GENRE:   Suspense
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About the Book

Her relationship with Zack Brady is in undefined territory. The trial of Gert Fountain fades in her rearview mirror.  Needing a break, Maxi Malone tags along with her parents for a well-deserved break on the island of Aruba.

An unmarked war ship sits just off the coast of this tropical paradise. Both tourists and natives are plunged into the deep web of a psychopath’s revenge.

With hostile encounters taking place in U.S. waters, Zack Brady is recruited back into the United States military. As the situation in Aruba becomes more personal, he is dispatched to the island with the sole purpose of saving Maxi and her family.

The only question now is can he get there in time?

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“We must help them,” a man’s voice stated. “They have been friends for years.”

“Not friends, customers,” a female voice corrected.

“Okay, customers. But still, we should help.”

“We can’t. They said—”

“The hell with them. These are people in trouble.” Maxi waited as the silence grew.

“Okay. We get them to the house and then they are on their own.” The female again. “And you must not tell them anything,” she cautioned.

Maxi waited a few minutes before flushing the toilet. She walked back to see her group seated in the garden. The host in the middle of an explanation. She quietly joined in the back yet when she and the host made eye contact, he shot daggers back, for a second. One of Maxi’s hands instinctively reached for Ric. The other stroked the back of her neck.

I hope he really is a friend.”

My Review

Maximum Trouble is an action packed thriller with a hint of romance and a lot of beautiful scenery.

The heroine, Maxi Malone, is a strong woman with a good head on her shoulders. Zack Brady is the consummate alpha hero. Their chemistry, while not a huge part of the story, is well done.

Fans of military-themed suspense and entertaining characters will enjoy this book.

About the Author

L.M. Pampuro is the author of six novels: Dancing With Faith, Maximum Mayhem, The Perfect Pitch, Passenger – the only game in town, Uncle Neddy’s Funeral and Maximum Trouble. (All available at your independent bookseller, Barnes & Noble, and

She is an avid skier, loves dancing to live music, and possess a warped sense of humor. For more information, please visit her website.

A Giveaway

L.M. Pampuro will be awarding signed copies of both Maximum Mayhem and Maximum Trouble. (US only) to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.

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The Next to Last Mistake by Amalie Jahn

GENRE: Young Adult, YA

About the Book

Tess Goodwin’s life in rural Iowa is sheltered and uncomplicated. Although she chooses to spend most of her free time playing chess with her best friend Zander, the farm-boy from next door, her skills as a bovine midwife and tractor mechanic ensure that she fits in with the other kids at East Chester High. But when her veteran father reenlists in the Army, moving her family halfway across the country to North Carolina, Tess is forced out of her comfort zone into a world she knows nothing about.

Tess approaches the move as she would a new game of chess, plotting her course through the unfamiliar reality of her new life. While heeding Zander’s long-distance advice for making new friends and strategizing a means to endure her dad’s imminent deployment to the Middle East, she quickly discovers how ill-equipped she is to navigate the societal challenges she encounters and becomes convinced she’ll never fit in with the students at her new school.

When Leonetta Jackson is assigned as her mentor, she becomes Tess’s unexpected guide through the winding labyrinth of cultural disparities between them, sparking a tentative friendship and challenging Tess to confront her reluctant nature. As the pieces move across the board of her upended life, will Tess find the acceptance she so desperately desires?

Amazon | B&N | Apple | Kobo

Read an Excerpt

I’m almost asleep, barely conscious of drifting off, when I’m startled by a noise outside my window. Before I have a chance to turn on the light and investigate, the sash slides open and someone steps into my room.

I hope beyond all hope I’m not dreaming.

“Zander?” I ask, not wondering if it’s him but why he’s here.

He’s all the way in the room now, standing at the foot of my bed. “Did I wake you?” he whispers.

“No,” I tell him. He blows into his hands, and I lift my blankets, inviting him under the covers to warm up.

“It’s colder than a polar bear’s butt out there.” He snuggles against me in my tiny twin bed like we’re still six-year-olds, camping outside in each other’s backyards. I wrap my arms around him, and he settles against my shoulder. “You left your own party.”

“It wasn’t really my party,” I say. “More New Year’s than anything else.”

“The cake was good. Red velvet. You would’ve liked it.”

There’s so much I want to say. Apologies I want to give. Promises I want to make. But the words are jumbled around in my head, and I’m afraid if I speak everything will come out all wrong.

“I didn’t have anyone to kiss at the ball drop,” he says eventually, and I wonder if whatever was in his Solo cup has gone to his head.

“Tina and Claire were there.”

He chuckles grimly and his voice turns serious. “We’ve been together every New Year’s since we were babies, you know that?” His words settle over me, and I strain under the weight of them. Heavier still is the burden of what he doesn’t say: And this might have been our last.

“I’m sorry,” I say, feeling the need to explain, “but it was so cold and I knew my dad was gonna need help with the herd and…”

He rolls over to face me, placing a finger over my lips. “It’s okay, Tess. I get it. It’s been hard being around each other for the past few weeks. I didn’t realize the anticipation of you leaving was gonna suck so bad. I didn’t know how horrible I was at long goodbyes.” Now he’s the one who’s apologizing. “I guess I didn’t know what else to do. I figured this day might be easier for both of us…”

“If you left me before I had the chance to leave you?”

