HIDE AND SEEK by Desiree Holt

GENRE: Romantic Suspense

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About the Book

Anything can happen when you let your guard down . . .

After receiving a violent threat on the heels of her father’s disappearance from the town of Arrowhead Bay, Devon Cole fears for her life—until Vigilance, a local private security agency, steps in to shield her from danger. Although she isn’t usually quick to surrender her freedom, she has no problem stripping her defenses for her new sexy bodyguard . . .

Tortured by the painful memory of lost love, Logan Malik is determined not to fall for a client again. So when he’s tasked with watching over Devon day and night, he’s focused on doing his job. Day is no problem, but as tensions rise at night, nothing can protect them from giving in to unbridled passion . . .

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He wasn’t as much shocked by his physical reaction as by the fact that it happened at all. For a long time now, he’d managed to keep a clamp on his sex drive and take it out only when required, like taking aspirin for a headache.

“You’re a smart woman,” he congratulated her. “I didn’t know if you’d play along with me.”

She inhaled an unsteady breath and blew it out. “I took a chance. You could have been worse than they were.”

“Still, that shows brains and quick thinking. Good for you.” He studied the interior of her car. “Wow. They did a number with that window. Don’t move. There’s chunks and pebbles everywhere.”

She stared at him, studying his face. “You promise you aren’t the second wave? You know, like good cop, bad cop? The bad guys threaten me and you come along and win my confidence by helping me?”

“Nope. Scout’s honor.”

“I, uh, saw that you have a gun.”

“So did those jackasses. I wanted them to see it.” He smiled at her. “But I only use it as part of my job.”

She caught her lower lip in her teeth. “They just came at me out of nowhere and ran me off the road. Then they boxed me in and smashed the window.”

“Later I’ll want all the details. Right now let’s get you out of here.”

“Do you know who they are? Those men?”

“No.” His voice hardened. “But I know other garbage like them.”

She swallowed. “So who are you, anyway?”

“Oh. Sorry.” He winked at her, and the tension in her body visibly eased. “Logan Malik. Savior of women in danger.”

“Devyn Cole.” She dug up a smile. “Woman in danger who needed saving.”

My Review

Another sexy read from author Desiree Holt. Great action and suspense mixed with Ms Holt’s own brand of steam!

I thoroughly enjoyed the push and pull between the two main characters, Devon and Logan. They each brought their own issues to the relationship that became an important part of the story. The secondary characters were as well written as the hero and heroine and I’ve got my fingers crossed they’ll get their own story as well.

If you like your suspense with action and a lot of heat, you’ll really enjoy Hide and Seek!

About the Author

Desiree Holt is the world’s oldest living published author of erotic and spicy romance. A graduate of the University of Michigan with double majors in English and History, her earlier careers include agent and manager in the music industry, public television, associate vice president of university advancement, public relations, and economic development.

She is three times a finalist for an EPIC E-Book Award (and a winner in 2014), a nominee for a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award, winner of the first 5 Heart Sweetheart of the Year Award at The Romance Studio as well as twice a CAPA Award winner for best BDSM book of the year, a USA Today Bestselling author and winner of the Holt Medallion for Excellence in Romance Literature.

She has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and in The Village Voice, The Daily Beast,

USA Today, The (London) Daily Mail, The New Delhi Times, The Huffington Post and numerous other national and international publications. She is also the Authors After Dark 2014 Author of the Year.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedIn

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JANE AUSTIN LIED TO ME by Jeanette Watts

GENRE: Humor/Romantic Comedy


Getting to Know the Author

Q1: If you could become any one of your book’s characters, who would it be and why?

Natalie, the twin sister of one of the romantic characters. There’s a whole lot more to her that didn’t make it into the final draft, but she’s gorgeous, and she’s got her act together. It must be fun to be that perfect. At least I’d like to spend a day finding out what it’s like.

Q2: What was your biggest challenge in writing your current release?

Wow, there were so many challenges with this book! I teach at the college level, but there’s a whole lot of things that I don’t get to see at a community college. I see dorms when I go to dance camps every summer, but how has college life changed since I was in school? I asked my students a LOT of questions. It was also a huge challenge getting it “ripe” enough. I’d written this little novella, and submitted it to a publisher, who liked it but wanted a full book. So I rewrote it. The publisher’s contract was rather poorly written, so I sent it to a lawyer to make it more professional, and to put all the verbal promises down in writing. The publisher refused to sign it. So I went back to my usual practices for independent publication, and got my stable of readers and editors to take a look at it. And then I rewrote it. And rewrote it. Then I realized what this story REALLY wants is to be a Broadway musical! Looking at the story as a musical, I had to restructure a few things, and change the ending drastically. Finally, at long last, I’ve released this story into the world.

