GENRE: Contemporary Romance
SERIES: The Cinderella Romances (Book 3 of 3)

About the Book

Billionaire Aidan Cross longs to escape his life of celebrity and become a regular guy, if only for a brief time. His chance comes when his yacht breaks down near quaint Cypress Key, Florida—the site of his planned five-star golf resort. The golf resort no one in town wants.

Casey Stuart has given up her dream of escaping to the big city. She refuses to desert her uncle, even when he hires the new stranger in town to replace her at their golf course. Casey vows to steer clear of the stranger called Aidan and the danger their inescapable chemistry provokes. Aidan’s stay is temporary, and falling for him promises only heartbreak.

When Casey discovers Cypress Key’s mayor is making underhanded business deals, she ends up on the wrong side of the powerful autocrat. Aidan steps in to rescue her, but secrets from his past threaten to bogey their new-found relationship.

Read an Excerpt

Aidan hurriedly finished his sandwich and chips, anxious to get back to the clinic to check on Casey, Frank’s warning notwithstanding.

Frank got the message. They swiftly locked up, climbed into the truck, and hustled back to the clinic. Oddly, the back of Aidan’s neck prickled like it always did when danger lurked nearby. He glanced over at Frank, but the man just looked grim again, seemingly as anxious to get back to Casey as Aidan was. He tossed off the weird prickling sensation as leftover adrenaline and nerves. Until he and Frank stepped into the clinic.

A barrel-chested, gray-haired law officer stood in the middle of the waiting room. The embroidered stitching over his pocket read, Sheriff Sam Watson. “You Aidan?” he asked.

He nodded, the neck-prickling expanded to full danger mode.

“What’s your last name?”


“I need to see some identification.”

“Why?” Aidan asked again.

He probably wouldn’t have been difficult if he didn’t have a crack team of lawyers in his back pocket, which was all his back pocket held at the moment since he’d gone and left his ID and wallet on the yacht.

“Because I asked,” Watson snarled.

Aidan didn’t care for the belligerent attitude. “It’s Doe,” he said, just to be stubborn.

The sheriff glowered. “Aidan . . . Doe, you’re under arrest for assault.”

Watson handcuffed him, read him his rights, and then marched him straight out the door to the waiting cruiser.

Aidan didn’t know which felt worse. Being arrested for the first time in his life or the look of anger and betrayal on Frank’s face.

My Review

Author Petie McCarty has penned an entertaining sweet contemporary romance. Although the trope is not new, the author gives the story a fresh reworking with the fairy tale theme.

I enjoyed the two main characters, although I wasn’t so sure Casey was an equal match for Aidan. The supporting characters added a nice element to the story without taking away from the hero and heroine.

If you enjoy sweet romance laced with witty banter and just a hint of sport, you will enjoy this book.

About the Author

Petie spent a large part of her career working at Walt Disney World — “The Most Magical Place on Earth” — where she enjoyed working in the land of fairy tales by day and creating her own romantic fairy tales by night, including her new series, The Cinderella Romances. She eventually said good-bye to her “day” job to write her stories full-time. These days Petie spends her time writing sequels to her regency time-travel series, Lords in Time, and her cozy-mystery-with-elements-of-romantic-suspense series, the Mystery Angel romances.

Petie shares her home on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee with her horticulturist husband, a spoiled-rotten English Springer spaniel addicted to pimento-stuffed green olives, and a noisy Nanday conure named Sassy who made a cameo appearance in Angel to the Rescue.

Petie’s Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedIn | Goodreads

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Petie McCarty will be awarding an ebook of Betting on Cinderella (Book 2 of the Cinderella Romances series) to 5 randomly drawn winners via Rafflecopter during the tour.

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Breakdown Series: ALL THE LIES by Peggy Webb

GENRE: Suspense

About the Series

BREAKDOWN is a unique and groundbreaking four-book suspense series that will keep you turning pages until the killer is finally exposed.

In this explosive new miniseries, the idyllic community of Shutter Lake, nestled in the peaceful Sierra Nevada Mountains, is rocked by a shocking murder. Four women, friends who moved to the area to find healing and solace, must now dig deep and overcome the scars of past troubles to find a ruthless killer.

About the Book

All the Lies, BREAKDOWN Book 3 by Peggy Webb

THE BREAKDOWN BROADENS… Julia Ford was once famous globally for investigative journalism until the story she was covering went so wrong and an unthinkable act put her on the run. She sought refuge in idyllic Shutter Lake, took a job as lifestyle reporter for the local paper and remained hidden in plan sight for five years…until murder snuffed out Sylvia Cole, the young woman who knew too much.

With Sylvia’s killer still on the loose, another girl missing and Julia’s past showing up in the form of FBI Special Agent Richards, Julia begins a search that uncovers an evil spreading throughout Shutter Lake. Her last encounter with evil ripped her life apart. But this one could destroy some of the town’s most prominent citizens and tear down Shutter Lake’s very foundation. How far will she go to expose the deadly secrets in a once-perfect town built on lies?

