NOWHERE TO HIDE by Louise Lyndon *Review*

GENRE: Contemporary Erotic Romantic Suspense

SERIES:  Justice Served (Book 1)


About the Book

Forty years ago the Australian rural town of Burrawang Bend was the scene of a brutal murder, and the townspeople are still calling for justice. Marlee Moore, the suspect’s and victim’s granddaughter, is fighting to clear her grandfather’s name. And no one is going to stand in her way. But when things take a dangerous and deadly turn, Marlee must turn to the one man she was determined to run out of town.

Devon Reilly, investigative journalist for his hit TV show, Justice Served, is in Burrawang Bend to solve the forty-year-old cold case murder. But, he didn’t bargain on Marlee keeping him from investigating the case and he soon questions where her loyalties lie. With the living? Or with the dead? But when Marlee and her son’s life are put in danger, Devon knows he is the only man who can keep them alive. But what happens when he soon realizes he is the bigger threat to the woman and kid he loves?

Read an Excerpt

Marlee shifted on her seat. She tapped her fingers against the table, but she would not look at him. Was Marlee finally beginning to see the holes in Saul’s story?

“I have a copy of the signed statement in which Saul goes into great detail about Marion having terminal cancer. I can show it to you if you like.”

“I need to get Max home.” But she made no move to leave. Instead, she rubbed her hands along her thighs and sank her teeth into her lower lip. Her foot started to tap beneath the table. “There’s been a lot to take in. I need to process what I’ve learned tonight.”

She dragged herself to her feet. As she crossed to his bed, her steps were short and jerky. She turned to face him. He wanted to tell her not to go. Instead, he pressed his lips together.

“If I have questions, can I call you?”

Devon nodded. He retrieved his wallet and withdrew his card. She took it immediately.

Saul Moore had seemingly kept his head down and had stayed out of trouble for forty years. There’d been no reported unexplained deaths in or around Burrawang Bend. But Devon was in town to poke the bear. And an angry bear was a dangerous one.

“Marlee, I can’t tell you what to do, but I can ask you to be careful. Think twice if you’re going to confront him with what you’ve learnedtonight.”

Devon stood at the door and watched Marlee and Max drive into the darkness. What was she heading to? Was she going to confront Saul with what she had learned?

He reached for his mobile and dialed Annie. She answered on the second ring. “Get a pair of eyeballs on Marlee Moore.”

“Why? What’s going on?”

“I think she may have just realized her grandfather is a murderer.”

My Review

Set to the luscious backdrop of Australia, this first book in a new series is sure to grab your interest. A decades old mystery sets up the conflict between the hero and heroine and provides a well-devised trail of suspense.

The heroine, Marlee, is horribly conflicted as her grandparents are both the victim and the suspect in an unsolved murder. The hero, Devon, is determined to solve the cold case surrounding the crime. His best-laid plans are quickly thwarted by the victim’s beautiful granddaughter and an adorable toddler.

I struggled a bit with Devon’s character as his emotions and reactions seemed to be all over the map. However, he won me over with his both gentle and comical handling of the adorable Max.

I’m looking forward to the next book in this series.

About the Author

Louise grew up in rural Victoria, Australia, before moving to England, where for sixteen years she soaked up the vibrancy of London and the medieval history of England. She has since returned to Australia and now lives in Melbourne.

In 2013, Louise won first prize in the historical romance category of the Crested Butte Sandy Writing Contest for her story, The Promise, which has since been retitled and is now known as, Of Love & Vengeance. Her second novel, Of Love & Betrayal is available now.

When not writing, Louise can be found covered in mud, crawling under barbed wire and hoisting herself over twelve foot walls! She is also a self-confessed nail polish addict and you can check out her nail art designs on her Instagram account.

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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GENRE: Contemporary Romance

Amazon | Apple | B&N | Google | Kobo

Visit Lyrical Press, part of Kensington Publishing

Seeking The Smart One

Twenty-four-year-old Jen Reid had her life in good shape: an okay job, a tiny-cute Seattle apartment, and a great boyfriend almost ready to get serious. In a flash it all came apart. Single, unemployed, and holding an eviction notice, who has time to remember trying out for a reality show? Then the call comes, and Jen sees her chance to start over—by spending her summer on national TV.