Q3: If you were stranded on a desert island with ANY book boyfriend (not just one of your own creation), who would you choose and why?

Rhett Butler. The man has fascinated me since I was 12 or 13 years old when I first discovered Gone With the Wind. He’s smart, well-educated, insightful, graceful, and he’s a good dancer. I grew up daydreaming about how much better I would be than Scarlett at recognizing a good man when I see one, or how I would be the woman to heal his wounds after he was done with Scarlett. He’s pretty emotionally bruised by the end.

Q4: When did you know you were destined to be a writer?

As soon as I figured out I loved to tell stories. I chose to be an English major in college because I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. Then I got distracted by other ways writing applies to our lives in our society. I’ve written newsletters, I’ve produced TV commercials… I’ve always scribbled stories for my best friend, it just took me a while to let anyone else see one of my stories besides her.

Q5: If this book is part of a series, how did the series come about? Did you intend a series from the very beginning?

This book isn’t part of a series. The story is a romantic comedy. It will work will as a movie, as a Broadway musical, even as a TV show, but it wouldn’t make a good series.

Speed Round (just to get to know you better):

Coffee, tea, or other? Hot cocoa first! Then the other two.

Music preference? Dance music. I’m a dance teacher.

Favorite movie? Only one?!?!?! All my favorites were made in Hollywood’s golden era before 1950.

Dog, cat, or other? Dogs!
Favorite author? Margaret Mitchell. I know we as a nation are examining our past – as we should – but she is still a good writer who wrote powerfully-written characters, and I will stand by her.
Favorite actor/actress? Errol Flynn
Favorite television show (past or present)? Star Trek

About the Book

What college girl doesn’t dream of meeting Mr. Darcy? Lizzie was certainly no exception. But when Darcy Fitzwilliam comes into her life, he turns out to be every bit as aggravating as Elizabeth Bennett’s Fitzwilliam Darcy. So what’s a modern girl to do?

Jeanette Watts’ satire pokes loving fun at Jane and all of us who worship the characters who shall forever be our romantic ideals.

Read an Excerpt

This afternoon I got further confirmation that I’ve been seeing an awful lot of Michael.  I was wandering back to the apartment, when Lon hailed me from one of the couches inside the lobby doors.

“I have a message for you from your boyfriend,” he said, kind of stiffly.

I looked at him stupidly for a moment.  “My what?”

“Your boyfriend was here.  He said his phone was dead, so he couldn’t call or text you to tell you that he can’t stick around for dinner tonight.  He has a late meeting with a new client and he had to rush back to the office.”

I was still having trouble with the boyfriend thing.  “Wait – do you mean Michael?”

“If that’s the guy you’ve been seeing the last couple of months,” Lon said with a shrug.  “The one you’re always having dinner with.”

“He’s not my boyfriend,” I protested.  “He’s an old friend of the family.  We grew up together.”

Lon’s head was back at his computer screen.  “Boyfriend, friend.  The guy who kisses you goodnight all the time after he takes you out for dinner.  He’s not coming tonight.  I’ve delivered my message, that’s all I’ve got.”

Right then Allie walked up.  “Hey, Lizzie!  Waiting for Michael?”

“No, he’s not coming tonight.”  I headed to the elevator with her.

“That’s a shame.  I know how much you enjoy having dinner with him, even if he does aggravate you a lot.”

“Yeah.  It’s kind of a love-hate relationship,” I agreed.

My Review

Humor abounds in this unusual re-hashing of the Jane Austen legend.

The storyline does a great job of bringing the old-fashioned allure of the time period into modern day. While not a traditional romance, the story treats the relationship between heroine and hero with just enough attraction to keep you reading.

There are a few side-splitting scenes, a few serious, and sound story-telling throughout. Kudos to the author for putting a fresh and funny spin on a time-honored classic.

About the Author

Jeanette Watts had been writing historic fiction when the inspiration for Jane Austen Lied to Me hit her on the drive home from the Jane Austen Festival. The idea was simply irresistible, and she put aside other writing projects in order to focus on writing a satire, thinking it would be a “mental vacation.” It turned out to take every bit as much research to write a modern story as it does to write a historical one.

She has written television commercials, marketing newspapers, stage melodramas, four screenplays, three novels, and a textbook on waltzing.  When she isn’t writing, she teaches social ballroom dances, refinishes various parts of her house, and sews historical costumes and dance costumes for her Cancan troupe.

Jeanette’s Website | Facebook | Twitter | JaneAustenLiedToMe Facebook

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GENRE: Women’s Fiction/Romance/Suspense

SERIES: Magic City Duo (Book 2)


Note: During the tour, the book will be on sale for only 99¢

About the Book

After being jilted not once, but twice by the only woman he’s ever truly loved, Brian McAlister has all but given up on relationships. Then, on special assignment for the DA’s office, he steps into the middle of a politically sensitive murder case where he crosses paths with a beautiful ex-socialite-turned-social-worker, Holly Cavanaugh Winter.