“Something like that.” He sighs. “It wasn’t intentional. I guess I’ve been sorta messed up in my own head, thinking about not having you around. You’re the best part of my days.”

I blink back tears I don’t realize are already spilling down my cheeks. His admission is true for me as well—something we’ve always taken for granted.

“It’s only eighteen months, then we’ll both graduate and head to college together like we always planned. You and me. It’s not that long, right?”

“It’s not that long,” he agrees. “But it’ll never be the same, not having you right next door.”

His body is relaxed against mine, and I’m reminded of all the nights we spent together growing up, head to foot and back to back, me teasing him for his stinky feet and him making fun of my retainer. “Maybe someone better will move in here,” I laugh between sniffles. “Some Victoria’s Secret supermodel, schlepping around manure in waders and a thong.”

He chuckles, too, and I imagine him smiling in the darkness. “As tempting as she sounds, I still wouldn’t willingly trade you for her.”

There’s something unspoken in his words, a tiny invitation across a boundary we’ve never crossed. But I can’t cross it now. I won’t. There’s no reason to take something painful and make it complicated as well.

“I should go to sleep,” I tell him. “We’re leaving after the morning milking, and I gotta be alert enough to drive.”

He stirs under the covers and his warmth leaves my side. As he stands over me, silhouetted in the moonlight cascading through my window, I hear him sigh. Then, he leans down to place a kiss on my forehead like a father tucking in his child.

“Bye,” I say.


“Love ya.”

“Love ya back.”

And then he’s gone, back through the window out into the night. I assume, in the wake of our farewell, it’s going to take me hours to fall asleep, but the next thing I know my alarm is going off, and it’s time to slide the chessboard of my past life on to the shelf and begin another match.

About the Author

Amalie Jahn is a USA TODAY bestselling author of more than 8 young adult novels, including The Next To Last Mistake, her latest release (Light Messages Publishing 2019).

Amalie is the recipient of the Literary Classics Seal of Approval and the Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal for her debut novel, The Clay Lion. She is a contributing blogger with the Huffington Post and Southern Writers Magazine, as well as a TED speaker, human rights advocate, and active promoter of kindness. She lives in the United States with her husband, two children, and three overfed cats.

When she’s not at the computer coaxing characters into submission, you can find Amalie swimming laps, cycling, or running on the treadmill, probably training for her next triathlon. She hates pairing socks and loves avocados. She is also very happy time travel does not yet exist. Connect with her right here in the present day at these social media sites: Amalie’s Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Amalie Jahn will be awarding a $20 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.

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Today’s guest on Friday Friends is mega-talented author Ashlyn Chase. I first met Ashlyn at the Fall In Love With New England conference last year in New Hampshire. Take it from me, if you ever need advice on organizing a large reader/author event, Ashlyn is the perfect person to ask. I’m looking forward to this year’s event almost as much as I am Ashlyn’s new book!

Tiger’s Night Out

Genre: Romantic Comedy/Romantic Fantasy
Series: Be Careful What You Summon (Book 2)
All E-Book Purchase Links | Paperback

About the Book

Thirty nine year-old English teacher Haley Hunnicutt is tired of losing out on love to younger women, and she’s not alone. One night she and three single friends perform a magical summoning of immortal lovers—guys who will appreciate mature women.

Jamir and his brother are shapeshifting Bengal tigers. Tasked by the god Vishnu, they have been guarding a sacred temple for three hundred years.

When Haley has a vision in her dirty dishwater, she sees her immortal and he sees her. But she doubts a guy in a loin cloth has an easy way to get to New York. So, a trip to India is necessary—or insane.

There’s only one way to find out…

Read an Excerpt

“I’m so embarrassed, I could die! Maura, are you one hunnred percent sure you knew what you were doing?” Ronda grabbed her bra off the branch and slipped it back on. She had a hard time with the clasp and slurred curses under her breath. “Well?”

Maura cringed and steadied herself so she could step into her panties. “Shh. Like I said before, don’t talk so loud. At least not until we get dressed and out of these woods.”

Despite their inebriated agreement with her earlier, the women had suddenly freaked out when a bolt of lightning split the clear, black night. Maybe they didn’t believe in Maura’s ability to summon immortals, but they went along with it.

Barb let out a huff, then whispered loudly. “A lightning bolt came out of the cloudless, starry sky and could’ve fried us. That was weird and everything, but no immortals were riding it to earth. Couldn’t you have screwed up?”

Haley pulled her tummy slimmer halfway up and staggered, barely staying upright. “I can’t believe you made us get naked and dance under the moon. What kind of dumb ceremony is that?”

Ronda added, “I think you just wanted to see how far we’d go to find decent men.”

Maura snapped. “I’m not sure of anything except that mortal men are not worth the trouble and heartache anymore. If you think immortals might appreciate an older, wiser woman and want to date one, you have to summon. And I tried to do it—for all of us.”

