More the Merrier Mondays … Author M. Kate Quinn

Notes From a Romantic’s Heart is pleased to share our newest feature, More the Merrier Mondays where will take a look at books in an individual author’s series. Our guest this Monday is author M. Kate Quinn. Her series, The Perennials, is from The Wild Rose Press.

The first book in the series, Summer Iris, was a Golden Quill Award finalist for Best First Book.

About the Book:

summer-irisThe last thing Iris Stanton feels like doing is celebrating her fiftieth birthday. She’s divorced, has been downsized out of a job, and her post-marriage condo is for sale and she can’t afford to buy it. And when her crazy, out-there best friend, Yvonne, offers her the use of a beach cottage for the summer, Iris thinks the idea is preposterous. That is, until she comes up with what could be a solution to her pending homelessness. Selling off her small piece of waterfront property would save the very roof over her head, so she heads to the shore with a mission.

The cottage is in the midst of renovations orchestrated by handsome flirtatious owner, Sam Hanratty. His roguish attention gets Iris’ heart doing flips, jump starting it into remembering she’s still a woman. Sam’s foreman, Eddie Morgan, is the most annoying hulk she’s ever met, and Iris’s heart sinks like lead when she learns that he alone could sabotage the sale of her property.

Iris’ heart gets a workout this summer, with a string of unlikely events that force her to turn inward to examine what makes her tick, what is her heart’s true desire and who might hold the key.

Purchase on Amazon   B&N   ARe


Book 2 in the series, Moonlight and Violet won the coveted Golden Leaf Award for Best Contemporary Novel.

About the Book:

moonlight-and-violetForty-four-year-old Violet Terhune wants to go back to Vermont like she wants a root canal. But, thanks to her ever-annoying little sister, that’s just where she’s headed. Penny, the quintessential apple of their mother’s eye, is engaged to a dentist. The week-long wedding-fest is booked at The Pines, the Vermont lodge where the Terhune family had spent the girls’ childhood summers.

Though she swore she would never return to the place where the owner’s son, Logan Monroe, shattered her heart years ago, Violet embarks to the rustic setting to find it run now by Logan himself.

The discovery of her girlhood diary unlocks the memories Violet has worked so hard to forget. During this whirlwind visit she and Logan confront new fears and uncertainties, and try to deny the chemistry that resurfaces between them. But, can a door stay shut once it’s been unhinged?

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The final book in the series, Brookside Daisy, was a Gold Leaf Award finalist.

About the Book:

brookside-daisyIt’s a pack of lies that turns Daisy Cameron’s life upside down, but it’s the truth that changes everything forever.

Affluent playboy J. Randolph Press Jr. learns of his disapproving uncle’s deathbed threat to cut him from his will, and he’s desperate to change his mind before it’s too late.

Daisy’s job at the Brookside Café can barely cover her household needs let alone fund the prestigious art school she feels her son, Adam, should attend. When Rand stops into the café and eavesdrops, learning of her financial crisis, an outlandish idea is born.

Daisy agrees to play Rand’s fiancée in order to receive money for Adam’s college. But what will happen when the line between fact and fantasy blurs, when feelings and longings emerge for which neither realizes their hearts yearn?

Purchase on Amazon   B&N  ARe

Note: All three books in the series can also be purchased directly from the publisher at their link at the top of this post.


About the Author:

Born to a feisty Italian mother and a gentle blue-eyed Irishman, I was given the name “Marykate,” inspired by Maureen O’Hara’s character in the movie, The Quiet Man, an old-time favorite love story that co-starred John Wayne. With a grandmother Catherine and an Aunt Mary the name was an obvious choice.

I’ve been writing stories all my life. There’s an old Macy’s box in my attic filled with my writings from childhood, now smudgy-looking pages produced on my portable Olivetti Underwood typewriter, an eighth-grade gift from my Grandmother Catherine.

I am a recent First Place winner of a short story contest sponsored by Reader’s Digest Magazine and write a column entitled “Boomer Humor” that appears monthly in my neighborhood newspaper.

My husband and I are our own love story. We have a slap-happy middle-aged second marriage with a combined total of six grown children, one delightful granddaughter, another precious little baby on the way and one ridiculously spoiled, amazingly handsome cat named Sammy.

Connect with M. Kate Quinn: Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Thanks so much for joining us today. Please come back again for Welcome Wednesday and Sneak Peek Saturday. Until then, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.


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Release Day for Submissive On the Run by Tara Quan

Book Birthday 07 22It’s “Book Birthday” time again here at Notes From a Romantic’s Heart. Today we’re celebrating with author Tara Quan. Her new release, Submissive On the Run is from Decadent Publishing’s 1Night Stand line.

Please join me in wishing Tara a “Happy Book Birthday”!


The Story Behind the Book

Sometimes, supporting characters take on a life of their own. After selflessly aiding in the affairs of others, they sulk in the back of an author’s brain, broadcasting their past, present, and future until surrender is nigh. Thus was the case with Kim Tran, the intrepid dungeon monitor from Submissive on Display. Unbeknownst to the heroine of the first book, Kim has some unfinished business with the hero’s best friend (small world, I know). He insisted I give them a chance to sort things out, and, being a Dom, he has a knack for getting his way.