Luckily The Fishbowl is all about puzzles and games, the kind of thing Jen would love even if she wasn’t desperate. The cast checks all the boxes: cheerful, quirky Birdie speaks in hashtags; vicious Ariana knows just how to pout for the cameras; and corn-fed “J-dawg” plays the cartoon villain of the house. Then there’s Justin, the green-eyed law student who always seems a breath away from kissing her. Is their attraction real, or a trick to get him closer to the $250,000 grand prize? Romance or showmance, suddenly Jen has a lot more to lose than a summer . . .


Excerpt from Jennifer Reid’s Audition Video:

Hi, my name’s Jen. I’m twenty-three years old, and I work in marketing for a large multi-national corporation. Check out my fabulous studio apartment in Seattle. It’s only steps from all the excitement and restaurants of downtown, so I’m in a great location. Look at my view of the Space Needle! I love to entertain here. My friends and I do a rotating monthly dinner club. Everyone brings food that fits a theme. My last one was “Food Starting with the Letter Q.” We ate quiche, quinoa, quince pie. . .I know it sounds weird, but everything tasted delicious.

Anyway, I built this cupboard myself. It’s full of games and puzzles. One thing I love to do, at least once a month, is have friends over for Games Night. We play board games, video games, charades—everything!

This is the best part of my apartment: the closet. I added the shelves and these cubbies, which tripled the space. That was a fun project.

Hmm. Is my landlord going to see this? Don’t worry, Mrs. Perez! I’ll put it back when I move.

Laura Heffernan is living proof that watching too much TV can pay off. When not watching total strangers participate in arranged marriages, drag racing queens, or cooking competitions, Laura enjoys travel, baking, board games, helping with writing contests, and seeking new experiences. She lives in the Northeast with her amazing husband and two furry little beasts.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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In the Final Stages of a New Book!

There are many exciting steps involved in the process of publishing a book, whether it be romance, mystery, time-travel, or even non-fiction. I am currently in the final stages of my next release … a futuristic romance with a new twist for me … an alien heroine!

A very far departure from my usual vintage and contemporary romances. Also, somewhat of a stretch from my time travel/paranormal romances. The closest comparison, I suppose, are my erotic romances but only to the extent that there is language included (in a most comical way).

Concept ~ the story came about because of a submission call from Harlequin. They were looking for anthology material and one of the proposed anthologies was “alien romance“. I wrote, The Vessel, with this call in mind. Unfortunately, they cancelled the proposed anthology before it even got off the ground.

Shopping the story ~ Okay, so I had a finished 25K novella, written entirely from the military hero’s pov, and it needed a home. Because of the adult content my first thought was Decadent Publishing. I loved working with them on three previous erotic romances: The Muse, my award-winning The Mysterious Mrs. Pennybaker, and my Beyond Fairy Tales Do You Want Me. All three are available digitally, in print and in audible format!

I sent off the manuscript. Within a week, they came back with a contract offer!

Editing my work ~ I began working with a new-to-me editor. Changing editors is sometimes a worrisome process, but this has been a delight! We just finished a second round of edits and the book is off to the line editor and then on to formatting. Soon will come the galley read-through. We’re getting close.

The cover ~ The next step (hopefully) will be the creation of the cover. This is always one of my favorite parts of the process. I love getting a look at the first thing my readers will see! I don’t have that coveted artwork as yet, but I do have a meme I created to celebrate the sale and pre-advertise the book.

A bit about the book ~ While it’s not the “official” blurb, here’s a preview:

It’s 2162 and following numerous nuclear and chemical wars, what little is left of life on earth is dwindling quickly. The only hope appears to be the government’s ability to utilize alien fempods for reproduction.

When Major Liam McGregor is assigned to escort a sequestered alien from the government’s safe house, through open territory, and back to the government’s facilities, he soldiers up and plans his extraction and transport to the letter, anticipating a smooth process.

What he gets is a beautiful, wise-cracking alien princess, a series of attacks by lawless raiders, and a handful of doomsday preppers who’ve managed to evade the chemical sterilization that caught the majority of the U.S. by surprise.

Alora, second daughter of the House of Delawon, isn’t convinced this man they’ve sent to see to her safety is up to the task. After all, her predecessors have all met with untimely deaths in their attempts to assist with re-population, including her own sister who committed suicide rather than comply.

