Sneak Peek Saturday…Authors’ Favorite Things

Sneak Peek Summer ImageWelcome to Sneak Peek Saturday here at Notes From a Romantic’s Heart. Every Saturday you’ll get to meet two or three authors and learn about their books. Each Saturday will also have a subject and the authors will give insight into their quirky personalities by identifying their “favorite”.

This week’s theme is Favorite Vacation Spot.

Our first guest, author Lori Ann Bailey, says, “The Scottish Highlands are dear to my heart with its abandoned and well-maintained castles on lush green shores that make you think of chivalry and magic of old. Waterfalls are in abundance, streaming down the sides of the vast mountain ranges and it’s almost always cool, like my favorite season, fall.”

Lori Ann’s book is Highland Deception from Entangled Publishing’s Select Historical line.

About the Book:

HighlandDeception_1600X2400 (5)Scotland, 1642

Maggie and Lachlan must fight their growing attraction, battling suspicion and intrigue as religious and political turmoil threaten to tear their clans apart.

He has sworn he will never marry.

Lachlan Cameron is honor bound to see a wounded lass to safety, although he has well learned women are deceivers, and this lovely maid harbors a wealth of secrets. But Maggie’s free spirit and charms enthrall him while he works to discover if she is innocent…or a spy scheming with his enemies to destroy his clan.

She has sworn she will never fall in love.

Maggie Murray fled her home to avoid a political marriage to an abusive man. Salvation comes when the Cameron laird, unaware of her identity, protects her as she escapes. His kindness slowly warms her, and she’s tempted to confess her real name. But his strong sense of honor would force him to return her to her father…and torment at the hands of her scorned betrothed.

An excerpt and all the buy links for Highland Deception can be found on Lori Ann’s Entangled Author page.

Where to Connect with Lori Ann: Website   Facebook   Instagram


According to author Deborah O’Neill Cordes her favorite vacation spot is “Ah, Kauai! This garden isle of Hawaii has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I set several scenes of Alienne Mine on Kauai’s dramatic western shore. A perfect – and secret – spot for romance between an alien and the human astronaut who’s captured her heart.”

The book Deborah is sharing today is the aforementioned Alienne Mine, and is the prequel to Dragon Dawn, part of her sci-fi, dinosaurian time travel series.

About the Book:

AlienneMine_CVR_LRGFar from her home world, an alien female clandestinely observes the Earth, but her intense need for a mate overwhelms her desire for secrecy. It is time to pick her Chosen, the one who will share her life. With her keen ultraviolet vision, she’s watched the human astronaut, Edward McAdams, a man with a unique and compelling aura.

Is he the one? If so, will he agree to leave Earth and travel with her to the stars? But her plans are threatened when she discovers dangers lurking in the vast reaches of the Milky Way galaxy, menacing aliens who may not only imperil Edward, but everyone else on Earth.

Alienne Mine  is available from Amazon

Connect with Deborah:  Website as well as with her alter ego, the writing team of Morgan O’Neill


Thanks so much to Lori Ann and Deborah for joining me today. Please come back for More the Merrier Monday and Welcome Wednesday, as well as two more guest blogs from Goddess Fish Promotions.

Until then, stay happy, stay healthy, and more importantly stay well read.



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Notes From a Romantic’s Heart is pleased to welcome three contemporary authors from Lyrical Press, Heather McGovern, Allyson Charles and Deb Julienne. While all three authors can be found at different stops on the tour, today it is our pleasure to feature Heather McGovern and her latest release, A Moment of Bliss. Please join me in welcoming Heather and Lyrical Press to our site.

About the Book:

1_MediaKit_BookCover_A Moment Of Bliss_hiresNestled in the lush green mountains of North Carolina, the Honeywilde Inn will be a romantic’s dream getaway—if only the Bradley siblings can keep it running. It will take a combination of hard work, good luck, and the kind of love that dreams are made of…

Roark Bradley is no stranger to responsibility. Growing up, he practically raised his younger siblings while his parents threw themselves into working the inn—and arguing with each other. Determined to make the Honeywilde shine once more, Roark jumps at the chance to conduct business with a no-nonsense event planner who approaches him about celebrity nuptials that could put the inn back on the map. If only it wasn’t so tempting to discuss some no-strings attached pleasure with her instead…

Madison Kline is done with weddings—at least personally. Her own youthful mistake is a well-guarded secret, and one she refuses to repeat. But as she and bold, broad-shouldered Roark work together to make a rock star couple’s wedding a reality, she finds herself wishing romance didn’t feel like a four-letter word. Can either of them surrender their hard-won independence and workaholic ways for something sweeter—and even more rewarding?


An Excerpt:

“Wright named them that. Says it’s because they’ll make your eyes roll back in pleasure. His words, not mine. And he calls the frosted ones Frosty Fixations.”

She rubbed at her mouth to hide her grin over the ridiculous names.

“He’s a fanatic, I’m telling you. But I can’t eat just one. Would you like to try a Pumpkin Pleasure Roll?”

Would she like to try one?

She barely managed not to laugh like a hyena. Hell yes, she would like to try a whole plate of them and then roll around in the crumbs, but she was not going to fall victim to the inn’s goodies yet. Not until she knew this deal wasn’t going to blow up in her face.

“No, thank you.”


She couldn’t believe it either. The self-restraint she was practicing right now would impress a nun.