Submissive on the Run drags me back to Las Vegas’s renowned Carnivore Club, a multi-author world first penned by Kate Richards for Decadent Publishing’s 1Night Stand Series. This interracial BDSM romance stars a feisty sub with a strong right hook, who must contend with a spoilt rich boy determined to win her back. An ill-mannered cat and Madam Eve’s matchmaking service unite them for a night of exhibitionistic fun, which ends in a capture game and a scorching happily ever after.

To celebrate my return to BDSM romance this year, I’m giving away a $15 gift card. To enter, leave a comment here and drop your details in the Rafflecopter widget on my Webpage.

About Submissive On The Run:

SubmissiveOnTheRun_300x450Obscene wealth and a toxic family taught Joss Bradlee to care about no one. He moved through life in a caustic shell, fending off gold-diggers with his sharp tongue and abrasive personality. But a stubborn submissive saw past his nonchalant act, and he fell hard and fast for a girl he didn’t deserve. When she accidentally stumbled into the line of fire, he moved heaven and earth to protect her, even if it meant letting her go. Ten months later, he ensures her safety and tracks her down, finally ready to claim the one person that matters. The only problem—she wants nothing to do with him.

On the run for close to a year, Kim Tran receives a surprise call from the man who’d put her life in danger. His family hired assassins to kill her, but he’s somehow convinced they still had a chance. With their entire relationship built on a lie, she resists the instinct to sprint straight into his arms. Faced with a social divide no sane person would bridge, she cuts her losses and breaks her own heart. But the Dominant she loves has other plans, and he’s spent his entire life getting his way. Too late to run and with nowhere to hide, she faces an adversary well versed in all her weaknesses.

At the Carnivore Club, two exhibitionists meet for a battle of wills, lured by a one-night stand service, misplaced cat, and several helping hands. With the aid of handcuffs, disciplinary measures, and a capture game, a reluctant sub rediscovers the pleasures of bondage, the thrill of display, and the ecstasy of surrender.

Get the Book on: Amazon   ARe   Kobo


An Excerpt:

“You don’t believe me.” Despite the distance and time separating them, Joss read her with dangerous accuracy. His incredulity grated. After everything that had happened, why would he assume she’d trust him without question?

“Of course I do.” Kim sniffed. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“Are you being sarcastic? I can’t tell without facial expressions.”

She massaged her nose’s non-existent bridge. Picking up on social cues had never been the man’s strong suit. “I’m rolling my eyes at you right now.”

“Oh, don’t be so skeptical. I swear to God you have your life back.”

“You’re an atheist.”

He grunted. “Fine. I swear on my mother’s grave—”

“According to yesterday’s gossip rags, the wicked witch is very much alive.”

“It’s a figure of speech, smart ass. I promise she’s called off the dogs. Or, well, she will in about fifteen minutes. You can come home.”

“The last time I took what you said at face value….” Her fingers tightened around the baseball bat. “It turned out you lied about everything, including your name.”

“You love exaggeration. Joss is my name—at least to anyone who matters. I don’t respond to Joseph. And while I omitted a few minor details, I never lied. Well, okay, I told a fib or two, but it was really a case of you jumping to the wrong conclusions.”

“You’re blaming me for your fake identity?” Rage, pure and visceral, burned away her fear. “And there was no us. We fucked. We scened. Because of you, I almost died. That pretty much sums up the relationship.”

Tempted to swing her weapon at the few mugs and bowls she owned, she threw the bat on the floor. It hit the peeling linoleum with a loud crack, eliciting a startled yowl from Tiger. Who was she kidding? If armed men stormed through her door, the piece of wood wouldn’t do her much good.

“Who’s lying now?” His absolute confidence fueled her fury. “You are the closest I have to an actual girlfriend.”

“And you’re the epitome of the ex from hell,” she shrieked. “Your mother sent thugs to kill me.”

“And I’m telling you I’ve solved the problem. I will also make keeping you alive my priority for the rest of my life. You can take that promise to the bank.”


About the Author:

Globetrotter, lover of languages, and romance author, Tara Quan has an addiction for crafting tales with a pinch of spice and a smidgen of kink. Inspired by her travels, Tara enjoys tossing her kick-ass heroines and alpha males into exotic contemporary locales, paranormal worlds, and post-apocalyptic futures. Her characters, armed with magical powers or conventional weapons, are guaranteed a suspenseful and sensual ride, as well as their own happily ever after.

Connect with Tara: Website   Facebook   Twitter

To receive updates about her new releases and get a free sexy read, subscribe to her Newsletter.

Congratulations again to Tara and best wishes for a happy book birthday! Please come back again for More the Merrier Mondays and Welcome Wednesdays. Until then, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.



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Welcome Wednesday…Author Christina Kirby

22898524_sIt’s Welcome Wednesday here at Notes From a Romantic’s Heart and not only are we celebrating a visit from a fellow author, but it’s also her “Book Birthday”. Author Christina Kirby is here with her latest release, A Face in the Crowd, from Soul Mate Publishing.