Read an Excerpt

Julia continued her cyber search and her note taking in the methodical, from-the-ground-up manner that had served her well in her days of investigative journalism. With a jolt she realized she’d missed this. Periodically her former editor emailed or called to lure her back. He wanted her full-time again in Chicago. Lately, he’d said he would settle for free-lance in Shutter Lake.

Big stories, though. Not her current life-style pablum. His words, not hers.

It wasn’t until her stomach rumbled that she realized she’d missed supper, whatever that was. Probably soup from a can.

She also noticed that her curtains were still wide open to a sky turned deep velvet. Forbidding. The only light in the room came from her computer screen and the nightlight plugged in behind a glass-top table.

Julia sprang up so fast she almost toppled her chair, a nearly impossible feat considering it was on a swivel base. Her heart raced as she flew around her house closing curtains against the darkness, checking locks on windows and doors against anything evil that lurked in the shadows…and most of all, making certain all her nightlights were burning.

When she felt the almost-forgotten beginnings of a panic attack coming on, Julia reminded herself she was in the here and now, not back in the nightmare that had sent her running so hard and fast it took the edge of a continent and the Pacific Ocean to stop her. Though, practically speaking, she wasn’t close enough to see the ocean without a considerable drive.

“Not today, you don’t.” She rubbed her forehead then took a deep breath, consciously relaxed her clenched jaw and waited.

Nothing. Good.

She made a rude gesture though nobody could possibly see, not with those blackout curtains on every window. Then she marched into her kitchen and opened a can of tomato soup. Plain. No frills. She loved cooking and she particularly loved experimenting, but tonight she was in no mood to add butter and real cream. Or maybe cream cheese with a touch of dill.

Julia ate her soup standing up, still tense, ever vigilant, turning her head toward every sound. The high-pitched voices of the nine-year-old twin boys next door, arguing with their mother about coming inside to eat. The metallic clang of a metal garbage can across her back fence. The sound of an engine, slowing as it entered the neighborhood and then stopped.

So close. Next door?

Her adrenaline surged as she crept toward the front of her house. The sound outside her door tipped her closer toward the edge of panic.  Footsteps, definitely. Her friends never showed up without calling first. They knew better.

Had her past finally caught up with her? Was another dark horror waiting just beyond her door, taunting her that this time there would be no escape?

About the Author

Peggy Webb, USA Today bestselling author, has penned more than 80 books in multiple genres and is the most prolific writer the state of Mississippi has ever produced. She also writes as Elaine Hussey. Her acclaimed novel, The Sweetest Hallelujah, garnered praise from critics who dubbed her one of the “Southern literary greats” and compared her to Harper Lee. Peggy holds an M.A. from the University of Mississippi and is a former adjunct instructor of writing at Mississippi State University (2004-2005). A gifted musician and actress, Peggy loves taking the stage at Tupelo Community Theater, singing in a 60-voice church choir and playing her vintage baby grand.

Peggy’s Website | Facebook | Twitter

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AND THEN HE WAS GONE by Joan Hall Hovey

GENRE: Suspense, Thriller

About the Book

And Then He Was Gone


Julie Raynes’ husband is missing. Devastated and confused, she refuses to believe that he would leave her voluntarily, though her best friend thinks differently. However, her Aunt Alice, a psychic, tells her Adam has been murdered, and when she reveals how she knows this, any hope that Adam is still alive, dissipates.

The police also believe that Adam Raynes was murdered. And Julie is their prime suspect. Her life in ruins, Julie vows to hunt down whoever is responsible for Adam’s murder and make them pay for their crime.

In the meantime, David Gray, a young man who was pulled from a lake by a fisherman when he was 9 years old, wakens from a coma after nearly two decades. Unknown to Julie, Adam and David share a dark connection, a darkness that threatens to devour them both.

Read an Excerpt

The tall, dark-haired boy in the grey tee-shirt and blue jeans walked with a soft step along the worn path, placing his sneakered feet carefully over twigs and fallen branches that could easily snap and give him away. The sun’s rays pierced the tall trees like a floodlight into a cathedral, but he felt affinity with neither church nor God. He was a stalker, a cat tracking its prey with practiced stealth. He could hear the lake now, sloshing softly against the bank, could smell its slight chemical scent in the air. A few yards further along the path, it came into full view, calm and blue. Spotting his bike lying on a grassy patch of ground, the sun’s glint reflecting off the chrome, he paused in his step, quieted his loud breathing lest he be heard. Standing there, feeling the soft ground beneath his feet, the cold fury swelled inside him and his hands clenched into fists at his sides.

Beside the bike, his little brother sat contentedly on the lake bank. He was wearing a navy blue and white striped tee shirt, denim shorts. He’d thrown a line into the water and the tiny red bobber floated on its surface, waiting for its own prey. Not a care in the world, the bigger boy thought, glaring at his brother’s back with his cold, angry eyes. Well, he would have a care. He damn well would.

~ ~ ~

The entire first chapter is available HERE.