Roark stepped aside. “Suit yourself then. Feel free to have a look around the kitchen. You’ll see the enormous vat of vanilla mixture over there. It’s been known to attack. Give it a wide berth.”

Madison turned away so he couldn’t see her smile. She was here to work; to broker a deal that meant she was capable of succeeding on her own. That deal meant practically taking over his inn for a weekend and pulling off the impossible in about three weeks. She was not here to smile and laugh with the good-looking inn owner.

The kitchen was clean but recently used and cluttered. Wright might be a messy chef, but he tidied up afterwards. The revamps Roark had mentioned showed in the new commercial oven and appliances.

Luckily, she was capable of doing a thorough yet speedy overview of everything. The longer she spent in this kitchen, the more tempted she was to stuff a cookie in her mouth.

A scenario ran through her mind. What was the likelihood she could scarf down one, possibly three, cookies without anyone noticing?

She finished checking out the kitchen and wound back around to the front, right in time to find Roark polishing off a Pumpkin Pleasure Roll.

His cheeks full, he dipped his chin, color rushing to his face. When he got done chewing, the strong line of his jaw was back in place, but his cheeks were still pink. Roark’s flush was a complete contradiction to his steady gaze and serious look. He wiped his fingers on a napkin and smoothed his shirt down, as though straightening a tie that wasn’t there.

“Busted.” He smiled, showing the tiniest hint of a dimple in his right cheek.

In that moment, Madison finally admitted the truth to herself. Between the cookies and the resort owner, Roark Bradley was the yummiest choice.


 A Moment of Bliss is available from Amazon B&N  iTunes  Google Play  Kobo

About the Author:

1_MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_AMomentofBliss_Heather McGovernHeather McGovern writes contemporary romance in swoony, southern settings. While her love of travel and adventure takes her far, there is no place quite like home. She lives in South Carolina with her husband and son, and a collection of Legos that’s threatening to take over the house. When she isn’t writing, she’s working out, or binging on books and Netflix.

She is a member of Romance Writers of America, as well as Carolina Romance Writers, and she’s represented by Nicole Resciniti of The Seymour Agency.

Connect with Heather: Website   Facebook   Twitter


The authors will be awarding digital copies of all 3 books on tour to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tour Stops:

Sign-TourPlease visit all the stops on the tour to learn more about these three talented authors and for even more chances to win.

The tour kicks off on August 22 at Christine Young and then continues on with:

August 23: BooksChatter
August 24: It’s Raining Books
August 25: Notes From a Romantic’s Heart
August 26Up ‘Til Dawn Book Blog
August 29The Silver Dagger Scriptorium
August 30EskieMama Reads
August 31Cerian Hebert-It’s All About the Romance
September 1Lost in sweet words
September 2Book Junkies Book Blog
September 5The Avid Reader
September 6Lilly’s Book World
September 7Full Moon Dreaming
September 8Hearts and Scribbles
September 9The Pen and Muse Book Reviews
September 12The Certifiable Wenches
September 13Queen of All She Reads
September 14Harps Romance Book Review

It was a pleasure hosting Heather and her publisher Lyrical Press today. Please come back again for the regular features on this blog as well as future tour promotions. Until next time, stay happy, stay healthy, and above all stay well read.


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Welcome Wednesday…Author Brenda Mogeuz

22898524_sIt’s Welcome Wednesday here at Notes From a Romantic’s Heart and our guest today is author Brenda Moguez. Her latest release, Nothing is Lost in Loving, is from The Wild Rose Press.

We asked Brenda where she got the idea for Nothing is Lost in Loving, and this is what she said: “I was sitting in Barnes and Nobel listening to Willie Nelson’s rendition of You Were Always on My Mind, when Stella Delray, the heroine of the novel, breezed through the double-doors. Her cheeks were tear stained, her eyes puffed and red. I closed my eyes and continued listening to Willie.

The song—to me—deconstructs the complexity of love and why so many lovers don’t go the distance. For whatever reason, lovers more often than not, think but do not to commit to words and sound, what’s inside of their hearts. I decided if the ethereal apparition had danced away by the song’s end I’d have a story to tell.”

About the Book:

NothingIsLostInLoving_w9142_300When Stella Delray unexpectedly loses her job a week before Christmas, which is also the anniversary of her husband’s death, she is forced to stop talking to his ashes, come to terms with her loss, and get her life back on track for her young son’s sake as well as her own. She never expected that posting an ad on Craigslist would send her into the arms of not one but two men, one of whom is her former boss. Now she’s working as an admin for a retired Broadway star, bookkeeping for an erotic video production company, and writing love letters for the mysterious “Oaklander.” Adding to the craziness of her new life, her monster-in-law resurfaces and the father-in-law she never met shows up on her doorstep. With the guidance of her best friend, Bono, Stella will learn to redefine the rules she’s always lived by.

Nothing is Lost in Loving can be found at: Amazon   B&N  Kobo


An Excerpt:

Focus, Stella, the little voice shouts. There’s enough cash in the bank to last six months, but the economy is still in the toilet. This is not a good time to be unemployed. As if there is ever a good time, I whine inside.

“Stella, did you hear me? Are you okay?” A touch of worry sails through the wires and lands like a thud on the counter.