Christina’s thoughts on book signings:

To Sign or Not To Sign, That Is the Question

Some authors love to take part in book signings and others don’t. I am one of the former. I’ve had author friends who have asked me why I participate in signings seeing as how  unless you’re one of the top dogs in the industry, you aren’t going to make a lot of money, but money isn’t the only thing to consider.

signed-by-the-authorWriting is, for the most part, a solitary process, so when the chance comes to get out and meet people, I take it. I like to chat about books with other people who love to read. What books excite them? What was the last thing they read? I find what they have to say interesting and also illuminating. Do they like listening to books? Should I make my titles available on Audible? This is a business after all. So why not take the opportunity to get out there and see how to make your ‘business’ better? Plus, if you give people a warm smile and little polite conversation, they may take the time to read your book because you took the time to listen.

Another reason to get out of my office on occasion is to study those same people. The best books are made up of memorable characters, which is why I like to use the opportunity to observe and make note of unique traits I may want to use in a future story. Does my villain walk with a slight limp? Does my heroine have a single dimple? Does my hero tap the edge of his pen on his knee while he listens to others speak? These are all little ideas I picked up on at my last signing in San Antonio which makes it a day well spent if you ask me.

So, to sign or not to sign? Do you like to stay hidden away or do you like to get out there and meet the people? I’d love to hear what your preference is in the comment section below.

About the Book:

AFaceIntheCrowd400Alexis Hightower considers trust a four letter word, and she has no intention of getting serious with anyone. After all, her day job as a nurse is plenty serious enough. On one of her nights off, she attends a concert for her favorite band and ends up on stage. She never expected to meet the legendary singer in person or that he would be the one to make her question her way of life. But how do you learn to trust again when the one you want is desired by thousands?

Oliver Honeycutt has it all, success, fame, admirers, but when his family is faced with the unthinkable, none of it matters. Stranded in Atlanta, he meets Alexis who’s unlike any woman he’s known before. As his attraction grows, plans for the future change which leaves someone desperate to keep them apart. But Oliver won’t be easily discouraged. To have a future with Alexis he’ll do whatever it takes to make her see the man behind the image.

You can find A Face in the Crowd on Amazon


An Excerpt:

Oliver made his way back to the mike and shouted, “Do you want some more, Atlanta?”

Lexie’s scream mixed with the other fan’s and echoed throughout the room as Oliver sang the band’s first number one. As he moved from one side of the stage to the other, Lexie danced, arms over her head, as she let go. In the chaos of the noise, the heat of the bodies moving as one, and the music, she didn’t have to think or feel. She could just be.

A hand reached out for her and Simone hit her arm, mouth open in shock. Lexie blinked once and raised her eyes to meet those of Oliver. Up close, he was even better looking than in the magazines. Her heart stopped or maybe it leaped from her chest. She wasn’t sure. As if controlled by a stranger she reached for his hand and allowed him, with the help of two security guards, to pull her up onto the stage.

With her stomach in her throat, she stood awkwardly while Oliver sang to her. This wasn’t happening. It couldn’t be. Survival never pulled people up onto the stage. At least, they never had. But, there he was, positioned behind her, with his stomach pressed to her back. The heat of his skin and hers, melded together, so hot she feared their clothes would ignite.

Her eyes found Simone’s, who peeked out from behind her cell phone where she was recording what promised to be the best moment of Lexie’s life.

She dared a glance over her shoulder and feared she would faint when Oliver offered her a grin from behind the mike. Dear God he was hot. He pressed into her closer and placed a hand on her hip. Red, hot heat surged into her face. The move was definitely one she wouldn’t want her dad to see, but she was glad it was happening. As the song wound down, Oliver moved to stand beside her. Over his shoulder she saw his brother, Bailey, wailing on his blue Fender. The entire experience was surreal. His brother looked up and smiled, but something was wrong with his face.

She narrowed her eyes to get a better look, sure the lights were playing tricks on her. At the same time, he swiped a hand over his face and when he pulled it away, blood was smeared across his upper lip. He went back to playing, but his nose continued to bleed.

Her gaze refocused on Oliver. “Your brother,” she tried to explain over the music.

When he didn’t register what she was trying to say, she pointed.

Oliver’s head whipped around. For a brief moment, his eyes widened and then, as quickly as she’d seen it, the look was gone. Oliver finished the song and led her back to the edge of the stage where she was lowered back into the crowd. When she looked up, he met her gaze. The moment was brief, but she felt it. A moment of recognition between them. One that said he was sad it had to end. She wanted to reach for him, but she couldn’t. Instead, she stood frozen as fans around her pushed in and slapped her on the back. Oliver waved to his admirers and rushed off toward his brother.


About the Author:

Christina Kirby holds a degree in Public Relations from Auburn University. She worked in banking for four and a half years before deciding to become a stay at home mom to her two sons. Moving every couple of years because of her husband’s job, Christina has had the opportunity to meet all kinds of people and live in many different states, and fortunately writing is something she can take with her no matter where she lives. Christina is an avid reader of romance, young adult and anything having to do with pop culture. She also knows a copy of Entertainment Weekly and a chocolate chip cookie can cure anything.

 Connect with Christina: Website   Facebook   Twitter

Book BirthdayCongratulations to Christina on her newest release. I love celebrating “book birthdays” here at Notes From a Romantic’s Heart! Please come back again on Saturday for my Sneak Peek/Author Favorites feature and then again for More the Merrier Mondays, a look a books in a series.

Until then, please stay happy, stay healthy, stay well-read.