Barb snorted. “Is that what you call summoning? To face in the general direction of Romania and mutter, ‘Where the hell are you, damn it?’”

“Look, I tried the nice poetry from my memory of Irish summoning circles, but I was a kid. My grandda made all kinds of magic stuff happen.”

“Like pulling a quarter from behind your ear? My grandpa did that,” Ronda said

“No, silly. Things you wouldn’t believe—like talking in Gaelic to little people I could swear now were leprechauns. Maybe immortals have to hear each of us speaking our own language.”

“Irish celebrations, huh? No wunner. They wa prob’bly as shtonkered as we are.” Ronda’s bra clicked into place. “Ah, I finally got it.”

“Look, Barb, you have your ways and I have mine. You faced the east and spoke to the gods, right?” Maura reached for her camisole and swore when it wouldn’t fall off the branch where she’d tossed it.

Barb pointed an accusing finger at her. “Yeah and all I got was some immortal ass’s wrath. When I sober up, I’m going to be really embarrassed, not just about the nudity, but for getting suckered into this. Why the hell did we have to take our clothes off again? We didn’t even undress in front of each other in college, roomie.”

Ronda answered when Maura didn’t. “She said we had to come to the high-and-mighty ones pure to show our commim… com… commiment.”

“The word is commitment,” Haley said. “As in all of us committed to Bellevue mental hospital if the cops catch us and I’m pretty sure that none of us are pure. Besides, I’m with Barb on dying of embarrassment tomorrow. Commitment’s not all we showed by running around buck-naked under the moon.”

“No kiddin’.” Ronda let out a nervous giggle.

“It’s called sky-clad and I’m not exactly proud of my butt without a body shaper, either. Look, I didn’t force you to do it, did I? We’re all sick of successful men, our equals, going after the little babes with big boobs, leaving us flourishing older women alone, feeling like rejects.” Maura couldn’t free her camisole from the branch to save her life. She stood there in only her bra and panties frowning at the branch.

“‘Flourishing.’ Good word,” Haley said.

“Maura’s right, everyone.” Ronda mumbled the words from under the blouse she had somehow decided to pull over her head instead of unbuttoning it. “She didn’t hold a gun to our heads.”

“Hey,” Barb cried. “That’s my blouse!”

“I’m going to have to climb that friggin’ tree,” Maura muttered.

“Don’t.” Barb reached up and touched the branch. “Look, you aren’t particularly tall or athletic. Let me do it.”

“Is that your way of calling me short and fat?”

“Of course not. I never said that, for god’s sake! I’m just trying to help.”

“Maura, your body is perfectly normal for a thirty-eight-year-old woman. You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Thanks, Haley. But I still wish I could find that friggin’ fountain of youth.”

“Sorry I got mad at you before,” Ronda said to Maura.

Haley smiled. “Yeah, me too. I really love you, man.”

“I really love you, man, too.” Barb hugged Maura. “Now let me get your top.”

“Well…” Maura eyed the branch. “Are you sure? I mean, I know we’re the best of friends and everything, but you don’t have to risk your pantyhose for me.”

Barb shrugged. “What else is new? Friends to the end, right?”

~ ~ ~

Tiger’s Night Out is the second in the Be Careful What You Summon series. The first book in the series is Maura’s story, Vampire Vintage.

Both books can be read as stand-alone stories and read in any order!

Tiger’s Night Out also includes a bonus novella.


About the Author

Ashlyn Chase describes herself as an Almond Joy bar.  A little nutty, a little flaky, but sweet, wanting only to give readers satisfying stories that leave them smiling.

She worked as an RN for 20 years, but now writes full time. She’s a multi-published, award winning author of paranormal romantic comedies, represented by the Seymour Agency.

She lives in Florida with her true superhero husband Mr. Amazing (who looks like Hugh Jackman if you squint.)

Website | Facebook | Twitter | BookBub | Newsletter SignUp

It’s been my pleasure hosting Ashlyn for this visit to Notes From a Romantic’s Heart. Please come back all next week for more authors, books, and giveaways through Goddess Fish Promotions and then again on Friday for another Friday Friend!




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GENRE: Contemporary Romance
SERIES: The Mystery Angel Romances (Book 1)

About the Book

A cozy romantic mystery with suspense, Book 1 from The Mystery Angel Romances series. An angel hidden in every book . . . it’s up to the reader to figure out who.

In No Cowboys No Angels, Kellen Brand’s inheritance turns out to be a whopper—one dilapidated farm in West Virginia and one guardian angel!

Since Kellen is convinced no sane woman would choose to live in Riverside, she vows to sell her farm and quick. Her handsome neighbor Luke Kenyon must block the farm sale or risk exposure of his family’s secrets. While Kellen has located one potential buyer, she faces a town full of objectors. Someone is trying to frighten her off, and Luke is forced to step in and rescue her more than once.

Unfortunately, Kellen can’t seem to stay out of trouble. She stumbles onto a clandestine hazardous-waste-dumping operation next to her farm, and she prays Luke has one more rescue up his sleeve. It’s her only hope of staying alive.