About the Author

Writing gives me a sense of achievement and satisfaction that nothing else does. (Except having my babies.) And that’s not a bad analogy, if not an original one. Holding your published book in your hands, (especially that first one), running your fingers over its smooth cover, tracing your name there – is heady stuff! These days of course, knowing my readers are downloading my books onto their Kindles and ipads and Kobos, and so on is just as great. For me, a dream come true, even though it’s been awhile since I wrote my first book.

I am drawn to explore the dark side of humanity, and my intention is to give the reader a roller coaster ride that will resonate long after the last word is read. I know that I am truly blessed to be permitted to work every day at what I most love and need to do. I think you appreciate it even more when you’ve had to go to those awful 9 to 5 jobs you hated, because the bills have to be paid. And I’ve had my share of them over the years — hulling strawberries, waiting tables, grading eggs… (top that one). A couple of those jobs have left scars. I’ve been stalked by a psychotic customer when I was selling ‘CAA’. (Canada’s version of ‘AAA’.) I’ve been chased around the desk by a so-called pillar of society while working as a secretary. But while I wouldn’t want to repeat it, I wouldn’t take back a single moment of any of it. All is ‘grist’ for the writer’s mill.

The next best thing is hearing from my readers. You have been so generous in your comments, so kind to take the time in your own busy lives to write to me. Telling me that my novels kept you up all night, or that you couldn’t put the book down is music to my ears, and keep me going in the dark times that come to all writers, while I find my way about in the unknown, unlit territory of that next book.

In addition to her critically award-winning suspense novels including And Then he was Gone and The Deepest Dark, Joan Hall Hovey’s articles and short stories have appeared in such diverse publications as The Toronto Star, Atlantic Advocate, Seek, Home Life Magazine, Mystery Scene, The New Brunswick Reader, Fredericton Gleaner, New Freeman and Kings County Record. Her short story Dark Reunion was selected for the anthology investigating Women, Published by Simon & Pierre.

Ms. Hovey has held workshops and given talks at various schools and libraries in her area, including New Brunswick Community College, and taught a course in creative writing at the University of New Brunswick. For a number of years, she has been a tutor with Winghill School, a distance education school in Ottawa for aspiring writers.She is a member of the Writer’s Federation of New Brunswick, past regional Vice-President of Crime Writers of Canada and International Thriller Writers.

Her books are available at most online book stores, including Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and more.

She lives in Saint John, NB, in an uptown building over 100 years old, with her cat Bella. Aside from writing (and reading of course). She enjoys playing piano and spending time with her grandson.  She is presently at work on her latest suspense novel.

Joan’s Website

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GENRE: Suspense

About the Book

Every day, I wake up certain of only three things: I am responsible for my mother’s death. My father has vanished. Someone wants me dead. I’m on the run. It’s me against the world. I cannot let it break me.

When sixteen-year-old Olivia Jacobs and her celebrity chef father are brutally attacked after his French Quarter restaurant opening, the shell-shocked Olivia finds herself on the run on the streets of New Orleans. Who wants her dead? And why?

Read an Excerpt

Olivia ran a single finger along the white marble, tracing the smooth-cut edges. She shivered against her windbreaker, causing the black material to rasp and rub. The air was cool and wet, a New Orleans damp that soaked the skin and soul.

Surrounded by silence, wrapped in a lush green space dotted by mausoleums and gravestones, Olivia knelt, protected by iron gates and sharp spires that towered over her head. The glow from the sky meandered through the branches of live oaks, threading though Spanish Moss, illuminating the letters and numbers carved in the marble. Simone Larroque Jacobs. Beloved mother, daughter, and wife. 1976-2015.

It seemed, to Olivia, a cheater’s way to sum up a life. In stone and words. Chiseled for permanence. She brushed away the damp, curled leaves from the base of the monument, finding a place to nestle the spray of violets. With its candy-sweet scent, the velvet-purple petals seemed to gaze up at the heavens.

The other small white blooms lay in the crook of her arm. She brought them for three neighboring vaults, in honor of the ancestors of her family who stood silent guard around her mother. Olivia brushed away debris before resting the flowers in place at each of the gravestones. She liked to think about her relatives being there when she was gone.

“I’m leaving, Mama,” Olivia whispered, her words carried away on the breeze. There. She had said it out loud. Confessed. The secret she had harbored in her heart for the last few months. “Baja,” she paused and reached for her backpack. The pull of the zipper, metal on metal, disrupted a cluster of doves, sending them skyward.

My Review

This is a very well-written story with flowing prose and lots of page-turning suspense. I especially liked the setting as New Orleans is one of my favorite cities.

I also liked the fact that I couldn’t figure out the red-herrings as quickly as I usually do. I did question some of the medical information surrounding the mother’s death, but the inconsistences did not affect the story itself or the overall suspense of the heroine’s journey.

If you’re a fan of suspense with a twist, you’ll enjoy this book.