The solider and the princess must learn to co-exist on a journey fraught with danger. Will their quickly escalating desires provide them with even more trouble than those threatening their lives? Or, will untapped passions keep them safe?

~ ~ ~

I look forward to sharing more about The Vessel, including a multi-site cover reveal, and hope you’ll come back for the celebration. In the meantime, there are six copies left of this month’s free Gift-Away book, Home is Where the Hunk is. You can access the order form by clicking on the cover on the right side bar of this site.



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GENRE:   Futuristic/Dystopian

Amazon | B&N

About the Book

It’s been twenty years since the Sion arrived on Earth, changing everything, and Sasha Morency has spent her life avoiding their notice as best she can. She’s grown up with a collapsed population, unstable climate, and the bare minimum of survival necessities, all while the conquerors thrive. When she’s caught up in an investigation of the theft of rare jewels at the Reliquary where she works, she becomes the focus of a cynical Sion who is charged with solving the crime.

Banished from his Sion clan and his squad in the police department for not following orders, Dram Opano is not surprised to be assigned a basic theft case at an obscure Earther museum. A young woman working there knows more than she’s telling, so Dram decides to stay close. Sasha has a talent for climbing walls, confronting authority, and digging for information, much to his surprise-and-delight.

Sasha and Dram expect to distrust each other, but as they pool their resources to discover exactly what happened, a bond of respect and passion develops between them.  When Dram is kidnapped by the people behind the theft, Sasha has to call on all her skills to save him. It’s a question of survival, for both their lives and their love.

Read an Excerpt

“In either case, I’ll be in custody. Then it’s over.” She blinked rapidly and set her glass back down so suddenly it spilled. She cried out in surprise, then apologized as she attempted to mop up the liquid.

“Stop. It’s fine.” Dram grabbed her hand and held on, not surprised to find she was trembling.

Sasha huffed out a shallow breath, and her cheeks flushed bright pink. “I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. I’m upset about Omer and scared of what might happen, and it’s just making me stupid. Clumsy stupid, and I can’t be that. If I’m stupid, they’ll get me, and if I’m clumsy…I’ll fall.”

Dram shook his head and eased closer to her. She regarded him with wide eyes. The bruise on her cheek reminded him of all the other hurts she’d suffered in the short time he’d known her.

“I’m sorry.”

“You didn’t do anything,” Sasha said quietly. “This is the way the world is.”

“I wish I could do more.” He reached out and traced his fingertips below the bruise on her cheek, then ran them down to the abrasions on her chin. Her skin was so clear and soft the injuries stood out in stark relief. She breathed out and leaned his way. He went blank for a moment, as if balancing on a windy peak and waiting for a gust strong enough to make him fly. Quiet filled the room, giving him the opportunity to explore all thoughts and ideas about what might happen next.

My Review

I really enjoyed the fleshed out characters in the hero and heroine and the fact that they were author J.J. Lore’s main focus. Too often futuristic/dystopian stories filter in too many characters. I also enjoyed the unraveling of the mystery surrounding the jewel theft. It was done at a good pace, neither too slowly or too quickly. It gave time for not only romance but trust to build between the characters.

My only criticism (and it’s a small one) is that I didn’t get a futuristic feel. I would have liked to have seen something a bit fantastical … something that would have screamed “Futureworld”.

About the Author

J. J. Lore needs three things; strong, black coffee, time to write, and…well…you can guess the third. When she isn’t inventing fantastical tales filled with passionate people, she’s shaking sriracha on whatever she’s eating or reading about the Justinian plague.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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RIK’S by dhtreichler

GENRE: Thriller (International)


About the Book

The entire affair began with sheep brains and falafel — Saddam Hussein’s favorite dish.

It is 1990 and in Baghdad two lovers are separated by the impending First Gulf War. CIA operative Rik Bogart is desperately seeking television correspondent Ingrid Johannson — but is instead picked up by  Saddam’s Secret Police and thrown into Abu Graib — the Prison of the Dead. Ten years later, he must make a fateful decision after finally reuniting with her — one that may keep them apart forever. How far would YOU go for your true love?

This heart-pounding thriller is written by a former international defense contractor who brings incredible realism and thrilling insights into the days leading up to Saddam’s brutal regime downfall and provides a chilling account of life inside the infamous Prison of the Dead.