Unless her mother really did leave her a guardian angel . . .

Read an Excerpt

Slowing near the tree line to get her bearings, Kellen pulled over at a spot where the bank jutted out over the water. She climbed out of the car and scanned the shoreline. To her right, the slope flattened out and provided easy access to the water. The Tanawoc River maintained a good current, sending soggy leaves and debris speeding past in its flow. Grassy hills rolled back from the opposite riverbank, and she wondered if the Clandestine Mining Company still owned all that property.

A familiar aroma wafted up from the river, a combination of humus, plant material, microscopic plankton, and a touch of fish. Unable to stop the smile slowly stretching across her face, she untied her sneakers, rolled up her jeans, and slipped into the icy water. She immediately gasped and felt her smile deepen to a grin. She remained in the soothing current for a long time, taking in her surroundings as she watched trout dart in and around the submerged rocks to grab their plankton lunch.

A horse whickered behind her, then came the telltale creak of a saddle. Too close for comfort. The back of her neck prickled. Ankle deep in the water, she couldn’t make a decent sprint for the car, and Kellen regretted her impulse to visit this deserted stretch of riverbank.

Easing around, she spied the towering silhouette of a powerfully built man astride a huge black stallion no more than ten yards away. The rider’s face lay shadowed beneath a wide-brimmed Stetson. The cowboy made an impressive and, at this moment, intimidating sight—a throwback from the frontier days of the Wild West.

The horse whickered again and sidestepped away from the edge of the embankment, forcing the cowboy to twist around to keep her in sight. She could feel his dark eyes scanning every inch of her. The intensity in his gaze raised goosebumps on her arms, and a tiny shiver vibrated up her spine. Trapped here along the edge of the river, she felt vulnerable yet strangely unafraid. Would he come any closer?

A horn blared up on the highway, and she jumped with a yelp. The big horse reared at the sound of her cry, and Kellen caught a brief glimpse of the cowboy’s dark eyes, eyes that could stare right through to a girl’s soul. She scrunched her own eyes shut and forced herself to breathe. When she opened them, the rider was gone. Had she imagined him? Another mild shiver rifled up her spine. No, the fearsome rider was definitely real.

My Review

As with all of Author Petie McCarty’s book, the characters are well drawn and believable. The book itself well written and entertaining.

Very romantic, with a touch of humor and mystery, I found myself rooting for the characters to get their much-needed happily-ever-after.

The supporting characters were a nice addition without over-powering the hero and heroine. All in all, a great contemporary romance/cozy mystery.

About the Author

Petie spent a large part of her career working at Walt Disney World—”The  Most Magical Place on Earth”—where she enjoyed working in the land of fairy tales by day and creating her own romantic fairy tales by night, including her new series, The Cinderella Romances. She eventually said good-bye to her “day” job to write her stories full-time. These days Petie spends her time writing sequels to her regency time-travel series, Lords in Time, and her cozy-mystery-with-romantic-suspense series, the Mystery Angel Romances.

Petie shares her home on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee with her horticulturist husband and a noisy Nanday Conure named Sassy who made a cameo appearance in No Angels at Christmas coming April 2019.

Petie’s Website | Facebook | Twitter | BookBub | Pinterest | GoodReads

A Giveaway

Petie McCarty will be awarding a $10 Amazon/BN GC and three digital copies of Betting on Cinderella to randomly drawn winners via Rafflecopter during the tour.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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It’s been my pleasure having Petie back again on the blog. Please come back again on Friday and then all next week for more authors, books, and giveaways.


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Trailers, Memes, and Logos … Oh My!

A Muse by Cosimo Tura
The National Gallery, London

Every once in awhile my muse runs away. I’m right in the middle of a book and off it runs leaving me bereft of ideas on how to advance my plot.

I’m always drawn to what other authors have to say about a stalled muse. The method for overcoming this untimely and aggravating situation varies from one author to the next. Some journal, some switch projects to another work-in-progress (my preferred method), and some find other creative outlets, e.g., music, painting, poetry.

When my preferred method fails me (as sometimes happens), I turn to creating various social media additions. Last month, I came across the infamous … it’s February and I just realized I’m tired of writing…stall out.

Switching romance genres worked for a day. Next, I moved on to creating a project list. I thought if I could remind myself how much work I had to do over the next 18 months, my muse would bat her eyelashes, suck in a deep breath and come back to me. I was wrong.

So I moved on to music. Mind you, I can’t play a musical instrument to save my soul, but I can swoop through my library of downloaded music clips and find one that inspires me. Out of that inspiration, came a trailer for my upcoming April 1st release, Touch Me from The Wild Rose Press’ new short reads line. This was the end result:

The week after, it was the same thing. No muse. I’m beginning to think she’s a Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, kind of girl (or guy … I don’t discriminate). Another lull … another book trailer, this one for my romantic suspense/futuristic time travel, Time and Again.

On the heels of that lull, I made it through two full weeks and weekends with a cooperative muse. Thank goodness because I was on a deadline! Then this weekend hit. Actually, it crash landed late Thursday afternoon. I decided to give it a rest and take Friday and the weekend off for a change.