About the Author

Lauren Clark is the author of several award-winning novels, including Dancing Naked in Dixie, Stardust Summer, and Stay Tuned. She also writes suspense under the name Laura McNeill. Center of Gravity and Sister Dear have been published by HarperCollins.

Lauren’s Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Lauren Clark will be awarding a $25 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.

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GENRE:   Fantasy/paranormal
SERIES:  The Soul Mate Tree (Book 9)
Amazon US | Amazon CA

About the Book

Former Navy SEAL Sebastian “Bash” Lockard died in Afghanistan after leaping on a grenade to save his comrades. Little did he know his act of heroism would grant him a ticket into Heaven’s elite army as one of the few and powerful Archangels. Struggling with his new existence, Bash still retains his human memories, leaving behind a wife he loves with all of his heart. Although he’s forbidden to see her, he can’t resist her lure, or the mortal desires he harbors for her.

As a young widow and nurse, Irene Lockard still mourns her husband two years after his untimely death. His absence is everywhere, and when her best friend weds, she hits an emotional rock bottom. As if summoned from the skies above, Sebastian appears before her, and they share an unforgettable night. But when he once again vanishes, she wonders if she’s truly gone mad with grief.

The only way Sebastian can remain with Irene is if he makes the ultimate sacrifice. But will she overcome her fear of losing him again to another war?

Read an Excerpt

Her eyes snapped open, her vision blanketed by huge white feathers, before a giant wing shoved her back. Her arms flailed as she fell hard on her tailbone, the impact rattling up her spine and clacking her jaw shut.

Pain and awareness ripped into her, the veil of fantasy torn from her eyes as she gawked at the rail in front of her.

She was outside. In the dark. Ready to jump from her hotel balcony.

Her sharp intake of air scraped her ears, her heart kicking against her ribcage as she covered her gaping mouth with her hand. Holy shit. Did I sleepwalk? Was she really about to plummet to her death from fourteen stories high?

And did a huge bird just save her life?

Backpedaling across the concrete, the air cool against her thighs now that she’d nearly torn her dress in half, she hit the glass of the sliding balcony doors. Reaching up with a shaking hand, she clutched the handle and pulled herself haphazardly to her feet, yanking the door open and stumbling inside. She slammed it shut behind her, the glass rattling from the force of the blow as she flipped the lock closed. Retreating farther, she toppled onto the bed, staring at the night outside with growing horror.

She recounted her steps from when she’d arrived at the hotel. The elevator, the housekeeper, entering the room, sitting, crying, falling asleep, the river, the blood, the panic, the tree—

The tree.

Climbing the tree, touching its leaves, remembering . . .

A loud thump hit the balcony outside, muted by the thick glass. Her bleary eyes shot to the figure standing on the ledge and she released a cross between a sob and a shriek, then stifled her mouth with a hand.

Tall, bare-chested, his suit jacket and shirt bunched in his fist as he tossed them aside. Tattoos covered his arms, shoulders, and the base of his neck. Closer now, she discerned the pattern of inked wings, pale muscles rippling, lines and cuts he’d never worn before. His dark hair fell a little longer on top, disheveled from the wind, his face still carved with gorgeous edges, but thinner, wearier. His eyes were black holes, endless, consuming. Infinite.


His knuckles rapped on the glass, the sound sending a terrified jolt into her nervous system. His eyes bore into hers, cutting through the darkness.

“Reen. Open the door.”

Reen. Her nickname rumbled from his lips, his voice still that resonant timbre she adored. God, some nights she’d pleaded to hear that sound again, just to listen to him speak one last time.

This had to be another dream. He had to be a dream. She was hallucinating.

Christ, had Phillipe spiked her drink?

“Reen.” He grasped the handle, tugged on it, his inked bicep contracting. “I know you see me.”

She couldn’t move, nailed to the bed with fear, paralyzed by disbelief. He pressed both palms flat on the glass, big hands with callused fingers, hands that had memorized every part of her body. He broke eye contact, dipping his head as he murmured, “Please, baby. Let me in.”

As if his plea granted her motor skills, Irene was suddenly on her feet, hurrying across the carpet toward him. She struggled to control her shaking hands, trembles reverberating through her entire body. It took her three tries to flip the latch, and then she backed away, recoiling, afraid of this man who looked so much like her dead lover.

He pulled the slider open in a smooth, fluid movement, the cool ocean breeze escaping into the airless hotel. Setting his sights on her, he stepped over the threshold, his presence filling the room, overwhelming her entirely. When her back hit the main door, the opportunity to flee opened up wide, but she stilled as his scent wafted into her nostrils, a blend of sandalwood and her husband.

Sebastian. Her Sebastian.

The slider closed behind him, the finality of the sound echoing through her bones, and she couldn’t run.

Not from him. Never from him.

An almost strangled sigh escaped him and he swallowed hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat. A gut-wrenching pain glittered in his dark eyes while he drank her in, his gaze skittering over her from head to toe, as if reacquainting himself with his broken disaster of a wife.