“It’s as much a love story as it is a runaway thriller.” Midwest Book Review

Read an Excerpt

A Conversation…or Not

It never occurred to me I’d form any kind of deep emotional bond with Ingrid. But when the opportunity did occur, I seized it. I didn’t look back. I thought only about a future together, for however long. I kept telling myself one day more would be enough. But then the next day came. I felt so happy to still find her with me. I became greedy. I wanted more of her. I wanted to be a part of her life. I wanted her to be a part of mine.

When we made love something seemed to flow between us. We were both more concerned for the other’s pleasure than our own. We’d do anything to make the experience better for the other, to make it more interesting and to express the feelings there. Neither of us could hide what we felt. And neither of us could deny a depth of passion we shared. Making love made all the other things we did fade into obscurity. The same feelings flowed the first time and every time we made love. And the feelings were always just below the surface when we talked on the phone or sat on the patio watching the shimmering summer night lights, drinking a glass of wine and sharing whatever happened to be on our minds.

She filled me with an expectation, happiness; a reason for being I’d never experienced. And here I sat next to her, fearful yet hopeful, dreading telling her that I, or hopefully, we, would soon be leaving Baghdad.

About the Author

As a defense contractor, award-winning screenwriter and novelist, dhtreichler has wandered the world, visiting garden spots and more.  Having lived and worked with our intelligence agents and soldiers, witnessing the conflicts and the turmoil of recent decades, he paints vivid backdrops for his stories. Like him, the men and women he portrays attempt to make sense of our fast-changing world. He has held a lifelong interest in the profound influence of rapidly changing technology on our lives and relationships. Exploring that power (what has changed and what might come) forms an insightful theme of his novels. His stories also reflect the universal desires and fears of real people everywhere.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon Author Page

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SHEIK’S RESCUE by Ryshia Kennie

GENRE: Romantic Suspense

Amazon US | Amazon CA | B&N | Kobo | Harlequin

About the Book

Zafir Al-Nassar knows everything about Jade Van Everett. He’s studied the cases she’s worked for his family’s company and for the FBI. And it’s hard not to notice that she’s absolutely gorgeous. Teaming up for a routine security detail, Jade is desperate to prove herself and Zafir can’t help but admire her determination. But when their assignment turns deadly, it becomes difficult to stay focused on the job. Because although they were hired to protect a Morrocan royal from a trained assassin, Zafir also has every intention of keeping Jade safe and by his side. Forever.

Read an Excerpt

She turned around and walked past him.  Zafir watched her and really wished he hadn’t for his gaze couldn’t help but go down to her perky butt that…  That was twice he’d been caught by that part of her anatomy.  He needed to pull his gaze away, to take his thoughts from the soft, rounded… It took everything he had.


He wrapped his palm around the back of his neck as if a stranglehold massage would stop his thoughts.  But his hand was only hurting his neck and doing nothing to stop the overwhelming awareness of her as a very attractive female.  He wasn’t sure what would help, but physical pain wasn’t doing it.  He dropped his hand.

He was unable to drag his eyes from her.  Her figure curved in all the right places.   He wanted to run his hands over her.  He wanted to do so much more.

He couldn’t.

He pushed the thoughts from his mind.  They had a case to solve and a client to protect.  He turned around, heading for the bedroom.  He knew she’d gotten information from Stan, but after what he’d learned, he thought it was time they both sat down and had a long talk with him.


Jade turned from the kitchen window and as she did, he met the question in her eyes.  He stood in the doorway of their client’s room, his fists clenched, all thoughts of passion or attraction forgotten.

“He’s gone.”

About the Author

The Canadian prairies are my home and while the prairie landscape is blessed with beautiful blue skies, it also has four seasons that come on full throttle – especially winter and because of that I like to travel.  Often on those trips, stories are born.

In 2011 I won my city’s writing award, and was the first romance writer to do so since its inception.  In 2013 my romantic suspense was a semi-finalist in the Kindle Book Awards.  Published in historic romance and paranormal romance as well as romantic suspense, in February 2016, my first novel was published by Harlequin Intrigue.

There’s no lack of places to set a story as my imagination and the too long prairie winters may find me seeking adventure.  The memories of those worlds both near and far, the words of a stranger, the furtive look one man gives another, often become the catalyst for a suspenseful story with a deadly villain and an intrepid hero and heroine who must battle for their right to love or even their right to live.