Widowed, practically penniless, and reduced to shopping at Walmart, Holly is dreading the approaching holiday season. However, her angst isn’t due to her husband’s untimely death the previous December 25th, but to a secret that could reveal itself unless she can find a way to avoid the coming Christmas. To make matters worse, she unwittingly stumbles into the throes of Brian’s case and the manhunt for a killer who now has his sights set on her.

His case unraveling, Brian finds himself tasked with keeping Holly and her two daughters safe while bringing an assassin and the powerful man who hired him to justice.

Read an Excerpt

It wasn’t easy, going from six-thousand-square-feet to twenty-two-hundred practically overnight. In fact, it was downright depressing.

Looking back at Wandean’s modest two-story home, Holly imagined the women inside were already discussing how hard it must be for her to make ends meet while raising two daughters all on her own and without the financial means to do so in the manner she and her girls had once been accustomed to. But then somewhere in the far reaches of her mind, hadn’t she always feared her life would come down to something like this? That fate would require her to face what she dreaded most, force her to take up her bootstraps, rise to her full potential, and stop being so dependent on others?

Adding insult to injury, she was sick of people feeling sorry for her because her husband had died. While the timing of Kirk’s death had been unexpected, it was better than the alternative. If he hadn’t died in that car accident last Christmas, she might have killed him herself to keep him from going through with his coldblooded plans. Getting away with murder would have been tricky, though, and grisly, at least the way she had planned his untimely death.

She shuddered at her own thoughts.

Then again, so what if she had seriously considered disposing of her traitorous husband herself?

Didn’t everyone have a dark side?

My Review

Although this book is part of a series, it is a standalone story in itself.

I felt a bit misled by the title as this isn’t a holiday/Christmas story, only set at the holiday season with little content to set a holiday mood. However, that shouldn’t be a deterrent if you enjoy a story with angst and a bit of suspense.

The hero, Brian, has sworn off relationships and we all know how long that will last. Holly, a widow with two young daughters, is a good representation of a struggling, single mom. An unlikely couple in the beginning, the romance unfolds at a nice, even pace.

About the Author

A graduate from San Diego State University with a BA in Political Science, Julie N. Ford also earned a Masters in Social Work from the University of Alabama, which has only made her better able to recognize the unhealthy, codependent relationship she has with writing. Professionally, she has worked in teaching and as a marriage and family counselor. She is the author of six women’s fiction novels, including Count Down to Love, a 2011 Whitney Award finalist. After twenty-five years of residing below the Mason-Dixon line, she now calls the chaparral of Southern Utah her home, where she lives with her husband, the one daughter who has yet to flee the nest, and the cutest Scottish fold cat you’ve ever seen.

Julie’s Website | Facebook | Twitter

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GENRE: Small Town Contemporary Romance

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About the Book

Sometimes you get what you need. . .

Allison Stuart has always been the odd-woman-out of her family. She wears her jeans a little too tight, colors her hair a little too blonde, and instead of going into medicine and law like her sisters, she runs a diner. She’s also the only single sibling left. And while she won’t change her style, and her meatloaf is to die for, thank you very much, she wouldn’t mind her share of wedded bliss. So she makes an early New Year’s resolution: No more meaningless flings.

Drop-dead sexy Luke Hamilton is everything Allison has sworn off. His only serious relationship has been with his five-star restaurant, Le Cygne Noir, in Chicago. When he’s threatened by a lawsuit, Luke decides to hide out in Pineville, Michigan, until the statute of limitations runs out. The small town is filled with Christmas charm, but he can’t imagine living there. Heating things up with the hottie who owns the local diner would make his exile bearable—if he can convince her to give up her ridiculous resolution . . .

Read an Excerpt

“This is a small-town diner. Your stock isn’t going to drop if you have a bit of fun with your newest employee.” His eyes raked her body, taking in every curve.

She swallowed and rose to her feet. Staying seated while he stared down at her looking like he wanted to…well, eat her up, wasn’t a strong authority position. Since this man now worked for her, he was off-limits. Her stomach quivered.

No. No, making him the forbidden fruit. He might be sexy, but he was also an arrogant know-it-all. At this stage in her life, she wanted someone she could settle down with, not tear up the sheets. She thrust her shoulders back, realizing too late it could look like she was shoving her D cups in his face. Fighting the heat crawling up her neck, she said, “If you want a tour, my advice would be to visit the tourist bureau. They have information on the sights to see. The holidays are a busy season for me, more so with Sadie’s wedding. I don’t have time for anything else. Got it?”