Finally, he approached her in the dark, closing the distance between them, and she pressed harder against the door. If he held her, if he so much as touched her, she would be lost to him, squandering any semblance of sanity she’d managed to retain in these awful years without him.

Blistering tears flowed freely down her cheeks as he halted mere inches away, so close, so goddamn close his warmth radiated off his bare chest. He lifted a hand and she flinched, stopping him as if she’d slapped him. The pained expression on his face yanked a wretched sob from her throat, and she just couldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe he stood right there in front of her.

The medal, the flag, the decorated casket, the salute . . . had it all been a lie?

His finger brushed her cheek, tentative, soft, waiting for her to strike. When she didn’t, he cupped her face in his hand, his skin still rough and callused, wiping away her tears with his thumb. She leaned into his touch, unable to resist his warmth, and he framed her face with his free hand, staring into her eyes with a need so raw it stole what little breath she had left in her burning lungs.

“My God.” He whispered the words, as if he didn’t have the strength to give them voice. “I’ve missed you.”

My Review

Another awesome addition the Soul Mate Tree series. Author L.D. Rose has given us one of the absolute best fantasy romances I’ve read in ages.

Filled with heart-tugging emotions, steamy romance, and the ultimate sacrifice, this story will have your both cheering and reaching for the box of tissues.

If you like your military/fantasy romance on the more emotional side, you will love this book.

About the Author

L.D. Rose is a neurotic physician by day, crazed writer by night, and all around wannabe superhero. She writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy, but she’s been known to delve into horror, sci-fi, and medical suspense on occasion. L.D. Rose is a PAN member of the RWA, FF&P, NEC-RWA and CoLoNY. She currently lives in Rhode Island with her studly hubby, her hyperactive boxer, and her two devious cats.

L.D.’s Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | BookBub

Sign up for her newsletter for the latest on the Senary, sneak peeks, giveaways, and other fun stuff HERE. You’ll receive a free horror short story with sign-up!

A Giveaway

L.D. Rose will be awarding a $10 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.

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It’s been my pleasure hosting author L.D. Rose and yet another book in this wonderful series.

Please come back all week long for more authors, books, and giveaways. Also, check out the Goddess Fish Anniversary Celebration Post for a chance to win some great prizes.


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GENRE: Science Fiction/Thriller
SERIES:  The Horsemen Trilogy (Book 3)
Amazon | B&N | Kobo

About the Book

It’s 2025. An evil cabal known as the Horsemen are looking to colonize space with advanced technologies that have been kept hidden from humanity. A dark faction wants to destroy life as we know it. An artificially intelligent computer must learn love to save mankind, but is there enough time?

Read an Excerpt

Like a racehorse out of the gate, she charged right at the window. Before anyone even knew she was there, her body came crashing through the glass like a meteor. Shards of glass, aluminum framing, and vertical blinds blew out everywhere like a mini explosion. Taking two men out seated at the table, Aria then tumbled onto the boardroom table, ending up on her back and breathing in and out hard.

The two men appeared injured. There was shock on everyone’s face. A burly man, who was either maintenance or security, went to grab her. She pulled him down onto the table and had his arm behind his back in seconds. Pulling up hard, a few cracks were heard as he screamed in pain. The security guards in front saw the camera feed and heard the commotion, and quickly left their post with guns drawn. They busted into the room like two Labrador puppies ready to show her who was boss. Aria had her Glock out and had two bullets in each of their heads, one above each eye before they could even register what was happening. Falling to the ground with their red stream of essence pooling around them, some of the women in the group started screaming, while some men were yelling for their lives.

“OK!” She yelled in Mandarin. “Everyone calm down!” She pointed the gun at the men in suits, the directors with ties to MFC. “This way!” She looked at all of them. “Any of you pieces of shit that don’t come with us, or you try any funny stuff, you will get your heads ripped off. Do you hear me?” Her voice, combined with her fiery eyes and obvious superhuman strength and stamina, freaked everyone out. A dark gloom hung over everyone’s head like the pregnant belly of a rain-filled thundercloud.

About the Author

I grew up in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, and currently reside with my wife in Christchurch, New Zealand.  We have two kids, Jared, 20, and Lauren, 18.

My passion for writing began when I was a student at UC Davis and worked as a feature writer for the California Aggie newspaper. Having been nominated for a Brasler Prize (National Scholastic Press Assoc., 1986) for a feature on genetic engineering, I later found the inspiration to write again. In 2013, I began outlining my first thriller, The Fiduciary Delusion, which became the first novel in the Horsemen trilogy. I love to read techno-thrillers, science fiction, and action and suspense novels. Some of my favorite authors include: Philip K. Dick, Kurt Vonnegut, Lawrence Sanders, Robin Cook, and Clive Cussler.

My interests include science, information technology, speculative fiction, existential philosophy, health, and both Western and Eastern holistic medicine. On many occasions, I have also been witnessed strumming guitars, tickling the ivory piano keys, and writing music. In addition, I can be regularly found at the gym lifting weights, or trudging up hills, sea kayaking, and getting out and about enjoying the beautiful, wild outdoors.