I hit the mute button to block the dry sob growing behind my breastbone. Breathe, one thousand-one, one thousand-two, one thousand-three, one thousand-four, hold for six counts. I grip the edge of the counter, which keeps me rooted to the kitchen floor and from drowning in the acid panic flooding my veins. Damn. I’m losing my job. Ava will come after Santi again. Damn. Stop! Don’t you dare cry on the phone in front of a man, especially not Jack. Inner Stella swoops in and takes control.

“Stella?” His voice is no longer a whisper.I unmute the phone. “Yes, I’m here.”“Is everything okay? Did you hear what I said?” “Yes, I heard, and I’m fine.” You jerk, what a stupid question. “The news is unexpected, of course. Thanks for the heads-up.” I need to make a graceful exit from the call. I manage to choke back my sob. “I assume our meeting is canceled. There’s probably no point in me coming into the city to talk about the business plan for next year.” Since I’ll be living in a cardboard box under the Bay Bridge, you selfish prick.


Nancys Book Reviews Banner

My Review:

I enjoyed this book very much. It gave a wonderful jolt of reality mixed with the hope of starting over. When the heroine, Stella Delray, is faced with life-changing obstacles, she has a personal epiphany … a wake-up call of major proportions. And, she shows us exactly what she’s made of. (Okay, so I’m a sucker for strong heroines.)

Author Brenda Moguez writes wonderful supporting characters and real locations which also adds to the flavor of the story. If you enjoy watching a woman, a mother, pull herself up by her proverbial bootstraps and find her HEA, you’ll love this story.


About the Author:

Brenda Moguez writes the kind of stories she loves to read–women’s fiction, starring quirky, passionate women who are challenged by the fickleness and complexities of life.

She’s particularly drawn to exploring the effects of love on the heart of a woman. She has aspirations for a fully staffed villa in Barcelona and funding aplenty for a room of her own. When she’s not working on a story, she writes love letters to the universe, dead poets, and Mae West. Her second novel, Nothing is Lost in Loving, is set to release April 2016. You can find her at  where she explores passionate pursuits in all its forms.

Connect with Brenda: Website   Facebook   Twitter

I huge “thank you” to Brenda for joining us today. Please come back again on Saturday for my Sneak Peek/Author Favorites feature and then again for More the Merrier Mondays, a look a books in a series. Notes From a Romantic’s Heart will also be featuring a multi-book Goddess Fish promotional tour tomorrow.

Until your next visit, please stay happy, stay healthy, and stay well-read.


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Notes From a Romantic’s Heart is pleased to welcome author Cynthia Roberts for this stop on the blog tour for her latest release, Unchained Melody. Please join me in welcoming Cynthia to our site.

About the Book:

MediaKit_BookCover_UnchainedMelodyPamela Landers had it all, a senior partnership with a top law firm, expensive car, and a luxurious condo. What she desired most was a loving husband, children and a life filled with precious memories that would comfort her through her golden years.

Funny how fate has a way of steering you down that path where dreams really can come true. When Pamela encounters Gavin Templeton along her journey, she has some life-altering decisions to make that eventually lead her to happily ever after.


An Excerpt:

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Templeton. I’ve been trying to get to Sugar Run for the past two years, but …” she paused. “I just don’t know how to say no to my boss.”

He chuckled and pointed her way.

“Well, good for you. All work and no play … well, you know the rest.” He interjected.

Then she thought. I’ll be damned. She knew that name. Everyone knew the Templeton name. She was rather titillated by his attention. The Templeton’s, were quite known in the Northeast. Not only was Sugar Run a rather luxurious five-star resort, but his family had acquired over fifty acres of prime lakefront property and started developing it into one of the most eloquent gated communities that would offer luxurious 2-3-bedroom town homes, a 9-hole golf course, and private country club.

The cleft in his chin was more prominent when he smiled and it pleased her to know she was the cause of the sparkle in his eyes.

“And, please, call me Gavin.”

Her voice shook a little. “Pamela Landers … my name, that is and, thank you for sharing your table.”

The waitress arrived, took both of their orders, and refilled their coffee cups.

“So, tell me Pamela, what line of work occupies your every waking moment?”

“Law,” she answered. “My niche is wrongful death.”

The look that registered on his face made her wonder, if the legal field was something he found distasteful. She did not know why, but she wanted his approval. His opinion of her somehow mattered.

“Do you ski, Gavin?”

“Not an Olympic hopeful mind you, but I manage to make it to the bottom without breaking my neck.”

Pamela giggled.

His cell phone went off and he excused himself, as he rose and moved from the table. He was only gone for a matter of moments. When he returned to the table and rejoined her, he asked the waitress to bring him the check right away.

Pamela tried to hide her disappointment.

“Pressing business?” She asked, trying to keep the disappointment from her voice.

Gavin’s was evident as he sighed heavily. “I’m afraid so. There’s something I must attend to in Ashbury that needs my attention.” He rose and handed the waitress two twenty-dollar bills and told her to keep the change.

Pamela shook her head and raised her hand to argue but, he waved it off.

“Please, it was my pleasure to meet you.” His smile was warm and genuine. “Perhaps, you’ll join me for a cocktail this evening. I’ll send a note to your room.”

Pamela returned his smile. “Um, that would be nice,” she waved her finger at him, “but, the drinks are on me or, it’s a no.”