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More the Merrier Mondays … Author Gina Wynn

Notes From a Romantic’s Heart is pleased to share our newest feature, More the Merrier Mondays where we take a look at books in an individual author’s series. Our guest this Monday is author Gina Wynn. Her stories come to us from Decadent Publishing. Please join me in welcoming Gina to the blog.

When asked about the series, Gina said, “I never intended to write any sort of series. It happened entirely by accident. Her Dollmaker’s Desire was written in response to Decadent Publishing’s “Beyond Fairytales” submissions call and the characters for my next book appeared as supporting characters in that one. In fact, Bastian tried to steal the scenes he was in, so I gave him a book, too. Each stands alone, but I think the character progression is better when read in order.”

The first book in the series is titled The Dollmaker’s Desire and was part of Decadent’s Beyond Fairy Tales line.

About the Book:

GW_BeyondFairytales_HerDollmakersDesire_mediumRule number 123: Once upon a time is for fairy tales, not for broken ex-dancers who live at home with Daddy and a textbook evil stepmother, and who only manage to get through life by counting every single step. Amy knows her rules inside out…who to spend time with, what to eat, what to drink and what to do—until danger shows up in a leather jacket on a shiny chrome motorbike. Suddenly, breaking the rules, or making up new ones, seems to be all she can manage no matter how hard she tries, and her rigid control starts to slip.

Peder’s violent past has shaped him into the man he is, much the way he has learned to shape dolls with the help of his grandfather. He used to have only one rule in his life, courtesy of his absent brother and their shared gang past. When Peder becomes trapped in a fresh web of lies and family ties. He must decide if he should start breaking the rules he didn’t know he lived by to take a chance on a future with Amy.

Purchase on Amazon   ARe


Book 2 in the series is Her Undercover Christmas.

About the Book:

Her-Undercover-Christmas-300x450Christmas is approaching and Phil is a girl out to get what she wants—the life of her choosing. She wants it all: a good looking man, his money, and the respect he commands. She just needs to throw her lot in with her criminal cousins for one day. Long enough to pull off a theft and come to the attention of the man she desires. But the job goes wrong.

Bastian is a man on the run—from a lifestyle he never chose and can’t seem to escape. One last favour before he disappears for good, and then he can start afresh somewhere new. But the favor balloons into more than he anticipated, and suddenly there are two of them on the run, and two of them snowed in and hiding out in his one last safe place.

Can a woman who thinks she knows where she belongs help a man who has never really belonged anywhere?

Purchase on Amazon   ARe

Note: Her Undercover Christmas is on sale from now until Jul 18th for just 99¢!


What’s next?

I’ve only written two of the books so far, but I have a further 3 in mind and in various stages of planning. The 3rd is tentatively titled Her Second Chance. The plan is for each to build on characters mentioned in previous books and as the first two were inspired by fairy tales, I’m hoping to continue that tradition, at least a little.

About the Author:

ginaFrom a magical land of castles and kings (Okay, it’s England), Gina doesn’t feel as old as she looks, owns three children (aged 3, 6 and 8) who can’t be tamed, and writes in spare – usually stolen – time. She sometimes bakes—not always with quite the desired results, and has found the only solution to keeping the characters in her head quiet is to placate them with lots of other lovely books and worlds.

Connect with Gina: Website/Blog  Facebook   Twitter

Thanks so much to Gina for joining us today. Please come back again for Welcome Wednesday and Sneak Peek Saturday. Until then, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.




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Sneak Peek Saturday…Authors’ Favorite Things for 7/16

Sneak Peek Summer ImageWelcome to Sneak Peek Saturday’s here at Notes From a Romantic’s Heart. Every Saturday you’ll get to meet two or three authors and learn about their books. Each Saturday will also have a “theme” and the authors will give insight into their quirky personalities by identifying their “favorite” from the week’s them.

This week’s subject is Favorite Must Have While Writing.

Our first guest, author Merryn Dexter says: “If music be the food of love, play on… The opening lines to one of my favorite plays (Twelfth Night) sums up my must-have perfectly. I need music, something to set the scene and capture the mood.”

Merryn’s latest release is Hunger Moon from Decadent Publishing.

MD_Hunger Moon_LGA Charming Mask

Troy Lansing, envoy to the Brighton Pack has one mission – to find out everything he can about the new wolf pack living near his father’s territory. He offers the hand of friendship to the Moonlight pack, there’s just one problem. His father isn’t in the business of making friends.

A Stranger with Secrets

Belinda Thomas, omega to the Moonlight Pack is tasked by her alpha to find out the truth behind Troy’s façade. Her omega abilities give her a unique insight into the hearts of other wolves. When she comes face to face with the enigmatic Troy, she doesn’t know what to make of him. Her wolf knows though.

A Forbidden Passion

Bound by secrets, duty and honor, Troy and Bel are drawn to each other, moths to the destructive flames of their passion. They will risk it all for the hunger driving them both.

A Desperate Fight

Can Troy and Bel find a way to save the Moonlight pack from the evil clutches of the Brighton alpha? The final fight for freedom might cost them more than their love; they might have to pay the ultimate price.

Hunger Moon is available on Amazon   iBooks   All Romance Ebooks

Where to find Merryn: Facebook   Twitter   Mailing List


According to author Suzanne van Rooyen, “Music! I have a playlist for every WIP and can’t write without it because music gets me into the ‘zone’ of the story as well as into the heads of my characters.”