I went to see Captain Marvel (yes, I’m a superhero movie geek). Then, I binge-watched at least five other Marvel movies on cable.

Until today, Sunday, when I could feel the stir of something creative. It wasn’t yet my muse, but a prompt. I moved over to my meme brain and created a new Facebook cover and logo.


Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow my fickle muse will be back full force. If not, I’ll try something else to get that jump start I need. In the meantime, I’ll keep plugging away at something creative. Without creativity, I’m often lost.

Until next time, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.


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Friday Friends ~ Author Linda Tillis

We Asked and Linda Answered

Q1: If you could become any one of your book’s characters, who would it be and why?

I think I would like to be Granny. I was born in Appalachia, back-woods mountain country. In my childhood, the matriarch of the family was revered. Her wisdom was sought on a daily basis. As I approach seventy years of learning, I’d like to think I have collected a broad spectrum of knowledge that I could share with others. It concerns me deeply that many arts are being lost because they are not being passed down to the younger generations. Things like quilting, crocheting, and baking biscuits by hand are noble endeavors that need to be preserved.

Q2: What do you consider to be the central plot of your story?

Life is full of concepts that we don’t understand. And that’s okay. You don’t always have to know the next step you are supposed to take. Just live the life you are given. Live it with joy, faith, and gratitude to the One who gave it to you, and things will always come right at the end.

Q3: When did you know you were destined to be a writer?

I still haven’t accepted the fact that I am a writer. I know I am a story-teller; I can’t give directions to the corner store without dragging it out to a full-blown adventure. My husband declared me to be a writer, then, very firmly, told me to write. So, I did. And as they say, the rest is history. Oh, and that was in 2015.

Speed Round – Just to get to know you better!
Coffee, Tea or Other: Diet Coke
Favorite Music:  Country, Blue Grass, Motown 70’s.
Favorite Movie: The Magic of Belle Isle
Dog, Cat or Other: None
Favorite Authors: Barbara Cartland/Rosemary Rogers

About the Book

Sarah Haskins’ last family member died months ago, and since then she’s put in way too much overtime at her job as a 911 dispatcher. Looking forward to a much-needed vacation and some peace of mind, she has no way of knowing that buying a piece of antique Cherokee Indian jewelry will forever change her life.

When Aaron Kramer wakes on a beautiful August morning in 1890, there is nothing to warn him he is going to be hanged that day—hanged and them saved from death by a very confused woman. Beautiful but not quite right in the head, poor thing, she thinks she’s from the future.

While FBI Agent Frank Kramer investigates Sarah’s disappearance from the present, she must adjust to the farm life of a century earlier—and to the man who makes her skin tingle and her heart beat faster. If she returns to her own time, can she be happy there, longing for the only family she has left?

Purchase on Amazon

Read an Excerpt

“Listen to me. This is very important. You’re gonna do everything you can to get as much poison out of me as possible, but no matter what you do, some will get through. We must slow it down so my body can work to destroy it. You need to knock me out.”

The look on Aaron’s face said he thought she was already delirious.

“Damn it, listen to me! If I am unconscious, my heart will slow down, and the poison will also. Just take your fist and knock me out. If you don’t, I will probably die! Aaron, just do what I tell you. I know more about this kind of thing than you do.”

She had a death grip on Aaron’s left arm. When her words finally broke through his panicked mind, he understood their underlying meaning: I know things from my time that you don’t know.

Their eyes met, each holding so many yet unspoken things.

Aaron placed a hand under her head and lowered his mouth to hers hungrily as if he had to experience, in just one kiss, any future they might have. It was a kiss like neither had ever experienced before—hot and desperate, yet full of hope.

And then he hit her. Jeremy was standing by the table like a white marble statue. That was the vision planted in her mind as she lost consciousness.

My Review

A wonderfully written story that combines both past and present in a seamless weave of entertainment.

The references to American Indian folklore were especially well done and accurate (which is always appreciated). The story balances both narrative and dialogue without overdoing either. The characters are believable and very likable. I could see my own southern grandmother in Granny’s persona.

I highly recommend not just this book, but the two before it. You won’t be able to put it down until you finish!

About the Author

If you enjoy When Calls the Heart by Jannete Oke, or Promise Me Tomorrow by Lori Wick, then you’ll love the stories written by Linda Tillis.

Linda was born in Appalachia, Goody, Kentucky to be exact. You know, coal mining country. Her mother moved her to Cleveland, Ohio when she was a small child. She had the best of both worlds. In the summer she ran bare-foot through the mountains, drank from a cool, sweet, well…and yes, used an outhouse! But during the school year, she attended concerts and art galleries. She lost her mother to cancer when she was ten years old and moved to Florida to live with her father and his new family. She read voraciously during her high school years. In fact, at lunch on Thursdays, she would make a couple of dollars writing book reports for others.