Facebook | Goodreads

A Giveaway

John will be giving away a $10 Amazon/BN gift card via Rafflecopter draw.

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It’s been my pleasure hosting John for this last day of his tour. Please come back again all next week for more authors, books, and giveaways.


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Welcome to the Goddess Fish Promotions Tenth Anniversary Month Long Celebration!

Who is Goddess Fish Promotions? And what do we do? We’re glad you asked!

We didn’t want your visit here to be dry and boring, so we decided to have a poetry competition and put what we do into verse. Here are the initial entries:

Even better, her poem is correct. We DO offer editing as one of our options. Here are a couple of testimonials from clients:

I worked with Marianne on a complete edit and was very happy with the results. Her feedback was clear, easy to follow, and she probed on things I hadn’t thought of. She was also responsive whenever I had questions and helped me work through a few issues. Her feedback and guidance improved the quality of my manuscript, all at a very fair price. I’m working on my next book and plan to use their services again.  ~ J B Glazer, author, In Search of Mr. Anonymous

~ ~ ~

Choosing the right editor for a project is incredibly important to an author. Let’s face it, we want the best for our books. When I was considering editors for my first indie-published book, Regenerate, I naturally thought of Goddess Fish Promotions–and I’m so glad I did.

Marianne Arkins and Judy Thomas are incredibly attentive and professional during the entire editing process. Their input was invaluable and the story is much stronger because they cared enough to help unsnarl plot points and find order in the chaos..

I can’t wait to work with them again. Truly, a top-notch editorial team! ~ Sarita Leone, award-winning author of Regenerate

~ ~ ~

We also offer Virtual Book Tours, Graphic Design, Social Media Promotion and more. You can see more testimonials here.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know us a little (more information is below) and we’d like to do the same. We’d LOVE to see a little poem that tells us a bit about you in the comments. We’ll be awarding random book giveaways and $5 Amazon GCs to some of the best poetry we find. It might not be at every stop, but when something really makes us smile, we’ll reward it! Come on, be daring…

~ ~ ~

About Goddess Fish Promotions

Goddess Fish Promotions was established October 14, 2008. Why? Well, when Marianne became a published author and got her the first taste of trying to promote a book on a budget, there was only one other virtual book tour company in place at the time, and their fees were simply too high for a small press author. After coordinating and running her own tour, she knew other authors could use the same service for a reasonable price. Thus, Goddess Fish Promotions was born.

Because both Judy and Marianne were authors and editors prior to running Goddess Fish Promotions, they approach the business with a unique point of view, and treat their clients how they would expect to be treated.

Different but Complementary

Marianne and Judy have worked together for over 11 years. We met while taking a class together at Writers Village University, and we have found that while we have very distinct working styles (and personal styles), we complement each other well (we also occasionally compliment each other, but that’s a subject for another post).

Marianne is very much a go-getter … she is the idea person in the group.  Judy likes to say that Marianne is a Type A+++ personality.  On the other hand, Judy is so laid back she’s Type Z.  Marianne spurs Judy on to get things done in a timely manner, and Judy pulls Marianne back from the edge when she’s so stressed she wants to cry.

They are also different in personality.  Marianne is very much a tell-it-like-it-is-and-let-the-chips-fall-where-they-might kinda gal (tempered by years in customer service), while Judy was raised in the South and is the epitome of a southerner… just be careful if she blesses someone’s heart.

They have different reading tastes. Marianne has to have a HEA (and has been known to read the last chapter first as a way of insuring it).  Judy’s tastes run a bit darker, though she enjoys the HEA as well.  They are examples of how reading tastes are subjective:  one of Judy’s favorite series is the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, while Marianne couldn’t get through the first book (for hers it’s a wallbanger).

Marianne is an early riser at the best of times, a hardcore morning person – she loves the quiet of the house before anyone else is up. Judy has to be pulled kicking and screaming from her bed when the alarm goes off – not literally, but it’s not her favorite time of the day!

Judy is very extroverted. She loves to be around people, the more the better, and she really loves children.  She is energized by crowds and loves them.  Marianne is an introvert.  People exhaust her.  Crowds are debilitating.  Alone time is required for recharging or she isn’t responsible for her attitude.

One way they are alike, however, is they share a determination to help authors make their mark in the world and to do it in a way that won’t break those author’s banks. They both know what it’s like to pour themselves into a story and want to get that story out to the public.

More About the Goddesses Behind the Fish

Judy Thomas

Judy has a college degree in English and she’s worked in retail, education, at her local library as well as an editor for a small press and for the now defunct ShadowKeep Ezine. She’s also a published author so can see things from both sides of the fence. In 2013, she “retired” and now spends her days helping authors make their dream come true—as well as working as much as she can with her local theater group.

Marianne Arkins

Grammar freak and coffee lover, Marianne wrote her first novel at ten years old, built her first commercial website in 2000, and published for the first time in 2006. She worked as a professional editor for just over a year, and knows what it’s like to write, edit and promote a book on a budget.

GoddessFishWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Google+

Two … Count ‘Em … Two Big Giveaways!

For Everyone: One $50 Amazon/BN GC, two $25 Amazon/BN GCs, Two $10 Amazon/BN GCs

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For Authors: 2 $10 GC for any Goddess Fish Promotions service, Winner’s choice of either a free blurb blitz (2 wk) or book blast (5 day), 50% off any tour (excludes Review tour or Full Service Tour), 4 free 25 page complete book edit, 2 Winner’s choice of teaser or social media cover graphic design

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~ ~ ~

It has been my pleasure hosting this stop on the tour for my absolute favorite tour company hostesses. I couldn’t ask for a better company to work with … both for hosting and for my own book tours.

Please feel free to go back over the past couple of weeks and meet the other authors who have taken advantage of Goddess Fish Promotions’ services. And, remember to come back tomorrow for even more!


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FLAWED by Vivian Kohlman

GENRE: Contemporary Romance/YA

About the Book

That guy—the one that most girls would run away from—captured Kara’s attention and wouldn’t let it go. As expected, he turned out to be a player. So she cut him off.

But he wasn’t done with her yet. He waited until the memory of their start would have been forgotten—at least, softened a bit. Then he returned to her life, and captured her heart.

Finally blissfully happy, they fall in love and decide to make it official…until his past catches up with him and he destroys her again. But this is it…this is the last time she’ll fall for him.

And she keeps telling herself that until she almost believes it.

This book is for mature audiences.

Read an Excerpt

Chapter 17

“Let’s do a round of shots,” I suggest while sitting down. I don’t do shots, like ever, which could explain Anna’s jaw dropping to the floor. The waitress was approaching so I took it upon myself to order us a round of lemon drops and another round of drinks, even though our first was only half empty.

I did my best to have a good time, but I had this underlying feeling of stupidity. My worst fears are actually coming true. How could I have trusted this guy? After we finished the shots and well into the second drink, I checked my phone and have a text from Naheed, along with a picture of Nik and me laughing together (surely sent to him by Lauren).

Who the heck is this guy?

Of course, I couldn’t resist responding.

Your replacement. I hope you and your wife find a great condo in Beirut. Say hi to her for me, as soon as she arrives.

My phone started ringing so I turned it off. I apologized to the group about texting, saying I just had to take care of something. Nik, who’s sitting in a chair right next to me, touches my arm and asks if everything’s OK. I pulled my arm away—pretending to re-adjust in the seat—and say everything’s fine. I guess I’m just not comfortable with another guy touching me quite yet.

My Review

Although this book was not categorized as a “young adult” that is definitely the niche that fits it best. The story, filled with young wealth and privilege is interesting enough to younger readers but not necessarily to all readers.

A bit slow to start, I did enjoy the author’s unique style once I got into the book. And, the story itself, was interesting and gave insight into those who have the ability to just pick up and go on a moment’s notice without regard to finances or responsibilities. I have to say, I did not relate well to that aspect of the story, but I did find it entertaining.

In the end, I found I never really connected with the heroine and when left with a cliffhanger of an ending wasn’t sure if I wanted to find out what would happen between the two main characters. That said, if you enjoy series books and the young adult genre, this may well be the book for you.

About the Author

Vivian Kohlman writes romance novels based on stories of love and loss under the backdrop of Washington, DC. She grew up in Maryland just outside DC, but lived in Los Angeles on and off in her 20’s before returning to the Washington, DC area to live out her adult life.

Vivian attended a private university in Washington, DC for undergraduate and graduate school, and lived a very active social life. During her teens and twenties she and her friends lived through a lot of ups and downs—these experiences have fed the stories of this series.

Currently, she loves to travel with her husband and reads or writes romance novels as often as she can. When she’s not writing, she works a fulltime job and enjoys all of the bars, restaurants, and other hot spots of the nation’s capital. Born and raised in the DC metro area, she adores the culture of the city and is passionate about highlighting the city’s attributes, lifestyles, and norms—not including politics.

Vivian’s Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

A Giveaway

Vivian Kohlman will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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It’s been my pleasure hosting Vivian for this stop on her review tour. Please come back again tomorrow for the Goddess Fish Promotions Anniversary Tour and then on Friday for another author, book, and giveaway.


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A REASON TO STAY by Linda Charles

GENRE: Contemporary Western Romance
Amazon | B&N | GooglePlay | iBooks | Kobo

Rachael, a successful lawyer in Sydney, returns to her foster family and the only place that ever felt like home: Mindalby, to help with the failing family business, the town’s bakery. With the cotton gin’s closure, all businesses are struggling, and it looks like the only option is to close up the bakery and hope to sell. But when Rachael returns, she realises that her skills give her other options: refreshing and revitalising the bakery and a chance to rekindle her love of baking.

Irishman, Mike O’Malley is a staying kind of man, looking to settle down in Mindalby with a woman who loves the wild country and wants to get involved in the community. Rachael is not that girl, but the attraction is hard to deny. Determined to show Rachael that Mindalby can be a home, he draws her out into the community and deeper into his life. But when it comes time to make a decision, can he trust Rachael to risk her heart?

