly and spitting out the letter ‘j’ across the width of the page. Her heart hammered inside her chest in perfect time with the tiny metal device.

Jerking her hands back from the keyboard, she reached for the power button and flipped it to the ‘off’ position then drew a breath to calm her racing pulse.

She reached for the second manual. Obviously, there was more she needed to know.

The second manual held no information regarding the typewriter but, rather, was a set of guidelines for the perfect secretary. “The perfect secretary does not turn in a letter that is less than letter perfect. She does not smudge her carbon copies. She does not gossip.”

Grace pressed her fingertips to her lips and fought back an outright laugh. Were it not for the daily rounds of gossip, she doubted the secretaries she’d met thus far would make it through their work day.

Tracing the next few items on the list with her fingertip, she lowered her voice and continued. “She does not bring personal affairs to the office. She does not watch the clock. She will inquire if there is any little thing she can do before saying goodbye for the day.”

Closing the second booklet, she set it aside. It all sounded like common sense to her.

~ ~ ~

My second release for 2017 was my first foray into futuristic fantasy/alien romance. The Vessel is an erotic romance novella that was so much fun to write that I’m anxious to try my hand at another in the genre. According to Long and Short Reviews “The Vessel is a must-read for fans of erotica and science fiction alike. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

Available on Amazon

A sneak peek (contains language):

“According to what we were told by Dr. Williams, humans are very interested in the mating process, especially for procreation.”

“Sometimes,” he conceded. “Other times it’s nothing more than a tumble between the sheets.” He depressed the accelerator even farther and reset the cruise at one ninety. He needed to get them back to the main highway as soon as possible. This conversation was headed in the wrong direction, just as they’d been during the previous day’s storm.

Much to his chagrin, Alora wasn’t quite finished with the subject. “I accessed the databanks in Dr. Williams’ office to do some research on the mating habits of humans. After Fiona died, I wanted to see for myself if it was as horrible as she’d envisioned.”

“And, what did you find?”

“A lot of technical terms. None of which made sense to me.” She paused and drew a breath. “Fornication, for instance.”

He bit his lip, fighting back a chuckle. “Yes?”

“This is the word your species has given to the act of coupling between men and women?”

“One of them. There are other names for it.”

“Oh, yes,” she agreed. “I found those in the archives as well. There was…uh…coitus and copulation.” She tapped a finger to her forehead, struggling for more euphemisms. “Sex. I found that one interesting since it’s also the word used to define the difference between male and female orientation.”

“Let it never be said there aren’t many routes to the same end when it comes to the English language.”

“And then, there were the…uh…slang terms.”

Oh boy. Liam shook his head, drew a breath for calm, and waited. In an effort to avoid Alora’s take on slang, he asked, “What do you call the mating process on Tethys?”

“Simple. It’s referred to breeding. A term, I might add, once used on Earth when referring to animals.”

“The term was also used for humans in some cases.”

Alora sank back into the seat, released a long sigh, and turned her attention to the passing scenery. A few minutes went by before she spoke again. “Hump, screw, and fuck.”

Liam burst out laughing, unable to stop the welcome release. “You’re a quick study, Alora of Delawon.”

“May I ask you something?”

His shoulders rose and fell on a deep shrug. “I suppose.”

“How many women have done the fuck with you?”

He almost choked on a second round of laughter. “A few.”

“And, did you enjoy it?”

~ ~ ~

Now that I’ve recapped 2017, here’s what’s coming up in the new year.

Waking Up in Oz – 1975

Attorney Dorothy Gail Farmer has the boring task of filing an injunction on behalf of her firm’s client, the local wildlife rescue. Unfortunately, both her professional and personal world is thrown upside down when she’s caught up in a tornado that tears through the rural town of Oswald, Kansas.

Trapped in a surreal place that worships the Oz legend, Dorothy must navigate the Oswald’s somewhat quirky residents and a handful of handsome men.

Part of The Wild Rose Press‘ historical “stranded” series, we’re planning a fall release.


Her Secret Santa Surprise – 1965

A sequel to my 2016 novella, Bewitched, Her Secret Santa Surprise is set at a big city newspaper and includes a touch of government corruption and a lot of romance. A holiday release is scheduled from The Wild Rose Press.


The Art of Seduction (Book 1 of the All the Single Ladies series)

The series follows four college girl friends who have each embarked on their chosen careers with great success. Unfortunately, career success has it sacrifices most often in the area of relationships and love. Follow the story of the Ad Exec, the Attorney, the Teacher and the Surgeon. Will they finally make that perfect match? Or, are they destined to be alone with their ambition?

~ ~ ~

That’s it for this weekend. See you next week for features on three of my favorite New England authors! The following week I’ll return to my hosting duties for Goddess Fish Promotions.


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