Her new book is titled Scardust and comes to us from Entangled’s Embrace line.

SCARDUST coverSometimes answers fall from the sky…

Dead Rock, Texas, 2037

Raleigh Williams made a promise to his brother before he died, that he’d scatter his ashes on Mars. Desperate to leave a life of bad memories behind and start over in the Martian colony, Raleigh fully intends to keep that promise. But his plans are thwarted when a meteor near-misses him in the desert, and Raleigh finds in its crater not debris or even a spacecraft, but a man covered in swirling scars and with no memory of who he is. At least he looks like a man—a man Raleigh can’t seem to keep his eyes off of—but whenever they touch it ignites a memory swap between them.

Raleigh agrees to help Meteor Man piece together his life through their cosmic connection. But the memory share goes both ways, and Raleigh becomes inexplicably entangled with a guy who is everything he needs—everything good that Raleigh is not—but might not even be human. As their minds and worlds collide, reality unravels and Raleigh must face a painful truth, one that could shatter his dreams of finding love, reaching Mars, and fulfilling his brother’s last wish.

Scardust is available from Amazon   B&N   Kobo

Connect with Suzanne on Facebook   Twitter   Instagram


With no third guest scheduled for today I thought I’d share something of my own. “My must have while writing is COFFEE! One of best (and cheapest) investments was one of those tiny warming disks that holds a coffee cup and keeps it wonderfully warm.”

Recently re-released with updated/new content, Time and Again, my futuristic time-travel/paranormal romance is from The Wild Rose Press.

perf5.000x8.000.inddWhen reporter, Kate Brogan, and her ex-husband vice cop, Matthew Kelly, both end up investigating local psychic Olga Limas, Kate realizes the fluff piece of journalism she’d anticipated might just turn into something more.

Out to debunk the woman’s claim of being able to guide seance participants into the future, both hers and Matt’s skepticism is put to the test when they find themselves transported to 2065.Certain the only one they can truly trust is each other, they form an alliance that quickly stirs more intimate and loving memories.

Just as they are about to be shown the way home, a presidential assassination puts their lives, and their chances for a “happily ever after,” in jeopardy.

You can find Time and Again on Amazon   B&N  WildRosePress

As always, my contact information is on the right side bar.

Thanks so much to Merryn and Suzanne for joining me today. Please come back for More the Merrier Mondays and Welcome Wednesday. Next Saturday’s theme is going to be “Favorite Books on Writing”.

Until then, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.



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Welcome Wednesday…Author Nancy E. Polin

22898524_sIt’s Welcome Wednesday here at Notes From a Romantic’s Heart and we’re excited to have another “Nancy” in our midst. Author Nancy E. Polin visits today and brings with her a debut novel, After the Curtain Call, from The Wild Rose Press.

Please join me in welcoming Nancy for her first visit to the blog.

About the Book:

perf5.000x8.000.inddSingle mother Amy Ross guards heart and privacy with fierce determination. When the curtain rises at the old theater, she sets aside past heartache and anger to revel in the new, exciting character she plays each night. When the theater owner brings in a handsome business partner to help with renovations, she quickly slams the stage door on any ideas of romance with the dashing actor.

Handsome film star Thomas Buchanan is intrigued by the mysterious leading lady. Her beauty and talent capture his attention, but the sadness he glimpses behind her cool demeanor draws him with a fire he hasn’t felt in years. He yearns to know Amy better and forges a rocky friendship through her son’s adoration of his movies. When danger returns from Amy’s past, Thomas discovers breaking through her emotional armor could be a deadly challenge.

You can find After the Curtain Call on Amazon and at the publisher’s link above.


An Excerpt:

He edged closer until my back pressed into the wall, my head tilting up as I scowled at him. “Amy, why are you really leaving the show?”

“I told you.”

“No, you fed me some bullshit.”

“It’s none of your damn business.” Buchanan was way too close. I could feel the heat of his body, smell the spiciness of his aftershave. A charge warmed my blood and sent it to pool in places I didn’t want to acknowledge. My brain lodged between fight, flight, and surrender, but I tried to keep my face hard, impersonal. “And why should it matter to you anyway?”

“It does if I’m the reason.”

“That’s quite an ego you have there,” I scoffed, but my eye contact wavered. He was now less than six inches from me, his body and mind squeezing me into a corner. Before I could stop myself, I glanced at his lips, full and no doubt very experienced. Wincing, I pulled my gaze away before he could notice.

It was too late. He did notice, eyes darkening to push out the lovely green. “Why are you picking a fight with me then?”

“I’m not…I just…” My voice faltered, breaking into uneven pieces. I couldn’t breathe without his scent overwhelming me. Sweat beaded my hairline as any semblance of cool, detached control fled the scene.

Not moving any closer, he waited without a word, eyes intent on my face, warm breath washing over me in spearmint.

“It’s complicated.”

“Simplify it. Or how about a straight answer? Are you leaving because of me?”

“You’re being ridiculous.” I tried to shove past him, but he wouldn’t budge. The little room constricted more, and I fought for breath. His proximity had me light-headed and weak, neither of which impressed me. “Please let me past.”

Buchanan hesitated before raising one hand and trailing soft fingers down my cheek. His gentle touch elicited a shudder that rippled through me from head to toe and everywhere in between. His voice dropped to a murmur, accent silken. “Okay, love, if that’s what you want.”