He nodded slowly, but Allison didn’t believe him. The tilt to his full lips was impish, as if she was a challenge he couldn’t wait to take on. The moment he spoke, she knew she was right. “I get it. You own a restaurant; you’re busy.” Sauntering to the door, he waited until he was just outside before hitting her with his parting shot.

“But a month is a long time. You won’t always be busy. And I’ll be waiting.”

About the Author

Allyson Charles lives in Northern California. She’s the author of the “Pineville Romance” series, small-town, contemporary romances published by Lyrical Press. A former attorney, she happily ditched those suits and now works in her pajamas writing about men’s briefs instead of legal briefs. When she’s not writing, she’s probably engaged in one of her favorite hobbies: napping, eating, or martial arts (That last one almost makes up for the first two, right?). One of Allyson’s greatest disappointments is living in a state that doesn’t have any Cracker Barrels in it.

Allyson’s Website | Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter

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DEVIL’S GAMBLE by Michele Arris


GENRE:  Steamy Contemporary

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About the Book

Sienna Keller saw how men used her mother, and from an early age she swore she’d never allow it to happen to her. So when she meets smooth-talking billionaire Gavin Crane, who uses his connections to help her art career, she resolves to keep things strictly professional—no matter how gorgeous he is.

Gavin might be the son of the head of the Kavanagh organized crime family, but he wants no part of that life. It’s important to him to prove to Sienna that he’s a good guy. But when she winds up in the hospital with a gunshot wound, he is driven to exact revenge. His father agrees to provide security to watch over her as well as find the man who shot her, but at a cost—Gavin must come back into the family business.

As Sienna begins to let her guard down around Gavin, seeing the kind, caring man he’s always wanted her to see, his secrets begin to pile up. Has she done the one thing she vowed never to do—trusted her heart to the wrong man?

About the Author

Award winning author, Michele Arris, writes steamy contemporary romance.

Michele is always plotting out her characters’ next move. Even when she’s not seated in front of her laptop writing about strong-willed, professional heroines and the complex heroes who strive to have them, she’s plotting scenes in her head.

“I love to write story where my characters are guaranteed their Happily Ever After.”

In her spare time, Michele enjoys reading all types of romance genres. She loves paranormal romance as well as historical romances, enjoys watching period classics (Little Dorrit, The Buccaneers, and Persuasion to name a few), actually looks forward to working out, is a holistic enthusiast/vitamin junkie, and spending time with family and friends – simply enjoying life.

Michele’s Website | Facebook | Twitter

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A SHOT AT LOVE by Peggy Jaeger

GENRE:   Contemporary Romance

SERIES: Will Cook for Love

Amazon | B&N | Chapters/Indigo | Google

Questions for Peggy

Q1: If you could become any one of your book’s characters, who would it be and why?

I’d actually love to be my heroine, Gemma Laine. She works in a great profession – photography – and she’s proficient in martial arts and guns. I love that she’s considered the Warrior of the sisters, the one who always had everyone else’s backs. She’s so bad-assed, with that take no prisoners attitude she possesses, that I just know actually being her would be very empowering.

Q2: What was your biggest challenge in writing your current release?

Getting the grappling and the gun demonstration scenes correct. Readers who study martial arts or who are gun enthusiasts themselves, are able to pick out everything that’s “wrong” or incorrect about a narrative. Luckily, I was a long-standing karate student ( as were my daughter and husband) and I recently learned to shoot, so both those things helped with the scenes’ credibility. But I still struggled to get it just right.

Q3: If you were stranded on a desert island with ANY book boyfriend (not just one of your own creation), who would you choose and why?

Hands down ROARKE from the InDeath series. Not only is he God-like handsome; not only is he as rich as Croesus; he’s also proficient in just about everything he tries, so I know we wouldn’t be stranded for long. Although now that I think about it, that wouldn’t really be a problem since I’d be with him!!!

Q4: When did you know you were destined to be a writer?

Well, I’ve always been a writer ever since I was given my first lock and key diary when I was 6. Instead of writing about myself I made up stories and wrote them in the diary because I thought my life was so boring. But I can truly say the time I knew I was going to be able to take my writing desire somewhere was when I was in Nursing school and got three articles I’d written about nursing life published in major trade magazines.

Speed Round (just to get to know you better – please keep answers short):
a. Coffee, tea, or other? Other – Diet Mountain Dew
b. Music preference? 80s and 90s Rock
c. Favorite movie? The Wizard of Oz because there really is no place like home.
d. Dog, cat, or other? Both
e. Favorite author? Nora Roberts/JD Robb. Since they are the same person, I can’t distinguish between the 2!
f. Favorite actor/actress? Bette Davis/Cary Grant
g. Favorite television show (past or present)? I Love Lucy

About the Book

Nothing’s impossible when love is on the menu. In Peggy Jaeger’s luscious series, the only thing more tempting than a delicious meal is a truly delectable romance . . .
Look for exclusive recipes in each book!