She worked in the garment industry for eighteen years, then changed careers in 1986. Really changed careers. She went from fashion to forensics and spent the next twenty years with the local Police Department as, yep, you guessed it, a CSI. After so many years of brutality, death and general mayhem, her wonderful husband helped her realize it was becoming detrimental to her health. So, she retired. She spent a year re-acquainting herself with the “real” world. She took up nature photography, and sold a couple of articles, with photos, to the Florida Wildlife Magazine.

Her husband said, “Now, you should write a book.” And so, she did. The story of the Hinton Family Saga will warm your heart and renew your beliefs. Please leave Linda a review and let her know how much you enjoyed meeting the Hintons.

Amazon Author Page | Facebook | Twitter

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GENRE:   Science Fiction/Fantasy
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Star Marque Rising is on sale for only 99¢

About the Book

The future is governed through a genetic hierarchy—superhumans at the top, humans and defects at the bottom.

Clevon Demarco, a genetically modified human, has a cocksure attitude and the combat skills to back it up. With his unparalleled skills, he makes his living as a ruthless gunrunner on a shady space station near the edges of the quadrant. Stronger, faster, and wittier than most sad sacks, no one even comes close to Demarco’s abilities—until he crosses paths with the captain of the notorious Star Marque, Endellion Voight.

Captain Voight arrests Demarco and offers him a choice: go to a prison planet for his crimes, or join her starship, the Star Marque, working as mercenaries for the superhumans. But she didn’t pick him at random. She has a plan to become a planet governor; a title no human has held since the superhumans won the war. It doesn’t matter the cost—assassinations, extortion, blackmail—she’s determined to claw her way to the top.

All Captain Voight needs is Demarco’s help to carry out her machinations, and she’ll give him everything he’s ever wanted in return.

A fast-paced space opera for those who enjoy Old Man’s War by John Scalzi, Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds, or anything by Robert A. Heinlein.

Read an Excerpt

Before I said anything, a fish—a koi fish, of all things—floated through the air in front of me. I jumped back and hit the closed door, seconds away from grabbing the thing and killing it with my bare hands.

“The fuck is that freak-fish-thing?” I said, word-vomiting as I stared down the demon fish.

Sawyer chortled. “I’m going to get a lot of good sound bites from you, aren’t I?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

She tapped on her PAD, and the comms replayed me saying, “The is that freak-fish-thing?”

“Answer the damn question.”

“The fish is named Blub. He’s my only family in the universe.”


The fish swirled around the air, its mouth opening and closing in rhythm, like a heartbeat. The black eyes of the creature matched the black spots of its scales, and both shimmered whenever they caught the light. Its face had a single red splotch that glittered no matter the lighting, creating its own dim bioluminescence.

Four bloated sacs jiggled on its back.

“How is it floating?” I asked.

“Blub produces helium,” Sawyer said. “When the sacs get too full, he releases some of the gas, and then descends.”

The fish let out a quiet toot, toot, toot and fluttered in the air until it was at head-level with Sawyer. She stroked the animal’s head, and it wiggled—was it happy?—and then it circled Sawyer, like a moon in orbit.

“So, it farts helium,” I said.

“Yes. He farts helium.”

My Review

In case you hadn’t figured it out, I chose the above excerpt on purpose. It shows the lighthearted side of this well-written sci-fi novel. I mean, come on … a floating fish that farts helium. What more could you want in a book?

Plot perhaps? There’s definitely plenty of that to go around. Action and adventure? Ditto. The scenes are fast, dangerous, and at times a bit on the freaky side.

Great characters? There’s a space station full of them. In addition to Blub, the freaky fish, every character brings something unique and entertaining to this book.

Reminiscent of one of my favorite space-operas, Firefly, Star Marque Rising is a thoroughly entertaining read. If you’re not squeamish about a bit of blood and gore, and don’t mind some salty language, you will definitely enjoy this entertaining story.

About the Author

Shami Stovall relies on her BA in History and Juris Doctorate to make her living as an author and history professor in the central valley of California. She writes in a wide range of fiction, from crime thrills to fantasy to science-fiction. Stovall loves reading, playing video games, entertaining others with stories, and writing about herself in the third person.

Shami’s Website | Facebook | Twitter

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ONE OF ONE by S. R. Cronin

GENRE:   Science Fiction/Fantasy

About the Book

A young Nigerian telepath faces a crisis. After Somadina’s sister is forced into a frightening marriage, Somadina cannot find her sibling or even her thoughts. She seeks another telepath to help.

What she finds is Lola, a busy Texan scientist who has ignored the disturbing phenomenon in her mind for decades, and has no intention of embracing this nonsense now. Yet these two have more in common than they know, and a powerful link will be forged.

Once Somadina discovers her sister is a pawn in a dangerous political game, the stakes rise for everyone, including an ancient organization of telepaths compelled to intervene. Both women are stronger than they realize, and they have ignited the wrath of a fanatic willing to kill anyone to alter his nation’s future.

Read an Excerpt

In the days that followed, Djimon discovered how fortunate his choice in a second wife had been. Throughout the drive toward Lagos, Nwanyi was not only timid, she asked for almost nothing and didn’t even seem to expect kindness from him. She stopped her attempts at conversation early on when they were met with stony silence, only asking twice to use his cell phone to call her sister. He informed her his charger worked poorly and he was saving the battery for important calls. After the second time she did not ask again.