Gavin reached for her hand, and drew it to his lips, and stroked it tenderly with his thumb. “How can I refuse? Until later this evening then.” He bowed slightly and turned to exit.

Pamela was exuberant as she watched him leave, appreciating how well the jeans he was wearing fit around a rather nice tight ass and well-muscled thighs. Pamela relaxed and played back their meeting in her mind. Talk about fate … it was all rather unexpected and the immediate attraction she felt for him was even more surprising. She looked down at the thick, crisp waffles on her plate and began devouring them with a hunger that was as strong as her desire to meet up with the dashing and charming owner of Sugar Run.


 Unchained Melody is on sale for 99¢ for a limited time through: Amazon   B&N  iBooks   Kobo  Also available through Smashwords with coupon code AN23P

About the Author:

MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_UnchainedMelodyMy love of reading romance fiction goes back to those early years when I was raising a young family. It wasn’t until much later in life I actually took up the pen to write my first historical romance, Wind Warrior. I really don’t fit into one specific niche. Once a story starts to flow, it’s only then I know what genre/sub-genre it will fit under.

I have only one regret, and that is not getting to this point in my career much sooner, rather than later. Life has a way of setting up road blocks, which for me, was supposed to work out that way. Because of those detours, I have become a more passionate and expressive writer, allowing me to create the kind of raw human emotion I want my readership to feel.

It is my hope you walk away with not just an entertaining read, but the importance in knowing, “Without imagination & dreams, we lose the excitement of wonderful possibilities.”

Connect with Cynthia: Website Facebook  Twitter  Google+  Instagram  Pintrest


Cynthia will be awarding the first six E-books in the Love Song Standards Series to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tour Stops:

Sign-TourYou can follow Cynthia on all her tour stops for more chances to win! Remember, the more you comment, the better your chances. The tour stops are as follows:

August 22:
1: AC Chenier – Author of Romance Novels
2: Tina Donahue Books – Heat with Heart
3: Books That Believe in Happily Ever After
4: The Snarkology
5: EskieMama Reads
6: Blog of Jacey Holbrand
7: Buried Under Romance
8: The Avid Reader
9: Writer Wonderland
10: The Broke Book Bank
11: Liz Gavin’s Blog

August 23:
1: Hope. Dreams. Life… Love
2: Underneath The Covers
3: The Silver Dagger Scriptorium
4: Notes From a Romantic’s Heart
5: Mixed Book Bag
6: Where the Story Comes First
7: Read Your Writes Book Reviews
8: Reviews by Crystal
9: T’s Stuff
10: Readeropolis
11: Sharing Links and Wisdom

August 24:
1: Book Lover Promo
2: Harlie’s Books
3: BooksChatter
4: CBY Book Club
5: Words of Wisdom from The Scarf Princess
6: Harps Romance Book Review
7: Fabulous and Brunette
8: Beyond Romance
9: U.S. – Brazil Book Review
10: The Pen and Muse Book Reviews
11: Romantic Fanatic
12: Hearts and Scribbles

They are also available through Goddess Fish.

It was a pleasure hosting Cynthia today. Please come back again for both the regular features on this blog as well as future tour promotions. Until next time, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.


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More the Merrier Mondays … Author Carly Jordynn’s Sasha Bishop Series

Welcome back to More the Merrier Mondays here at Notes From a Romantic’s Heart.  Today’s guests is Carly Jordynn and we’re featuring her Sasha Bishop paranormal romance series from Soul Mate Publishing. Please join me in welcoming Carly for her first appearance on the blog.

According to Carly:

I have always enjoyed paranormal romance. I was a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fan back in the day. I had read some other paranormal books and decided I wanted to try something in that genre. I wanted to show that even though something creepy was going on, there was still time for humor and romance.

The characters of Sasha and Hutch are a combination of people I know rolled into two awesome characters. I love writing this series and have a spin off series planned for the future too.

The first book in the series is titled Retired Slayer.

About the Book:

SashaRetiredSlayer_505x825Seventeen-year-old Sasha Bishop has done what no other Slayer has. She survived to the retirement age of seventeen. Now she gets to move to a new city, start a new school during her senior year, and she has to leave behind her 167-year-old, semi-unofficial, undead boyfriend, Hutch, AKA Andrew Hutcherson.

At her new school, Sasha becomes friends with her handsome, motorcycle-riding neighbor, Dillon Hutcherson, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Hutch. Sasha digs into the mystery and finds that Hutch fathered a child before he was changed into a vampire in 1865. Further research reveals that Dillon is, in fact, Hutch’s great-great-grandson. Now Sasha, with Dillon in tow, must return to her hometown and resume her past duties as the Slayer in order to quell a vampire uprising.

During the first battle, a quirk of fate has Dillon changing into a vampire. Only the quick actions of Sasha’s Watcher, Branson Seyfried, saves the boy from becoming one of the undead. A transfusion consisting of Hutch’s vampire venom and Sasha’s slayer blood saves Dillon, but gives him the life of a Halfling. In addition, Hutch now has slayer blood and Sasha has vampire venom. The three are not only a danger to humans, but to vampire kind.

The impending war between human and vampire is nothing compared to the war within Sasha’s own heart as she battles her feelings for Hutch and his grandson. During the final battle, Sasha learns many family secrets, discovers her hearts true love, and finds happiness in a world filled with shadows.