Photographer Gemma Laine is looking for arresting faces on the streets of Manhattan when her camera captures something shocking—a triple murder. In that moment, she becomes a target for the mob—and a top priority for a very determined, breathtakingly handsome, FBI special agent. With deadlines to meet and photo shoots on her calendar, Gemma chafes at the idea of protection, but every moment she spends under his watchful eye is a temptation to lose herself in his muscular arms . . .

With two of his men and one crucial witness dead, Special Agent Kyros Pappandreos can’t afford to be distracted. But Gemma is dazzling—and her connection to Kandy Laine’s high-profile cooking empire makes her an especially easy mark for some very bad people. Keeping her safe is much more pleasure than business, but as the heat between them starts to sizzle, Ky is set to investigate whether they have a shot at love . . .

~ ~ ~

Read an Excerpt

Dressed in similar sweats to what he’d worn the morning before, his body bathed in gleaming sweat, Ky pummeled one of the suspended bags. His hands were wrapped with white gauze, his arms toned and taunt as he executed each strike with perfect precision and technique.

Gemma stopped on the final riser and watched him batter the bag, fists moving with swift, defined actions, the jabs fast and hard, the recoils even faster.

Shoulders raised, elbows tight, hands balled and up blocking his cheeks and jaw line, he threw a right jab, left, then two rights, all aimed high, and a final forward thrust left, lower on the bag, his knees bending to give him balance.

Gemma wanted to race back to her room, grab her camera and capture the scene before her.

Kyros Pappandreos was the epitome, the very definition of a natural born fighter. Distinctly male, uniquely the warrior, his body moved with the grace of a panther, the stealth of a tiger stalking its prey, and the accuracy of a cobra striking. There was something so sensual, so primal, so animalistic about him, she knew she had to photograph him just this way.

She’d capture him in slow motion first, his tight fist connecting with his target, the sweat of exertion flying from his forehead. Then, she’d move to rapid fire, the image blurring with the speed of his hits. A pugilist, enigmatic, tough, and hard bodied, the bulging muscles and corded sinew in his arms distended with his action, outlined and bathed in the shiny moisture pouring from him.

Ky repeated the moves in the same series of strikes three more times before dropping his hands to his thighs.

He swiped at his forehead with the back of his hand, his breathing hard, but not labored, and turned.

~ ~ ~

My Review

First of all just let me say, I’m a huge Peggy Jaeger fan. I love her warm, fuzzy characters and Ky and Gemma did not disappoint in A Shot At Love.

The story is engaging with just the right amount of suspense sub-plot that definitely doesn’t overshadow the romance. And, of course, the idea of being stuck in a cabin with a sexy man doesn’t hurt one bit.

This book is part of the Will Cook for Love series. I missed the first book. Needless to say, I’ve already downloaded so I can catch up. All books will be stand-alone and well worth the read.

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About the Author

Peggy Jaeger is a contemporary romance writer who writes about strong women, the families who support them, and the men who can’t live without them.

Family and food play huge roles in Peggy’s stories because she believes there is nothing that holds a family structure together like sharing a meal…or two…or ten. Dotted with humor and characters that are as real as they are loving, Peggy brings all topics of daily life into her stories: life, death, sibling rivalry, illness and the desire for everyone to find their own happily ever after. Growing up the only child of divorced parents she longed for sisters, brothers and a family that vowed to stick together no matter what came their way. Through her books, she has created the families she wanted as that lonely child.

Tying into her love of families, her children’s book, THE KINDNESS TALES, was illustrated by her artist mother-in-law.

Peggy holds a master’s degree in Nursing Administration and first found publication with several articles she authored on Alzheimer’s Disease during her time running an Alzheimer’s in-patient care unit during the 1990s.

In 2013, she placed first in two categories in the Dixie Kane Memorial Contest: Single Title Contemporary Romance and Short/Long Contemporary Romance.

In 2017 she came in 3rd in the New England Reader’s Choice contest for A KISS UNDER THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS and is a finalist in the 2017 STILETTO contest for the same title.

A lifelong and avid romance reader and writer, she is a member of RWA and her local New Hampshire RWA Chapter.

Peggy’s Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest | Instagram

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It’s been my pleasure hosting Peggy today. I look forward to having her back again soon. Oh, and seeing her next week in Manchester, NH, at the Fall in Love with New England reader/author conference.

Please come back next week for even more authors, books and giveaways.