‘Sorry,’ she said. ‘I don’t play ball.’

He hugged the ball close to his chest. He understood that. None of his sisters were into sport either. But, he loved his sports; it was a major part of his life.

‘What do you play then? I’m up for anything.’

She rubbed her hands against the afternoon chill, as her clear blue eyes met his. His heart hammered. They were the prettiest eyes he’d ever seen, and if he wasn’t careful his concentration would take a serious hit, and he’d sound like some daft prick.

‘I’m not very sporty. How did they go?’

Mike shook his head. ‘Another loss,’ he all but whispered.

She gave him a soft smile. ‘Oh, that happens. Are you having a reconnoitre with them?’

His lips quivered, but he couldn’t hold back. He let out a belly laugh.

She’s gorgeous. A one-off.

Linda Charles is a contemporary romance writer who lives in Newcastle in the Hunter Valley, NSW. She was born and raised in Sydney where she studied and taught drama for many years. She loves to read, travel and enjoys a good conversation. Following a move to the Hunter Valley she started to write her own stories. Linda is a member of the Hunter Romance Writers, Romance Writers of Australia, and Romance Writers of America.

Linda’s Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Linda Charles will be awarding a $15 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.

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It’s been my pleasuring hosting Linda for this stop on her tour. Please come back again all week for more authors, books, and giveaways.


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LIAR LIAR by Nancy Boyarsky

GENRE: Mystery
SERIES: The Nicole Graves Mysteries (Book 3)
Amazon | B&N

About the Book

Nicole Graves finds herself in the crosshairs when she reluctantly agrees to babysit a witness in a high-profile rape trial. Mary Ellen Barnes is suing her university’s star quarterback for rape when the authorities won’t act. In the court of public opinion, Mary Ellen appears to be the quintessential, pious, good girl. But her lies and mysterious comings and goings lead Nicole to suspect that she’s not what she seems.

Read an Excerpt

Nicole heard a sound and came in from the balcony in time to see Mary Ellen, now fully dressed, slip out the front door. Nicole ran after her. She couldn’t allow the girl to run off after what she’d said about the hopelessness of her predicament. By the time Nicole got to the elevator bank, it was empty. The girl was already on her way down.

Nicole couldn’t take the stairs; she was on the tenth floor. But the elevator bank had four cars, and luck was with her. Moments later, the door to another elevator opened. When she reached the lobby, she caught sight of Mary Ellen through the window. She had just left the building and was jaywalking across Ocean Avenue toward the beach.

Nicole rushed after her. The wind was picking up, blowing through her jacket. She was halfway across the street, when a car heading south skidded to a stop a few feet away. The driver leaned on his horn and opened his window to scream at her. She ignored him, trying to keep Mary Ellen in sight. The girl seemed to be headed toward the shoreline. When Nicole reached the sand, she started running. She was in good shape, but running on the beach was completely different from a morning jog around the neighborhood. Her shoes sank into the soft surface, making it impossible to gain momentum. Meanwhile, sand leaked into her shoes, chafing her sockless feet.

The beach near the waterline was dark, and Mary Ellen was no longer in sight. Nicole looked desperately around, trying to figure out which way the girl had gone. All at once she stumbled over something lying in her path. As she hit the sand, the figure she’d tripped over slowly sat up, like a zombie in a horror film.

My Review

Liar Liar, is an exciting addition to the Nicole Graves Mystery series. Well thought out, it handles the current issue of the #metoo movement in an honest way.

The story also gives us more insight into Detective Nicole Graves personality than the first two books in the series, a nice addition that humanizes the character.

My only criticism, and it is minor, concerns the extended lengths of exposition. Personally, I prefer more conversation. However, that one quirk is mine and does not lessen the entertainment value of the book itself.

Liar Liar is a stand-alone story. However, if you’re a fan of mysteries, you will want to get the first two in the series as well.

About the Author

Nancy Boyarsky is the bestselling author of the award-winning Nicole Graves Mysteries.

Before turning to mysteries, Nancy coauthored Backroom Politics, a New York Times notable book, with her husband, Bill Boyarsky. She has written several textbooks on the justice system as well as articles for publications including the Los Angeles Times, Forbes, and McCall’s. She also contributed to political anthologies, including In the Running, about women’s political campaigns. In addition to her writing career, she was communications director for political affairs for ARCO.

Liar Liar is the third Nicole Graves novel, following The Swap and The Bequest, each of which can be read as a stand alone. Readers are invited to connect with Nancy through her website or social media.

Nancy’s Website | Twitter | Goodreads

A Giveaway

Nancy Boyarsky will be awarding a $15 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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October 1:
1: Rogues Angels review
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6: Joanne Guidoccio
7: The Tired Buyer

~ ~ ~

It has been my pleasure hosting this stop on Nancy’s tour. Please come back again next week for more authors, books, and giveaways.



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