She appeared to be fearful about sex, or at least shy enough that although they slept in the same bed, she never brought up his lack of interest. As they traveled, he saw to it she had whatever meager food and water she required, and in return she didn’t complain to him. He hoped that useful condition would continue through what he had come to think of as phase two. Phase one, of course, had been finding and procuring her.

Four days later, they arrived at his home. Mairo, his true and beloved wife with her beautiful Fulani features, got Nwanyi settled into a particularly cramped and poorly ventilated room in the rear of the house, and assigned her a sizable share of less desirable household chores that would normally have fallen to the servants.

Djimon had to smile. Even though Mairo understood how important Nwanyi was to their plans, and what little husbandly interest Djimon had in the woman, Mairo did not seem inspired to exhibit any kindness to this second wife. Now that Djimon thought about it, it was just as well. He would let Mairo inflict all the petty insults she wanted.

My Review

The blurb for this book intrigued me. I’ve always enjoyed putting myself in the shoes of someone with special gifts and wondering how I’d handle those gifts.

I wanted to really get into this story and immerse myself in the life of an empath. Unfortunately, it took quite a bit of time to get there. For me, the story didn’t truly begin until the second half of the book. Prior to that, I felt as if I was reading a history book about Nairobi. Not that it would be bad thing, I just wasn’t looking for a non-fiction fact dump when I started the book.

It’s obvious the author put a lot of effort into creating both the culture and history of the country. However, including it as she did, it skewed what should have been a beautiful story about the connection between two sisters who share a special bond. I also like the premise of using a third person to help bring the sisters together and the addition of the political intrigue.

If you’re a fan of sci-fi you will enjoy the way the author deals with the challenges and emotions the sisters dealt with because of their gifts as empaths.

About the Author

Sherrie Roth grew up in Western Kansas thinking there was no place in the universe more fascinating than outer space. After her mother vetoed astronaut as a career ambition, she went on to study journalism and physics in hopes of becoming a science writer.

She published her first science fiction short story long ago, and then waited a lot of tables while she looked for inspiration for the next story. When it finally came, it declared to her it had to be a whole book, nothing less. One night, while digesting this disturbing piece of news, she drank way too many shots of ouzo with her boyfriend. She woke up thirty-one years later demanding to know what was going on.

The boyfriend, who she had apparently long since married, asked her to calm down and  explained how, in a fit of practicality, she had gone back to school and gotten a degree in geophysics and spent the last 28 years interpreting seismic data in the oil industry. The good news, according to Mr. Cronin, was that she had found it to be entertaining and ridiculously well-paying. The bad news was the two of them had still managed to spend almost all of the money.

Apparently she was now Mrs. Cronin, and further good news was that they had produced three wonderful children whom they loved, even though, to be honest, that was where a lot of the money had gone. Even better news was that Mr. Cronin turned out to be a warm-hearted, encouraging sort who was happy to see her awake and ready to write. “It’s about time,” were his exact words.

Sherrie Cronin discovered that over the ensuing decades Sally Ride had already managed to become the first woman in space and apparently had done a fine job of it. No one, however, had written the book that had been in Sherrie’s head for decades. The only problem was, the book informed her it had now grown into a six book collection. Sherrie decided she better start writing it before it got any longer. She’s been wide awake ever since, and writing away.

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Friday Friends ~ Tabitha Rhys

Tabitha’s Take on Small Publishers

What it’s really like to publish with a small press aka a “boutique publisher”?

Hi! I’m Tabitha Rhys, author of the novel Love, Music, Madness. I’m here today to answer a question I get all the time: “What is it really like to release a book with a small publisher?” I can’t tell you what every small press publishing experience will be like, but I can tell you about mine.

I began my publisher search by browsing the internet for small presses that had both released novels similar to mine and produced plenty of quality books. After choosing six small presses, I emailed them. A few months later, three acquiring editors “requested a full”—they wanted to read my manuscript!

When a rep from Soul Mate Publishing sent me a contract, I signed. However, there wasn’t much time to celebrate. My editor and I soon began the process of turning my passion project into a marketable book. Over several months, I pared down my manuscript so it better fit the conventions that romance readers expect.  Next, with the help of my publisher I sent out advance copies of my novel to readers, reviewers and book bloggers. Finally, after building a bit of buzz, it was time to launch my book!

Looking back, I’d say releasing my book with a small publisher was fun, hectic . . . and lots of hard work. While small press publishing isn’t for everybody, I can tell you that if I had the chance to go back in time, I’d choose a small press all over again.

About the Book

Song writing partners Lawson Harper and Jessa Warlow’s musical ambitions are derailed when their so-called relationship ends disastrously. However, neither Lawson nor Jessa are willing to give up on the album’s worth of soul-searing songs they wrote together—songs they’re sure are good enough to change both their lives.

Will the chemistry that fuels their creativity drive them to make the record of a lifetime, or only to absolute madness?

Love, Music, Madness is set in the Philadelphia suburbs and Los Angeles.