It was, but it wasn’t. I stared up at him, control spiraling downward and out of sight. Helpless, I watched him lower his face to where his lips brushed mine. He paused, and when I didn’t have the strength to protest, he kissed me gently.

Shutting my eyes, I allowed it, even kissing him back. I didn’t remember running my hands over the muscles of his arms and shoulders to clasp behind his neck, but I became conscious of playing with his wavy hair as his mouth perused mine, and I explored his. My blood pressure spiked, setting my head and heart ablaze, even as the logical side of me shouted a warning.

When he caught me around the waist to press me closer, I felt his need. Memories scratched across my consciousness with shocking violence to catapult me to another time and place. A fist lashing out to knock me down. He’d been too strong, too heavy, too determined. With sudden angry and fearful tears skimming my eyes, I pushed Thomas back and wriggled away.

Shaking, I couldn’t look at him, my voice hoarse. “I…I need to get home.”


Grabbing my purse and breathing too hard, I dodged him and ran, not slowing until I was a couple yards from my truck. I almost fell when I stopped too quickly, staring in disbelief.

A figure leaned against the driver’s side, straightening at my approach. “Hi, Ame.”

This. Was. Not. Happening.


Nancys Book Reviews Banner

My Review:

Nancy E. Polin’s debut novel has a wonderfully unique storyline. In a genre glutted with sports figures, military heroes, and wealthy businessmen, a foray into the world of theater was a welcome change.

The heroine, Amy Ross, has a past filled with secrets. Yet, her main focus isn’t to dwell on that past but to be the best single mom she can be. The theater is her escape…her haven from the everyday.

Enter the hero, suave heartthrob actor, Tom Buchanan. You just know the sparks are going to fly and they do!

However, Amy’s past comes back to haunt her and it’s up to Tom to prove he truly is a hero in every sense of the word.


About the Author:

Nancy E. Polin began writing as a child and returned as a late bloomer to add experience and the occasional quirk to her work. She shares her life with her husband, kids and critters, all within the rolling hill country of Central Texas.

Connect with Nancy: Facebook  Twitter

A big “thank you” to Nancy for joining us today. Please come back again on Saturday for Sneak Peek/Author Favorites and then again next Monday when we continue our newest feature, More the Merrier Mondays, a look at books in a series.

Until then, please stay happy, stay healthy, stay well-read.



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coverrevealNotes From a Romantic’s Heart is pleased to take part in today’s cover reveal for author Catherine Peace’s newest novel, Rocking the CEO. From Decadent Publishing, this latest release is part of the 1 Night Stand series. Please join me in welcoming Catherine to the blog.


About the Book:

CP_Rocking the CEO_LGThis last year of Joss Richards’ life has changed for the better—or so she thinks. A new band, a new city, a new life, and, now, a shot at a contract with the hottest rock label around, ICE Records. If she and her bandmates can impress the label, her life will be set. Too bad her best friend thinks something is missing. When Joss receives details of the 1Night Stand date set up for her, she bolts—straight into the arms of a sexy stranger.

When August Bragg glimpses a red-haired goddess in the hotel lobby he can’t get out of his thoughts—or his fantasies. Unable to resist her lure, he indulges in a steamy encounter. Then learns her name, and he realizes his fantasies has left his heart in an ethical dilemma.

Will they give everything up for their careers, or can the man who holds Joss’ future in his hands also convince her to give him her heart?


 An Excerpt:

She stopped at the entrance and leaned against the wall. With her spiked hair, tight black Tshirt, the swell of her ass in those black skinny jeans, and spike-heeled boots, she personified his fantasy. How could he focus on his date Sunday night when this woman stood in front of him, the picture of everything he’d wanted for months?

He stopped next to her and tried not to stare, but her beauty captivated him. Bright-green eyes, a narrow nose, and a gorgeous mouth he wanted to taste so badly he barely withstood being next to her. Keep your composure. She’s a woman. A beautiful woman…. “Hello there.”

When she glanced at him, her eyes widened just a bit. “Hi.” Then she curled her lips into a seductive smile.

“You look a little lost.”

She shrugged. “Hard to be lost when you don’t have a destination.”

Gods, her voice…. Pure, raw, Southern sex appeal. “Where are you from?”

“South Carolina. You?”

“Iceland.” He appreciated the interest in her eyes and the way she pursed her lips. “Your accent’s sexy.”

“So is yours.”

At the compliment, she actually blushed. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Shouting over the music started to get old. “Would you like to go somewhere?”

From the way her green eyes darkened, he knew her answer before she said a word.

No way they’d make it back to his room, not with the way he ached. Time for an alternative plan.


About the Author:

Catherine Peace has been telling stories for as long as she could remember. She often blames two things for her forays into speculative fiction—Syfy (when it was SciFi) channel Sundays with her dad and The Island of Dr. Moreau by HG Wells. She graduated in 2008 from Northern Kentucky University with a degree in English and is still chasing the dream of being super rich and famous, mostly so she can sit around in her PJs all day and write stories. When not being a slave to the people in her head, she’s a slave to two adorable dogs.

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A big “thanks” to Catherine for stopping by. Please join me again for more guests and features. Until next time, stay happy, stay healthy, and stay well-read.