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Today we welcome author Cathy Skendrovich and feature her new release, The Pirate Bride’s Holiday Masquerade. Please join me in welcoming Cathy to Notes From a Romantic’s Heart.


About the Book

This sequel to The Pirate’s Bride is a fun piratey romp!

Pirate captains Sophie and Andre Dubois have finally reunited and are enjoying marital bliss. However, their good fortune wanes when Sophie contracts a mysterious illness. Andre is at a loss for how to help his wife, so when she asks to return to La Nouvelle-Orléans to throw a ball for Christmas, he doesn’t hesitate to acquiesce.

Once on land, Sophie regains her strength, and preparations for the party begin. Those plans take a dark turn when an old enemy appears. Sophie is left to make the choice between her honor and her husband’s life. Will she have the strength to make the right decision?

Read an Excerpt

“Sophie? Sophie Bellard? Is that really you?”

Sophie’s head snapped up at the sound of the unforgettable voice from her past, while her purse fell to the cobbled street from suddenly nerveless fingers. Her body began to shudder and vibrate at the nightmare that was Gilbert Harrington’s silky voice.

She felt faint, in danger of collapsing, her past hurtling toward her like an out-of-control mining cart threatening to jump its track. She reached out a steadying hand against the brick wall of the flower shop.

No longer did she occupy a cobbled street of the Vieux Carré during Avent. She’d been transported, trembling and afraid, to that time, five years ago, when she’d lost her innocence. Her innocence, and her youth. Just the sound of his voice, the timbre and its cadence, was enough to catapult her into a shivering mass of fear and dread.

She had no defense, carried no weapon. How could she? Gone was her pirate garb, her protective armor. In its place, she wore silk and brocade, gilt buttons and a feathered hat. There was no hiding place for a deadly dagger or a one-shot pistol. Just as there was no devilish pirate to come swinging in on a line, clenching a curved blade between his teeth and racing to her rescue. She was his defenseless prey.

As she continued to stare dumbly at the man before her, one part of her mind, not frozen in fear, noticed that Gilbert Harrington hadn’t changed much in five years. He’d bulked up slightly, bore a man’s frame instead of a youth’s, and his eyes glittered like hardened chips of ice.

Gone was the thin, gentlemanly veneer he’d used to woo a star-struck young girl experiencing the first throes of romance. In its place stood a man used to getting what he wanted with little or no resistance; a man stimulated and aroused by feminine defiance. She recognized these traits after living in the company of men for those same five years. Recognized, but could not articulate a properly scathing response.

Like a predatory shark, he moved in, grabbing hold of her upper arm in a tight grip and leaning forward until his mouth rested mere inches from her ear. “I remember you, Sophie. I remember every moment we were together like it was yesterday. Every touch, every sound, every movement.”

His hand began to smooth up and down her brocade-covered arm in an unsettling caress. She remained statue-still, incoherent whimpers erupting from her throat. This could not be happening. He could not be standing here, in her present life. But he was, she acknowledged through the haze of fear blanketing her, as she stared straight into his smiling visage. He stepped back a short pace.

My Review

An absolutely entertaining follow up to The Pirate’s Bride. The author does a wonderful job of telling a complete story in the shorter, novella length. It was nice to see the two characters still together, still in love, and still steaming up the bedroom.

Sophie is a strong heroine whose love for her husband is evident in everything thing she does … even if it’s something she doesn’t want to do. And, of course, Andre is the perfect hero as a rakish pirate should be.

About the Author

Cathy Skendrovich has always loved a good story, and spent her formative years scribbling what is now called Fan Fiction. The current heartthrob of the time featured heavily in all her stories. Unfortunately, once she went to college, her writing took the form of term papers, written on typewriters instead of computer keyboards.

Upon graduation, Cathy took a job as an English teacher in a middle school. Along the way, she married her husband of now thirty-three years, had two sons, and moved to southern Orange County, California. She chose to work part-time in the school system there.

Now she has returned to writing. Prisoner of Love is her first published novel, followed closely by The Pirate’s Bride. The sequel to The Pirate’s Bride, The Pirate Bride’s Holiday Masquerade, is due out Oct. 1. Another contemporary romantic suspense, entitled Protecting the Nanny, is due out in 2018.

She likes writing romance because she feels it’s lacking in today’s technological world. While she enjoys writing contemporary stories, creating romance in bygone times fascinates her. She hopes her ability to write in both genres will be the beginning of a long and satisfying writing career.

Cathy’s Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram

It’s been a pleasure hosting Cathy today. Please come back again later in the week for a Goddess Fish tour author, book and giveaway.


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WHEN I FELL FOR YOU by Candace Shaw

GENRE: African American/Multicultural Romance

Amazon | iBooks | Kobo | Nook | Smashwords

About the Book

Has a wedding planner with a commitment phobia finally found the man to make her fall head over heels in love?