Watch the Trailer

Read an Excerpt

I forced myself not to wonder whether what happened after our last session would happen again. I told myself there was no chance. That Jessa had just given in to an impulse—a whim. That it didn’t mean anything. But after our session had concluded and I set my guitar down, I felt Jessa’s arms slipping under mine. Then her lips were scraping across my collarbone.

I squeezed my eyes shut as a scorching heat surged through me, all the way to my fingertips. For a few seconds, I let myself absorb what was happening. I could hardly make myself believe it. Then I knew. I was going to be Jessa Warlow’s guitarist. I was also going to be the warm body standing between her and loneliness at a peculiar, in-between time in her life. It would probably be temporary, and it would probably mean much more to me than it did to her.

That was all right. It was more than all right. I would take what I would get. Because Jessa was beautiful, and unapologetic, and an artist. To me, she was irresistible.

~ ~ ~

Get your copy of Love, Music, Madness from Amazon

About the Author

Tabitha Rhys is a writer and mom with a passion for music, misfits and subculture. Although entirely a work of fiction, Love, Music, Madness is inspired by her many years on the road and in the studio as an independent musician. Currently, Tabitha resides in Riverside, CA. When she’s not exploring with her toddler son, she’s hard at work on her next novel.

Tabitha’s Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram ~ Goodreads


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GENRE: Historical Romance

About the Book

He Claimed Her Body. . .

Though an Easterner born and bred, Trista Sinclair fell in love with the rugged Texas terrain the moment she arrived to join her fiancé. But the warnings she heard around the ranch about the dangers awaiting her in the wild terrain of Texas come to life when she is captured while out riding by a blue-eyed Comanche warrior…a man whose sensual touch is far more dangerous than his brute strength.

But Wanted Her Heart And Soul. . .

Lance Barrett has never been tempted to take a captive until he sees a beautiful woman with hair like spun gold taming a magnificent stallion. Trista Sinclair is his half-brother’s fiancé, and the perfect means of revenge against the white father who rejected him. Yet what Lance wants most is the one thing Trista swears never to give–her willing surrender. Torn between the life each has known and a desire neither can resist, only together can they claim a love as vast and wild as the West itself.

Read an Excerpt

Lance was closing in fast on the golden stallion. His heartbeat quickened at the prospect of finally attaining the prize. The golden one would be his.

It was then that Trista came into Lance’s line of vision. Lance glanced back, wondering if others were with her, and he was relieved to find she was alone. The last thing he wanted was a confrontation with any whites. Right now, only the golden one mattered.

Trista grew even more excited as she closed in on the wild stallion. She rose up and threw her rope, but just then Lance charged past her. Shocked at seeing the warrior, she dropped the rope and reined in, but her faithful mount stumbled and she was thrown.

Lance captured the golden one and, after tying the stallion up, went back to search for the woman. He had no idea if she was armed, so he moved slowly and silently. He came upon Trista just as she managed to sit up. She looked up at him, and he felt a sudden unexpected jolt of recognition. The woman was none other than the beautiful female he’d seen from a distance at his father’s house the night before.

Terror filled Trista as she stared up at the warrior. She saw only sun-bronzed nakedness and streaks of red and black paint slashed across his face. She had heard of the horror of Comanche raids and knew she had to act. There was no time to think. In a lightning move, she grabbed a handful of the sandy soil and threw it in the warrior’s face, and then ran.

Lance had not been expecting her attack. Angered, yet respecting her daring, he wiped the grit from his eyes and started after her.

Trista rushed down the hillside, but lost her footing and tumbled to the bottom, crashing against a bolder. Excruciating pain wracked her, but she staggered to her feet, clutching her side. A pebble fell, and she looked up. Her eyes widened as she saw the warrior silently standing atop the hill, his arms folded across the powerful width of his chest. She forced herself to keep moving.

She managed only a few tortured steps before it was over. He grabbed her and held her pinned against him in submission. Terror filled her, but she fought to keep her fear from showing. Someone had told her the Comanche respected only strength, so she bravely raised her eyes to meet his. It was then she discovered the startling color of her captor’s eyes – his gaze was a riveting, vivid blue. She tried to fight, but his hands were unyielding cuffs of steel.

Lance was unaware of the mercilessness of his grip as he stared down at her. He saw the ring she wore on her left hand that bore the insignia of the Barrett brand. He wondered coldly at her connection to the Royal Diamond and the Barretts.

About the Author

After working as a department manager for Famous-Barr, and briefly as a clerk at a bookstore, Bobbi Smith gave up on career security and began writing. She sold her first book to Zebra in 1982.

Since then, Bobbi has written over 40 books and 6 novellas. To date, there are more than five million of her novels in print. She has been awarded the prestigious Romantic Times Storyteller of the Year Award and two Career Achievement Awards. Her books have appeared on numerous bestseller lists.

When she’s not working on her novels, she is frequently a guest speaker for writer’s groups. Bobbi is mother of two sons and resides in St. Charles, Missouri with her husband and three dogs.

Bobbi’s Website | Amazon Author Page

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