Retired Slayer is available on Amazon


Book 2 in the series is title Shifter

About the Book:

SashaBishopSHIFTER_505x825Sasha Bishop is the Slayer. With her Halfling and Vampire allies by her side, she had fought and won a vampire war. Now some of her classmates are missing. When they resurface as vampires; they accuse Sasha as being their Sire.

The trouble begins when Sasha’s 168-year old, vampire boyfriend, Hutch, sides with the newborns. It takes the war to a whole new level.

Angry and hurt, Sasha finds comfort with handsome vampire, Rhydian McDavid, who has an alarming connection to her Slayer past. Now, she must pair up with some unlikely allies to stop a vampire massacre at the Prom, all while being crowned the Prom Queen.

The battle doesn’t stop there. The Vamps of Craig’s Creek are back with a vengeance and plan on making Graduation a buffet. A storm, tornado, and some surprising revelations, guarantee Sasha’s life will never be the same.

 Shifter is available on Amazon


About the Author:

DSC_0035aCarly Jordynn is a writer from Northern Kentucky who loves to weave tales of fantasy, paranormal, and romance. When she isn’t writing a book, she writes lyrics for the Christian band, Phil Parks and One Step Closer.

Carly loves to travel. You can find her at various conferences and other author events throughout the year. Her hobbies include: travel, photography, reading, party-planning, dinner with friends, and hanging out with her family.

Carly is a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Connect with Carly:  Website   Facebook   Twitter

A big thank you to Carly for stopping by today. Please come back again later in the week for our Welcome Wednesday feature and then again on the weekend for Sneak Peek Saturday. We will also be hosting another two Goddess Fish Promotional tours this week that you won’t want to miss!

Until then, writers keep writing and readers keep reading—you are why we do what we do!


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Sneak Peek Saturday…Authors’ Favorite Things

Sneak Peek Summer ImageWelcome to Sneak Peek Saturday’s here at Notes From a Romantic’s Heart. Every Saturday you’ll get to meet two or three authors and learn about their books. Each Saturday will also have a “theme” and the authors will give insight into their quirky personalities by identifying their “favorite” from the week’s theme.

This week’s subject is Favorite Romantic Movie. (Nancy’s Note: this should be a slam dunk for romance writers!)

Our first guest, author Kayden Claremont says, “My favorite romantic movie is Kate & Leopold because it is a love story about love transcending time. Leopold come forward in time. Kate does not believe him, but they overcome their differences and fall in love. Hugh Jackman wearing tights is a bonus.”

Kayden’s featured book is Timeless Passion from The Wild Rose Press’ naughty Scarlet line.

About the Book:

TP 3Museum director Tasha Banner needs a miracle. Without a great deal of luck and even more money, the pioneer museum will close. But when they demonstrate Hogmanay, a Scottish New Year’s tradition, a tall, dark, and yummy stranger walks through the door. Have the faeries sent her a miracle wrapped around the man of her dreams or will altering time bring disaster to them all?

Blacksmith Dougal MacBride walks into his home after a long day and finds strangers celebrating Hogmanay when it’s just days before Christmas. Confused beyond belief and incredibly aroused by the curvaceous bundle in front of his hearth, he is torn between the need to return to his time or remain in the present with the woman who may be his soul mate.

Timeless Passion is available on Amazon   ARe   Kobo

Where to find Kayden: Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter


According to author Dawn Ireland her favorite movie is “The Wedding Date. It’s funny and romantic. Kat has to attend her sister’s wedding, except she doesn’t have a date, the ceremony is in England, and her ex-fiancé is the best man. She hires Nick from the Yellow Pages, but there’s more to her jaded escort than his sex appeal.”

Her new book is titled Love’s Guardian, book 1 of her Georgians Beyond the Pale series from Soul Mate Publishing.

About the Book:

Loves Guardian TRR specsDeclan Deveraux, the Earl of Worthington, is a man who knows one thing for certain – he will never marry for love.  With that aim, he pursues only the most vain, and spoiled women of the Ton.  Fate has other plans for him, however, and he’s made guardian to Alex Kendrick, a female he likes – God forbid .  Now Declan has to get her suitably married, before he succumbs to the temptation to make this fiery temptress his own.

Alex, a rapier-wielding countess in her own right, doesn’t welcome a guardian and crosses swords with him at every opportunity.  In spite of their less than auspicious beginning, she soon discovers Declan’s quick wit and Black-Irish looks inspire an emotion she can’t ignore, love.  Now the battle is for Declan’s heart, because Alex will accept nothing less.

Love’s Guardian is available from Amazon

Connect with Dawn: Website  Blog


Our third guest today is author Suzanne van Rooyen who says, “My most recent favourite romantic movie is the indie film HoneyGlue because it explores love in an alternative relationship that transcends gender in a poignant and authentic way. My most favourite of all time is The Crow, because it’s the ultimate story of love overcoming all adversity, even defying death!

Suzanne’s newest release is Scardust from Entangled Publishing’s Embrace line.

About the Book:

Dead Rock, Texas, 2037

Raleigh Williams made a promise to his brother before he died, that he’d scatter his ashes on Mars. Desperate to leave a life of bad memories behind and start over in the Martian colony, Raleigh fully intends to keep that promise. But his plans are thwarted when a meteor near-misses him in the desert, and Raleigh finds in its crater not debris or even a spacecraft, but a man covered in swirling scars and with no memory of who he is. At least he looks like a man—a man Raleigh can’t seem to keep his eyes off of—but whenever they touch it ignites a memory swap between them.