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COVER REVEAL: THIRD by Robin Covington

coverrevealNotes From a Romantic’s Heart is pleased to take part in today’s cover reveal for USA Today Bestselling author Robin Covington’s newest novel, Third. A follow-up/sequel to her novella Rush, this latest release is sure to be another winner! Please join me in welcoming Robin to the blog.


About the Book:

Third_1600x2400 copyDr. Carla Androghetti is not interested in compromise.

With a thriving psychiatry practice in Washington, D.C. and a fulfilling position as a sexual third in a threesome with couples at Club D, she’s living just the way she wants. When the murder of a famous former bedmate hits the headlines, her public and personal life are put under the microscope – especially she finds herself on the shortlist of suspects and in the sights of the hot cop on the case.

Homicide Detective Aiden Cross takes no prisoners.

Reeling from a previous murder case he couldn’t solve and the sudden departure of his former partner, he’s laser-focused on solving the killing of a junior Congressman found with the sexy shrink’s business card in his pocket. When all the clues lead back to the elite Club D, he’s convinced that Carla’s particular kink has put her in the crosshairs of D.C.’s latest killer.

Passion will force them to take a risk.

Danger is on the loose in the city and Aiden has to decide if Carla is the killer or the next victim. When forbidden desire takes them to the edge of their personal limits, their walls will need to crumble if they have any chance surviving and any hope of saving their hearts.


Third is scheduled for release October 17th but is ready to be added to your “want to read” shelf on Goodreads.

Can’t wait to meet the heroine, Carla Androghetti? Check out RUSH.

About the Book:

MacKenzie World_Robin Covington_300dpi_USAAtticus Rush doesn’t really like people. Years in Special Ops and law enforcement showed him the worst of humanity, making his mountain hideaway the ideal place to live. But when his colleagues at MacKenzie Security need him to save the kidnapped young daughter of a U.S. Senator, he’ll do it, even if it means working with the woman who broke his heart…his ex-wife.

Lady Olivia Rutledge-Cairn likes to steal things. Raised with a silver spoon and the glass slipper she spent years cultivating a cadre of acquaintances in the highest places. She parlayed her natural gift for theft into a career of locating and illegally retrieving hard-to- find items of value for the ridiculously wealthy. Rush was the one man who tempted her to change her ways…until he caught her and threatened to turn her in.

MacKenzie Security has vowed to save the girl. Olivia can find anything or anyone. Rush can get anyone out. As the clock winds down on the girl’s life, can they fight the past, a ruthless madman and their explosive passion to get the job done?


You can purchase RUSH on Amazon   B&N   iTunes

You can connect with Robin here: Website   Facebook   Twitter

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Thanks to Robin for stopping by. Please join me again for more guests and features. Until next time, stay happy, stay healthy, and stay well-read.



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Release Day for Wolf at the Door by Layne Macadam

Book BirthdayNotes From a Romantic’s Heart is pleased to help celebrate the “Book Birthday” for author Layne Macadam’s newest release, Wolf at the Door, book 2 in her Heritage series. Please join me in welcoming Layne for her visit to the site.

Happy Book Birthday, Layne!

About the Book:

WATD webJonah Lawson is a wolf with secrets. Fate has dealt him a shabby hand, so, long ago, he decided to lead a solitary life, never to inflict his tortured past on any female. He takes his pleasures outside the pack with human women, and that works just fine and dandy until the exquisite Camille Robineau arrives at the compound claiming relative status to his Alpha, and he knows then and there he’s in serious trouble.

With his protective armor slipping, he treats her with sardonic indifference, but when the headstrong, reckless Camille goes missing, he realizes she’s taken his heart along with her. His wolf senses ignite and he leads a search party to find her that ends with dire consequences no one could have foreseen and leaves Camille making a sacrifice that impact the rest of her life.


Available on Amazon

An Excerpt:

She drove at a snail’s pace. ‘Bungalow’ was not quite the description she’d have applied to the huge dwelling that came into view, but she followed the instructions and halted the car by the first building.

A tall, cropped-haired individual dressed in low-slung denims and a white polo shirt marched down the few steps and opened her door. He was the sexiest male she’d ever encountered. Weird tingles erupted along her veins, and something peculiar was happening in the pit of her stomach.

“Hello, Miss Robineau, isn’t it? I’m Jonah Lawson. Benjamin, at gate security, indicated you were here to see your father?”

His voice was deep and sexy and slid over her like warm caramel over vanilla ice cream, causing the breath to jam in her throat.


“Um, yes, that’s right, but please, call me Camille,” she squeaked, and slid from the convertible. Damn, but he was hot. She almost had to fan her face as he closed the door with a soft click. “When can I see him?” She angled her head and gazed up into heavily fringed cobalt eyes, and her heart flipped over.

Twin ebony brows drew together. Long, tapered fingers stroked his square jaw, and then he gave a decisive nod as if he’d just made up his mind about something. “Come this way.”

He spun on his heel, leaving her bemused and mouth agape. Head held high and eyes forward, he strode toward a number of buildings farther along the road, the most conspicuous of which was an older-style rambling house with a wraparound veranda.

She scurried along and fell into step beside him. Inadequate feelings surfaced. Out of her depth and becoming less confident by the minute, she cast around in her mind for something interesting to say but came up with squat, so studied her surroundings instead.