Reagan Richardson loves planning extravagant, classy weddings as the head planner of Precious Moments Events. Though the notion of walking down the aisle has never entered her mind … considering none of her boyfriends have ever lasted long enough thanks to her. However, meeting Dr. Blake Harrison changes all of that in a glance and she finds herself in uncharted territory.

Blake knows all about Reagan’s fear of commitment but that doesn’t stop him from pursuing the ravishing beauty. Breaking down the wall guarding her heart isn’t as easy as he thought but being with Reagan has stirred emotions in him that no other woman ever has. Can he convince her that history isn’t going to repeat itself this time around?

Read an Excerpt

“I don’t get a hug good-bye?” Blake whispered, drawing her closer until she was engulfed in his embrace like a caterpillar in a cocoon.

His erotic scent filled the atmosphere, causing her heart to clench with anticipation of what she sensed was going to happen next. It was inevitable, especially when her lips parted on their own, betraying any thoughts of reminding herself that she wouldn’t kiss him on the first date … well, outing. Wrapping her arms around his back, she stared up at him as a shiver prickled her skin. “Of course you can have a hug.”

“And a kiss.”

It was a statement not a question and while she didn’t answer verbally, the heavy rise and fall of her breasts against his chest pretty much solidified it. The hardness and nearness of him scalded deep into her body. Though they weren’t naked, she could feel his rigid, bare muscles on her skin. A rush of desire sprinted wildly through Reagan’s veins when he gently brushed his lips on hers. Her eyes immediately shut as Blake yanked him to her even more, and she didn’t think that was possible. Their bodies were already meshed together like magnets that couldn’t be pried apart. The sensual kiss deepened as he stumbled them onto the driver door of the car. A moan of pleasure erupted during the slow wind of their tongues. It was a mixture of an unhurried yet fervent first kiss that she didn’t want to end.

About the Author

Candace Shaw writes romance novels because she believes that happily-ever-after isn’t found only in fairy tales. When she’s not writing or researching information for a book, you can find Candace in her gardens, shopping, reading or learning how to cook a new dish.

She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her loving husband and is currently working on her next fun, flirty and sexy romance.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Bookbub | Instagram

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It’s been my pleasure hosting Candace for this stop on her tour. Please come back again soon for more authors, books and giveaways.


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DARK GENIUS by H. Peter Alesso

GENRE:  Mainstream Fiction


About the Book

To the insatiably curious—science is the greatest adventure. So, when scientists at CERN announced the discovery of the ‘God’ particle in 2012, all the world wondered, “How did they find it?”

A decade later, despite his past academic failures and egregious family circumstance, Andrew Lawrence embarked on a journey of discovery, competing against rival scientists to be the first to solve the greatest unsolved mystery of the universe—dark matter—and win the ultimate prize; the Nobel.

Emma Franklin, a PhD candidate at Harvard, developed software for detecting particle reactions using a quantum computer. To the amazement and excitement of the scientific community, her work revealed two possible bumps in the energy curve that were not predicted by any established theory.

At MIT, Lawrence created a model that predicted the scattering processes of a dark matter supersymmetry particle. Though his early work was disparaged, he improved his theory and found that it predicted the data Emma had discovered. Their professional collaboration deepened into a personal relationship, but when critical data was stolen, Emma found evidence that incriminated Lawrence. Though she withheld the impeaching material from the authorities, she felt she could no longer trust him.

Despite their troubled partnership, and notwithstanding the complexities of nature, Lawrence and Emma persevered against the egos, jealousy, and envy of rivals, on their exhilarating quest to find the ‘Holy Grail’ of physics

Read an Excerpt

In one well-lit corner, Professor Stanley Prost sat at his desk studiously examining a computer screen. His long straight nose, jutting prominent chin, and carbon black eyes, gave the appearance of a man not to be trifled with. He held his hand to his brow, masking his eyes, as if to conceal his innermost thoughts. However, his red pitted skin and the twitchy lips destroyed any semblance of a distinguished pose. His overweight frame and slumped shoulders made him look like a bloated figure despite his close-cropped hair and clean-shaven face. An expensive, but ill-fitting suit, hung like a sack over his body leaving an overall appearance of discomfort.

While Prost rapidly slid his finger across the computer screen, Lawrence stood waiting like a statue. He let his gaze wandered to the scene visible from the window—scampering students making their way on their personal college adventure.

Finally, without extending his hand, or looking directly at his visitor, Prost ordered, “Sit.”

“Thank you, Professor,” said Lawrence in a clear strong voice, despite a peculiar stir of emotions—doubt, tension, apprehension. He had prior experience with this man—with unhappy consequences.