Raleigh agrees to help Meteor Man piece together his life through their cosmic connection. But the memory share goes both ways, and Raleigh becomes inexplicably entangled with a guy who is everything he needs—everything good that Raleigh is not—but might not even be human. As their minds and worlds collide, reality unravels and Raleigh must face a painful truth, one that could shatter his dreams of finding love, reaching Mars, and fulfilling his brother’s last wish.

Scardust is available from Amazon   B&N   Kobo

Connect with Suzanne: Facebook   Twitter   Instagram

Thanks so much to Kayden, Dawn and Suzanne for joining me today. Please come back for More the Merrier Mondays and Welcome Wednesday. And, on Tuesday, August 23 and Thursday, August 25th, I’ll also be featuring authors through Goddess Fish Promotions.

Until then, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.



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Welcome Wednesday…Author Clair DeLune

22898524_sIt’s Welcome Wednesday here at Notes From a Romantic’s Heart and our guest today is author Clair DeLune. Her latest release, Caught on the Rebound, is from Siren Publishing.


About the Book:

cdl-pic-caughtontherebound-full(1)Once bitten, twice shy. Jaimie Scott is determined he’ll have no more dominating men in his life after escaping an abusive partner, then he meets trainee Dom, Niall Stewart. He’s attracted to Jaimie and willing to woo him slowly, as he introduces him to BDSM. Another sub has different ideas. Believing that Niall loved her before Jaimie came on the scene, Gillian will stop at nothing to get Jaimie out of the picture, and it’s only by putting himself at risk again that Jaimie can reveal her true nature.

Just when happiness is within Jaimie’s grasp, Zack makes a play to regain him and Niall is devastated. How far is Jaimie prepared to go this time in the pursuit of love and happiness?

Caught on the Rebound can be found at: Amazon   B&N   Bookstrand


An Excerpt:  fiery book

Jaimie’s trim figure was encased in a tight dove-grey T-shirt and slate-blue tweed trousers, which were moulded to his firm buttocks, leaving nothing to the imagination, as he moved from sink to chopping-board.

Niall put down the small tray and walked over to Jaimie. He pressed himself to his man’s back, and his arms encircled Jamie’s waist. The knife clattered as it fell onto the board. Niall growled and bent to nip his man’s neck, and then he ran his tongue over the same place, soothing the sting. He was delighted to see Jaimie’s head drop forward, his whole attitude one of surrender.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I’ve tried to be patient, for your sake especially since we spoke about it in the club, but I can’t wait. If you don’t want it, say so now, before it’s too late,” he said in a voice that was gruff to his own ears.

“I’ve been wanting it, too. I couldn’t make up my mind if you fancied me or not. I thought I’d made my position plain when we talked in the club and I didn’t want to push because I love living here and would hate to make our situation awkward.”

“What a pair of silly buggers. Llewellyn would give us the length of his tongue for not talking about this,” Niall said with a chuckle, and then he pulled Jaimie round and took his mouth.


About the Author:

I live in Dumfries and Galloway in Southern Scotland, although I was born in South Yorkshire. I spent many happy years teaching, and when I retired, I became bored with just the domestic routine.

My youngest son challenged me to write a novel of my own, and I wrote Initiation, book one in the Prometheus in Chains series. Since then, writing has become an important part of my life. It’s been like a roller-coaster ride, and a very pleasurable one at that.

When I sent off my first book to Siren, I had no idea what I was setting in motion. I joined Facebook, something I never dreamed I’d do, but I have made many good friends on there, some readers and some fellow authors. Writing has certainly changed my life.

Connect with Clair: Website   Facebook   Twitter

I huge “thank you” to Clair for joining us today. Please come back again on Saturday for my Sneak Peek/Author Favorites feature and then again for More the Merrier Mondays, a look a books in a series. Notes From a Romantic’s Heart will also be featuring two Goddess Fish promotional tours over the next week.

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Eye of the Pharaoh … Cover Reveal Coming Soon

The closer I get to showing off my new cover and the release of this wonderful story, the more excited I get. Soul Mate Publishing and, especially, my editor Debby Gilbert have given my sometimes twisted imagination full rein with this one and I’m grateful.

About the Book:

Publicist Teri Hunter has her hands full promoting Professor Joshua Cain and his new non-fiction book, The Pharaoh’s Mummy. She’s not even sure it’s possible to turn this absent-minded, modern-day, Indiana Jones into a best-selling author.

Dr. Cain’s PhDs in archaeology and art history have prepared him for almost anything on the lecture circuit and among ancient ruins. He’s just not sure about a book tour…or the sexy publicist sent to monitor his every professional move.

When an odd request falls in their laps while in New Orleans, Josh and Teri find themselves transported to 1920’s Egypt where they must resolve an ancient curse in order to be sent home. Will the dangers facing them hinder their success and threaten their very lives? Or will help from an other-worldly guardian keep them on-track and safe?

An Excerpt:

Teri stared in amazement at the well-worn guest home Dr. Cain had chosen for their stay. In her mind’s eye, she could see the grand entrance way of the Marriott on Canal Street, feel the pampered luxury of the hotel spa. Instead, she got this . . . an early nineteenth-century home in obvious need of repair. Collingwood, apparently, had history. Of what, she wasn’t certain. From the road, it looked like something torn from the pages of a horror novel.