Valley-View was like a quaint old English village, the type you’d see in picture books and in movies, except for the armed security detail roaming the grounds. She frowned. Odd, that. And off-putting.

He must have detected her bafflement. “We’ve had a bit of trouble with trespassers and theft lately.”

Well, that explained it. “That’s not nice, people can be such jerks.”

He cocked a brow and gave her a sardonic stare. “That’s true, but they don’t have a monopoly.”

O-kay, change of subject. “So what do you do here, Jonah, and what kind of place is this?” An easy smile sprang to her lips as she lengthened her stride to keep pace beside him.

When only silence followed, she assumed he hadn’t heard. She was about to repeat the question when he stepped onto the veranda of a large house and opened a set of French doors, indicating with a sweep of his arm that she should enter. And then he stunned her.

“I’ll ask the questions, if you don’t mind.”


About the Author:

Layne - w border copyLayne lives with her husband, two dogs, and a cat on the mid-eastern coast of New South Wales, Australia. In addition to being an author she has a degree in history and holds down a full-time job.

She has always been an avid reader and voraciously consumes all types of fiction, but she particularly loves a happy ending, so writing romance seemed a natural progression for her. But as she sat at the computer one day — staring at a blank screen — it all seemed rather daunting. Yet once she finally started tapping on the keys, the words kept flowing, and what was meant to be a short story turned into a full-blown novel, Desire Unleashed, the first book in the “Desire” series.

Layne writes contemporary romance, paranormal, and sci-fi. With her passion for travel and a love of history an historical romance is not outside the realms of possibility. When she’s not writing, you might find her tackling a craft project, walking by the lake, or in the kitchen creating some culinary delights.

Connect with Layne: Website   Facebook   Twitter

Congratulations, again, to Layne on her new release. Please come back and visit again soon. In the meantime, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.


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More the Merrier Mondays … Author Lisa Dawn Wadler’s “Draig” Series

Today is the premier of my newest feature here at Notes From a Romantic’s HeartMore the Merrier Mondays will take a look at books in an individual author’s series. Our first guest is author Lisa Dawn Wadler. Her Draig series features two completed books with more to come from Lisa and Soul Mate Publishing. Please join me in welcoming Lisa for her first visit to the blog.

When asked about the series, Lisa said, “During a martial arts class, I had an instructor call me a “bad ass”. That resonated with me in many facets. Later while reading another historical romance, I was disappointed the heroine yet again needed to be rescued. I couldn’t find a romance with a woman capable of saving herself, so I wrote it.”

The first book in the series is titled The Draig’s Woman.

About the Book:

The Draig's Woman (200)_edited-3Rescuing the man tied to a tree seemed like a rational decision. Claire is a smart, capable bookkeeper who happens to work at a martial arts academy. She has no idea the door she walked through to save the bound man would leave her trapped in 13th century Scotland. She is unable to regret the night of passion shared with Ian, even though it happened with the threat of death just outside the door. She pretends to be content with Ian’s friendship, knowing his people must come first. Compelled by honor and tormented by desire, is being his woman, while he marries another, enough?

Ian, Laird of the Draig Clan, is a man trapped by fate. Forced by necessity to marry a woman he has never met, her dowry is essential to save his clan. However, he is in love with the woman who saved his life and then spent one night in his arms. Duty prevents Ian from being able to marry Claire as custom, honor, and his heart demand. Drawn to her, believing they share the same desires and dreams in life, he finally offers her the only option available, a place by his side and in his bed.

Claire and Ian are bound together in love and then ripped apart by deception and a plot to destroy the Draig clan. Facing the final battle alone and unarmed, Claire saves them all. The ultimate challenge is forgiving Ian for sending her away.

Purchase on Amazon


Book 2 in the series is Time of the Draig.

About the Book:

TIME OF THE DRAIG_200x300In an attempt to save the world from destruction, physicist Major Samantha Sykes, opens a door in time. Her plan to travel into the past to change the future has unexpected consequences. Trapped in 11th century Scotland, her mission is complicated by the love she never knew she was seeking.

Laird Faolan of the Draig clan has one desire: to claim the woman who fell through time and make her his. He will do everything in his power to convince Samantha that she belongs with him for all time.

Opening the door in time brings Samantha and Faolan together. Fate, destiny, and responsibility are at odds. The forces that brought them together may be their undoing.

Will their love survive Samantha’s journey back to her world to save time, or will the centuries that stretch between them tear them apart?

Purchase on Amazon


What’s next?

The third book in the series, The Draig’s Wife, is contracted and due out near the end of 2016. The Draig’s Choice is a work-in-progress, followed by The First Draig and a 6th book, as yet untitled.

About the Author:

HHP_2097 copyLisa began writing after reading yet another romance novel where the heroine needed a man to rescue her from physical harm. While a firm believer in the strong alpha-male hero in any story, she wondered what would happen if that hero met a woman who was able to take care of herself physically. Using her several years of Tae Kwon Do training and mixing in time travel, her multi-award winning debut novel, The Draig Series was born.

Lisa lives in the Chicago suburbs and is married to her high school sweetheart. They have two children and one very spoiled dog.

Connect with Lisa: Facebook   Twitter   Goodreads

Thanks so much to Lisa for being my first guest on this new feature. Please come back again for Welcome Wednesday and Sneak Peek Saturday. Until then, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.



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