When not dreaming of other stories, I can be found scouting out a garage sale or two, dusting off my roller blades or just thinking about the next adventure that may be miles away or in my own backyard.

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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Wild Card Under Cover by Kari Lemor

GENRE: Romantic Suspense

Amazon | Apple | B&N | Google | Kobo

~ ~ ~

About the Book

All that glitters in Miami is not gold . . .

Lured in by a bad ex-boyfriend and the moonlight of Miami, Meg O’Hara is trapped in a nightmare situation, waiting tables for a crime boss and fearing for her life. When undercover FBI agent Christopher Shaunessy offers her a way out, she seizes it. Getting the goods on Salazar Moreno might not be easy, but she’ll do anything to be freed from her servitude and Moreno’s sexual advances, even if it means moving in with the charismatic agent.

Chris Shaunessy pretends to be Meg’s lover in order to keep her safe, but he steels his heart against further involvement. Passion has no place in the sordid world of organized crime. And yet, the closer they get to cracking the case, the stronger his feelings for the spirited waitress shine. It’s a dangerous game he’s playing, and taking Meg in his arms for real could prove a fatal misstep . . .

Read an Excerpt

“Sorry,” she mumbled again, looking up. Big mistake. The stranger’s curious eyes captivated her. They were soft and tender and filled with something she could…trust? If she still had any of that left in her. His hands were gentle as they held her. A tiny smile played about the full lips she’d brazenly kissed. She couldn’t believe she’d done it. Her mother would be appalled. But it had worked.

The chlorine scent from the pool faded into the background as sweat and suntan lotion wafted off the man’s damp skin. Her stomach did cartwheels followed by a few back flips. Dangerous.

“Let me go,” she hissed as reality returned. She gave a swift shove at his well-defined pectorals, rushing to get past, to escape from this distraction and the possibility of being caught. Her head whipped around at the sound of a splash and water droplets from behind. Gorgeous was just breaking the surface of the pool. Had she pushed him that hard?

“Oops.” No time for apologies. He looked like the forgiving type. She had to blow this joint before the Pool Nazi came back. Grabbing her fallen sarong, she ran across the deck to hustle inside the luxury hotel.


The manager stood sentry near the front door. A crowd appeared at her back making that way impossible. The stairwell to the left would have to do. She’d go up a few floors then down to the side entrance. She wrapped her sarong around her as she carried out her plan to avoid being seen…and caught.

Meg should stop coming here to use the pool: this proved it. Sneaking in was adding to her already hellish life but swimming always helped work out the stress and the pool here was more accessible than any other on the strip. Pretending she had money to stay in a place like this, rubbing elbows with all the beautiful people, yeah, that got her through too. She’d learned the best times to come and not be seen. Well, for the most part. It was well worth the risk to get away from her dump of a room and its enchanting neighborhood. She’d leave this all behind her soon. She kept telling herself that. Had to believe it for her own sanity.

Footsteps behind her pushed those thoughts away. Her bare feet padded silently along the lushly carpeted hallway. Heart racing, she ducked into the ice machine alcove, her sigh echoing in the silence. She glanced down. Her bag? She must have dropped it as she rushed off. How had she not realized? It couldn’t have been the threat of being arrested. Or the crooked smile of the handsome stranger she’d kissed. The one with the kind eyes and gentle hands. No, she couldn’t allow herself to be led astray by a pretty face. Not again.

She continued down the hall, her trip cut short when someone grabbed her by the arm and spun her around.

About the Author

Kari Lemor was one of those children who read with a flashlight under the covers. Once she discovered her mom’s stash of romance novels, there was no other genre to even consider. For years, she had stories stewing in her mind, stories of love and happily ever after. But writing wasn’t something she ever liked in school. Of course, no one ever asked her to write a story about a couple falling in love. Now that her children are grown, she can concentrate on penning tales of dashing heroes who ride to the rescue and feisty heroines who have already saved themselves. Please visit her at and on Twitter and Facebook.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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MOMENTS by Harmony Kent

GENRE: Short Stories/Poetry


About the Book


Take a moment to delve into tales from the dark side, have fun with fantasy, dabble in dystopia, and court danger in a little science fiction.