Prost leaned forward and curled his lip as he spat out the words, “Your postdoc appointment was made by the Professor Lloyd—during my absence—without any input from me.”

Lawrence’s eyes darkened to match his tousled hair, but he remained quiet for what seemed a portentous moment. He clenched his teeth and was self-conscious of a bead of sweat on his brow.

Prost waved his right hand in the air and said, “I took no pleasure in the failing grades I gave you, some years ago. Your dismissal from MIT was unfortunate, but I wasn’t the only professor who was disenchanted with a prodigy who skipped classes, took exams cavalierly, and disrupted class with impertinent questions.”

Lawrence shifted in his chair, uncomfortably.

I’m to be rebuked for the sins of the past.

About the Author

As a scientist and author specializing in technology innovation, H. Peter Alesso has over twenty years research experience at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). As Engineering Group Leader at LLNL he led a team of scientists and engineers in innovative applications across a wide range of supercomputers, workstations, and networks. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a B.S. and served in the U.S. Navy on nuclear submarines before completing an M.S. and an advanced Engineering Degree at M.I.T. He has published several software titles and numerous scientific journal and conference articles, and he is the author/co-author of ten books.

Website | Twitter | Goodreads

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A GROOM FOR MAMA by Catherine Castle

My special guest today is Author Catherine Castle. Please join me in welcoming her to Notes From a Romantic’s Heart. Here are her answers to a few of our nosiest questions!

Q1:  If you could become any one of your book’s characters, who would it be and why?

The heroine, of course, because she has a HEA. But I don’t need to become her since I have my own HEA with my high school sweetheart.

Q2:  What was your biggest challenge in writing your current release?

When it was finished, it was too short. So, I had to go back and add stuff in. Not my favorite thing to do. I like to edit as I go.

Q3When did you know you were destined to be a writer?

I’ve always written: poems, short stories, even a teen romance with my favorite TV star as the hero and me the heroine, complete with blueprints of the house we lived HEA in Hollywood, CA. I loved doing those research essay papers in school that most kids grumbled about. But I wanted to be a singer. Becoming a writer as a career didn’t even appear on my radar as a real possibility until I started working as a freelancer for the local newspaper. After 10 years of non-fiction freelancing, then writing plays with my husband, the move to fiction writer just seemed like a natural progression.

Speed Round (just to get to know you better – please keep answers short):

  1. Coffee, tea, or other? Coffee and tea
  2. Music preference? Country, gospel, and 50s-60s rock and roll
  3. Favorite movie? The Lake House
  4. Dog, cat, or other? I’m not an animal person.
  5. Favorite author? Tolkien
  6. Favorite actor/actress? Actor Robert Redford, actresses (gotta have these two) Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock
  7. Favorite television show (past or present)? Currently NCIS and Sherlock

The Scoop on Catherine’s New Book

Beverly Walters is dying, and before she goes she has one wish—to find a groom for her daughter. To get the deed done, Mama enlists the dating service of Jack Somerset, Allison’s former boyfriend.

The last thing corporate-climbing Allison wants is a husband. Furious with Mama’s meddling, and a bit more interested in Jack than she wants to admit, Allison agrees to the scheme as long as Mama promises to search for a cure for her terminal illness.

A cross-country trip from Nevada to Ohio ensues, with a string of disastrous dates along the way, as the trio hunts for treatment and A Groom For Mama.

A Bit More About the Author


Multi-award-winning author Catherine Castle has been writing all her life. Before beginning her career as a romance writer she worked part-time as a freelance writer. She has over 600 articles and photographs to her credit, under her real name, in the Christian and secular market. Besides writing, Catherine loves traveling with her husband, singing, and attending theatre. In the winter she loves to quilt and has a lot of UFOs (unfinished objects) in her sewing case. In the summer her favorite place to be is in her garden. She’s passionate about gardening and even won a “Best Hillside Garden” award from the local gardening club.

Her debut inspiration romantic suspense, The Nun and the Narc, from Soul Mate Publishing was an ACFW Genesis Finalist, a 2014 EPIC finalist, and the winner of the 2014 Beverly Hills Book Award and the 2014 RONE Award. Her most recent release, A Groom for Mama, is a sweet romantic comedy from Soul Mate Publishing.  Both books are available on Amazon.

Catherine’s Website | Amazon Author Page | Twitter

My Review

You just know when there’s a loving mother involved everything is going to work out … not always as planned … but the end result will be exactly what you wanted. A Groom for Mama by Catherine Castle is no exception.

I fell in love with all the characters in the book, but felt especially close to Mama. This book is filled with a lot of love and heartfelt emotion. Beautifully written, it tugged on every one of my heartstrings and tickled my funny bone at the same time.

~ ~ ~

It’s been my pleasure hosting Catherine today. I look forward to having her back again soon.


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