“This is where we’re staying?” she asked, unable to hide her surprise and disappointment.

“You’re welcome to go elsewhere, if you’d like. Personally, I prefer a room with some character.”

She choked back an outright laugh. “It’s certainly got character. As a matter of fact, Freddie Kruger comes to mind.”

He shot her a disapproving frown before taking his bags from the driver and starting up the front walkway. Teri had no choice but to follow. They’d barely made it to the porch when the huge oak door opened. A short, frail-looking woman stood in the entryway.

“Welcome back, Joshua,” the woman greeted.

“Thank you, Martha. It’s good to be here.” Glancing back to where Teri stood, he said, “This is Miss Hunter. She’s with me.”

“Oh,” the woman said simply. “Welcome, Miss Hunter. We trust your stay here at Collingwood will be enjoyable.”

Teri smiled faintly, but couldn’t muster up a ‘thank you’ to save her soul.

“One room or two, Joshua?”

In unison, they both answered, “Two.”

Martha responded with a minute bob of her graying head and then motioned toward the parlor with a sweep of her hand. “We were just about to have tea if you’d care to join us.”

“If you don’t mind,” Dr. Cain began, “we’d like to get situated in our rooms. We’ve got an event at the museum tonight and I, for one, would like a bit of down time to work on my lecture.”

“You’re in your usual room. I can give Miss Hunter the room next to yours, if you’d like.”

He shook his head. “Perhaps she would be more comfortable across the hall with the view of the garden.”

“As you wish, Joshua.”

Teri followed closely behind as they climbed the stairs to the second floor. She was about to turn toward the long hallway when she realized they were climbing yet another flight. What she wouldn’t give, she realized, for an elevator or even a bellman. Rather than voice her wishes, she hiked her carry-on higher up on her shoulder and tugged on the handle of her suitcase until the wheels gained purchase on the worn carpet. The next landing looked to be at least a half-mile away.

When they reached the third floor, Martha stopped outside the first room off the staircase and opened the door. “This is your room, Miss Hunter.”

Dr. Cain, Teri realized, had already crossed the hallway and opened the door to the room just opposite hers. Teri took a short step forward. “Thank you.”

“Bathroom is down the hall,” Martha told her, the woman’s simple statement stopping Teri dead in her tracks.

“Down the hall?” she asked. “You mean there’s no bathroom in my suite?”

Martha chuckled heartily, her wrinkled cheeks jiggling and sagging like warm Jell-O. “Child, there’s no suite in your suite, it’s just a room. And, everyone shares the facilities.” Nodding toward the end of the long hallway, she added, “The key hangs outside the door. You take it in with you, lock the door from the inside and try not to take longer than fifteen minutes.”


I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of a sneak peek! Please come back and visit again for my regular Monday, Wednesday and Saturday features.

In the meantime, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.


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Notes From a Romantic’s Heart is pleased to welcome author Bernadette Marie for the second stop on her current blog tour for her upcoming release, Walker Revenge, book #5 in her Walker Family series.

About the Book:

MediaKit_BookCover_WalkerRevengeRussell Walker’s life was spared when his truck veered off the road and flipped. When he wakes after surgery, he can only assume the medicines are making him see things, because the woman he loved—who broke his heart—is taking his vitals.

Chelsea Quinn has spent the past four years keeping clear of Russell Walker after she married another man and had a baby. Now she is thrust back into his life as his caretaker, and living with his family when her ex-husband is let out of prison.

Some heartbreaks are too severe to recover from, and Russell is fighting every feeling he has as not to get his heart broken again. But sometimes the pull of love is just too strong, especially when the lives of those you love are threatened, and someone is looking for revenge.


An Excerpt:

08 08 excerpt



About the Author:

MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_WalkerRevengeBestselling Author Bernadette Marie is known for building families readers want to be part of. Her series The Keller Family has graced bestseller charts since its release in 2011, along with her other series and single title books. The married mother of five sons promises Happily Ever After always…and says she can write it, because she lives it.

When not writing, Bernadette Marie is shuffling her sons to their many events—mostly hockey—and enjoying the beautiful views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains from her front step. She is also an accomplished martial artist with a second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do.

A chronic entrepreneur, Bernadette Marie opened her own publishing house in 2011, 5 Prince Publishing, so that she could publish the books she liked to write and help make the dreams of other aspiring authors come true too. Bernadette Marie is also the CEO of Illumination Author Events.

Connect with Bernadette: Website   Facebook   Twitter  Amazon Author Page


Bernadette will be awarding a $20 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Use the link below for your chance to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tour Stops:

Sign-TourYou can follow Bernadette on all her tour stops for more opportunities to win! Remember, the more you comment, the better your chances.

August 8: jbiggarblog
August 9: Notes From a Romantic’s Heart
August 10: Blog of Jacey Holbrand
August 11: Louise Lyndon Romance Author Hear Me Roar
August 12: Hearts and Scribbles
August 12: Fabulous and Brunette
August 15: Christine Young
August 16: The Silver Dagger Scriptorium
August 17: Buried Under Romance
August 18: Behind Closed Doors Book Review
August 18: BooksChatter
August 19: EskieMama Reads

It was a pleasure hosting Bernadette today. Please come back again for both the regular features on this blog as well as future tour promotions. Until next time, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.