These tales touch upon death, grieving, war, fresh starts, hope, courage, change, choices, and encouragement.

And then, after all that, you’ll find the poems.

From the lonely echoes of an empty house to the soaring heights of unexpected love and joy and learning to live as free as clouds and water.

For each of us, a moment encompasses a lifetime and, yet, passes in but the blink of an eye. In but a moment, everything can change. And in this very moment, life beckons in all its potentiality.

When the shadows fall, what will you do?

Read an Excerpt

(From Beneath the Willow)

The rain stung Isabelle’s split lip, or did the tears bear the brunt of that guilt? Actually, that claim settled on her stepfather’s shoulders. He’d gotten drunk again. The grit and stones that littered the concrete stabbed at her bare soles, and she winced with each step. That didn’t deter her from running, though.

When she reached the park, where she veered off onto the cool, wet grass, Isabelle breathed a sigh of relief. To savour the moment, she stood still and let her feet sink into the soothing blades of green, face turned up to the grey sky. The thunderous clouds mirrored those in her heart and mind.

If you killed someone at fourteen, did you still go to prison? A shout in the distance had her jump and run. Not far now. They never found her under there. Beneath the willow. Its branches hung down to the ground and provided a thick curtain behind which she could hide from the world and all it contained.

Although she hadn’t killed him yet, she wanted to. Isabelle still held the knife in cold, numb fingers. Still, the only blood that dripped belonged to her. Disgust forced her grip open, and the blade fell. Her mother would miss the carving knife soon. Oh well, jog on dot com—she’d missed that boat. And, at least, it had allowed her to make her escape.

About the Author

Indie Author Harmony Kent is an award winning multi-genre author.

As well as being an avid reader and writer, Harmony also offers editing, proof reading, manuscript appraisal, and beta reading services.  As well as reviewing and supporting her fellow indie authors, Harmony works hard to promote and protect high standards within the indie publishing arena.  She is always on the look out for talent and excellence, and will freely promote any authors or books who she feels have these attributes.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon Author Page

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TEAM RUSSIAN by Ally Adams

GENRE: Contemporary Romance

SERIES: Saints Team (Book 4)


About the Book

He’s tall, dark, handsome and athletic and just that little bit mysterious. Star of the Saint’s team, The Russian has had a high profile relationship with a Hollywood director’s daughter for years and now that it is over, he just wants to focus on his sporting career. Due to injury, Carla Brooker’s professional sporting career as a basketballer with the Suns is about to come to an end, but not before she needs a date for her team’s gala ball night. When these two sporting hotshots meet, they are more than a good fit, they are made for each other … if they can just file away their history and find a way to be together.

Read an Excerpt

The doors opened and a few of the flight attendants came out, along with a handful of passengers. Buzz was out first and greeted us. He wrapped an arm around Laura and gave me a wink as they left, as though all was forgiven for his prank. Some of the Saints’ crew followed, then the coach, and Lucas who gave Mia a wave and pointed in the direction of the journos. She nodded, knowing he had to give a quick interview first.

Tomás came into sight, greeted us all and left with Alice, and then Nik and The Russian appeared. The Russian’s eyes scanned the area and found mine, and he gave me a smile that would launch ships. He walked towards me, threw his bag over his shoulder and wrapped his spare arm around me, pressing me hard to him, our lips locked. It was so healing, his lips on mine, his skin against mine, just the feel of his strong body encompassing me, and he didn’t stop kissing me. I couldn’t believe it, in front of his teammates and everything!

“Geez, not in public you two, cut it out,” Lucas teased, coming over and giving Mia a showy kiss.

“Get a room, Russian,” Nik added as Sasha threw herself at him, and then we heard the sound of flashes and The Russian released me just a few inches, enough to draw a breath.

“So needed that,” he said. “Hello, Brooker.”

“Hello Russian,” I grinned up at him, admiring his dark eyes and beautiful face. He looked exhausted.

“We need to get home immediately,” The Russian said, slightly breathless. “Let’s go.”

He released me only enough so I could walk, tucking me into his body, ignoring the flashes of cameras. When we got to my car, he threw his bag in the back seat and sat back while I drove, annoying me by rubbing his hand over my leg, and anywhere else he could get access to before I hit him away for being distracting. We hardly spoke, we just wanted to be together, to be near each other.

The Russian hustled me straight into my bedroom, closing my bedroom door with his foot and knocking me onto the bed.  When we were settled, he stopped and placed his forehead on mine.

About the Author

ALLY ADAMS is a journalist who lives in coastal Victoria, Australia with her husband and furry friends.

She is a literature major, avid romance reader and writer. Ally freelances for two lifestyle magazines and has just completed her fourth Saints Team novel. She is now looking towards a whole new series!

Ally’s books:

  • Team Lucas
  • Team Tomas
  • Team Niklas
  • Team Russian

Facebook | Twitter | Amazon Author Page

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CALL TO HONOR by Tawny Weber

GENRE:  Contemporary Romance

SERIES: Seal of Brotherhood (Book 1)

Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo | Harlequin

Author Q&A

Any weird things you do when you’re alone?

I don’t know… what’s considered weird?  I talk to the dogs, but that’s normal, right?  And I’m sure there’s nothing strange about my obsessive collection of scrapbooking and bullet journaling supplies.

What is your favorite quote and why?

“How people treat you is their karma.  How you react is yours.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Who is your favorite author and why?

Nora Roberts is my absolute favorite author because she crafts the most vivid, visually beautiful stories and such well-drawn, strong characters book after book.  She is my inspiration, from her work ethic and dedication to the craft of writing, to her amazing characters and the stories that stay in my mind year after year.

What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?

To connect with the reader in some way. It could be by writing a strong, intense plot that sucks them in or by creating lifelike, compelling characters that they empathize with.  Whatever the writer’s strength is, use it to build that connection so the reader becomes a part of the story, so they can’t put the book down until they reach that final page, and even then they are wishing there was more.  To me, that’s good writing.

About the Book

“No man left behind” is inscribed in the DNA of every SEAL and Lieutenant Diego Torres is no exception. But with a team member killed—and the body missing— Diego’s honor is sorely tested. Now his career and reputation are on the line, and a traitor is hiding among them. Diego wants answers…and only one woman has them.

Single mom Harper Maclean has two priorities—raising her son Nathan and starting a new life. Her mysterious new neighbor may be impossibly charming, but Diego asks too many questions about her past—and about the father of her child. Questions she fears will reveal her burning attraction for Diego, and ultimately put them all in danger’s path.

Read an Excerpt

IT PAYS TO be a winner.

And Diego Torres was a big believer in winning.

But it was the winning that he liked.

The competition.

The thrill of testing his skills, pushing his limits. Of knowing he was better than his adversary.

Yeah. He liked knowing he was the best.

He didn’t do it for reward.

Especially not when the reward came by way of the pomp and pageantry of a ceremony like today. Standing onstage in front of the various platoons that made up SEAL Team 7, listening to Admiral Cree pontificate was a pain in the ass. What made it worse wasn’t the couple hundred sets of eyes inspecting him or the discomfort of his dress whites, too tight across the shoulders.

It was the damned shoes. Diego’s toes pinched in the mirror-bright black patent leather, begging him to flex. He didn’t, of course. Not while standing at attention. But damn. Give him a pair of combat boots any day.

As the sun baked through his cap and the heat of the morning swirled around, he wondered what yahoo had decided to hold this ceremony outdoors. And why it felt so much hotter standing in the San Diego sun in whites than it did in the Afghan desert in full combat gear. Probably because combat gear fit him better.

Diego had spent a large portion of his life fighting over the wrong things. He’d fought over turf. He’d fought over gang colors. Hell, if the mood struck, he’d have fought over just how blue the sky was. It’d taken a bullet barely missing his heart to clue him in to the fact that maybe the things he was fighting over simply weren’t worth dying for.

About the Author

New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling author of more than forty books, Tawny Weber loves writing about sexy heroes, most notably her popular Navy SEALs series.  Her sassy, emotional romances are filled with men dedicated to being the best—and women determined to have the best.  Tawny credits her ex-military alpha husband for inspiration in her writing, and in her life.   The recipient of numerous writing accolades, including Romantic Times Reviewers Choice and in addition to the NY Times and USA Today bestseller lists, Tawny has also hit the number one spot on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

A homeschooling mom, Tawny enjoys scrapbooking, gardening and spending time with her family and dogs in her Northern California home.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads

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