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More the Merrier Monday … Jan Scarbrough and Maddie James

Welcome to More the Merrier Monday here at Notes From a Romantic’s Heart. We’re pleased today to welcome the writing duo of Jan Scarbrough and Maddie James. They’re here to tell us all about their series, The Montana McKennas.

The Birth of a Series:

WhatstheplanWhen Maddie James suggested we write a contemporary Western series together, I was flattered! Over time we developed the idea of a Montana family complete with a patriarch, James, and his second wife, Liz. I was tasked with writing the first book about stepbrother Brody, a Professional Bull Rider. Then Maddie wrote about James’ children—Callie and Parker—by his first wife. The end of the series was to be the story of Mercer, James and Liz’s daughter together.

Our imagination bloomed, and we decided to write a prequel to the whole series. It would tell the love story of James and Liz.

Here’s the fun part about writing the Montana McKenna’s Prequel—we wrote it one chapter at a time. Maddie wrote the first one. I followed, dropping a bomb at the end of chapter two that Maddie had to deal with. We had a general agreement about where we were going with the story—a happily ever after ending—but didn’t know how we were going to get there.

After I finished Mercer and published it, I took a look at all the characters. Everyone had a happily ever after ending but poor Liz, who had been left a widow. She needed a happy ending too! Liz is the last book in The Montana McKennas (so far).

About the Series:

themontanamckennasboxedset_sm-194x300Meet Brody, Callie, Mercer and Parker—the four siblings in the clan of James McKenna, a Montana rancher, and their mom/stepmom, Liz.

Growing up on the ranch was a great life, until Callie and Parker’s mother passed away, leaving James a widower. It wasn’t long, however, before he remarried, bringing Liz into their lives, along with her son, Brody. Soon, James and Liz added a new McKenna to the family when daughter Mercer was born.

These sweet to sexy stories give you a glimpse into Montana rodeo and ranch life, and of course, provide lots of contemporary cowboy love and romance.

All sweet to sexy books are included in The Montana McKennas Boxed Set:

  • The Montana McKennas: Prequel, Book 1, by Jan Scarbrough and Maddie James
  • Brody, Book 2, by Jan Scarbrough
  • Callie, Book 3, by Maddie James
  • Parker, Book 4, by Maddie James
  • Mercer, Book 5, by Jan Scarbrough
  • Liz, Book 7, by Jan Scarbrough

Boxed set only on sale August 8-22, 2016 for $2.99 from Kobo

Also available individually from Amazon and in Canada from Chapters/Indigo

In addition to co-authoring The Montana McKennas, both Jan and Maddie write individually in multiple genres. Be sure the check out their websites for more information about their complete catalogs.

About the Authors:

JanCRW200-300A technical writer by day, Jan Scarbrough is a romance writer by night. She is the author of the popular Bluegrass Reunion series, writing heartwarming contemporary romances about home, family, and second chances, and if the plot allows, about another passion—horses. Living in the horse country of Kentucky makes it easy for Jan to add small town, Southern charm to her books and the excitement of a horse race or a big-time, competitive horse show.

Set in fictitious Legend, Tennessee, Jan’s The Winchesters of Legend, TN romances bring together the small town family atmosphere so many readers enjoy.

Leaving her contemporary voice behind, Jan wrote My Lord Raven, a medieval story of honor and betrayal and Freely Givena collection of short romances about women attempting to preserve their autonomy in the Middle Ages. Her paranormal Gothic romance, Tangled Memories, was a Romance Writers of America (RWA) Golden Heart finalist. Timeless, her latest paranormal romance, is set in Louisville, Kentucky, today and in the past.

A member of Novelist, Inc., Jan has published with Kensington, Five Star, ImaJinn Books, Resplendence Publishing, and Turquoise Morning Press.

Jan lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with three rescued dogs, one rescued cat, and a husband she rescued sixteen years ago. She needs a weekly horse fix, and takes riding lessons at Premier Stables.

Connect with Jan: Website   Twitter   Facebook

MaddieMaddie James writes romance – but don’t try to pin her down to one genre! From edgy suspense to flirty contemporary romance to darker erotic titles, she just wants to silence the people in her head.

She is the bestselling author of forty-two romance titles published worldwide in at least seven languages. Available in ebook, trade paperback and audio, her titles span the romance genre from contemporary to paranormal romance.

Winner of the Calico Trails Cameo Award, and the Romance Book Scene’s Best Novella of the Year award, Maddie has enjoyed numerous Top Pick and 5-star reviews, and has been listed as a Top 100 Contemporary Romance author at Amazon. Affaire de Coeur says, “James shows a special talent for traditional romance,” and RT Book Reviews claims, “James deftly combines romance and suspense, so hop on for an exhilarating ride.”

Connect with Maddie: Website   Twitter   Facebook

A big thank you to both Jan and Maddie for stopping by today. Remember to pick up your copy of the entire McKenna series while it’s on sale!

Please come back again tomorrow for my first post as a blog partner with Goddess Fish Promotions. Also, don’t forget Welcome Wednesdays and Sneak Peek Saturdays. Until then, writers keep writing and readers please keep reading…you are why we do what we do!


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