Welcome Wednesday … Author Jennifer Kacey

22898524_sNotes From a Romantic’s Heart continues our weekly feature, Welcome Wednesdays, with this week’s guest, author Jennifer Kacey. Her latest release, Broken Silence, is part of the Black Hills Wolves series from Decadent Publishing.

Please welcome Jennifer to the blog.

About the Book:

51U-OCdnhBL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_More than a decade before, when Paul was nothing but a child, fate dealt him a hand he couldn’t win. Silenced him forever for speaking out against the former Alpha, stole his destiny, and robbed him of his place in the pack.

Presley Ginger, a tiny human female, couldn’t have been further from what he expected to walk into the bar and alter his future. But he couldn’t tell her anything about his wolf or his shift. Nothing. Bound by a direct order from the enforcer to keep her in the dark, his need for her would never see the light of day. Then the moon rose above him in the presence of his mate and changed everything.

For years, in the background is where he stayed, unable to find his voice. Until his rainbow-haired mate showed up in the Black Hills—with the answer in her hands.

You can purchase Broken Silence through Amazon   B&N   ARe

Read an Excerpt:

Sometimes Paul wouldn’t remember they were dead. Sometimes getting stuck in the past was as simple as slipping on an old coat full of holes. The illusion of warmth clung to his foggy brain but he was so cold. His faith in others? Fleeting, so he had a hard time putting his trust in anyone.

Or friendship.

Or love.

He shook his head and ran his fingers over his short blond hair, making sure it was still cropped close to his skull.

Short. He always kept his hair short now.

Short enough no one could grab it.

Never again would it be used against him.

Staring at his hands in front of him, he measured their width. Their size was the same as the other wolves in the pack, but his hands didn’t pull the same weight. He was damaged goods. Unable to speak to anyone, he looked at the nightstand to find his only method of communicating. Two things which hadn’t fallen were his notepad and pen he kept with him all the time. So he could write clipped messages to people when he had to communicate.

It got the job done, but the necessity left him even more disconnected. Relaxing his biceps, he let his hands fall to his lap then closed his eyes, as he tried to focus past the nightmare.

The pack had hope again—stronger than ever thanks to the deaths. They’d found unity and faith in their Alpha. Hell, they even found faith in each other, in their pack, first decimated by a madman then wounded by another.

The members of the Black Hills Wolves were coming home. He was happy to be a part of the growth. Happy to help welcome them back. He’d stayed for so many years with the hope of witnessing the resurrection of their pack.


Not his.

Never his, because he was separate from them. Lesser. He’d never be Alpha. Sure as hell wasn’t a dominant wolf by any stretch of the word. Barely even a beta with the females of the pack. He was relegated to being an omega. A weakling. Yes they all told him he was needed. Wanted even. They told him omegas made the pack stronger, they helped—but how? No, he didn’t see it.

He shook his head and rubbed it one more time.

The night was so silent all around him.

Where he always stayed. In the silence.

Most days it still felt as if he were free falling toward a black future with nothing to hold onto. Where he’d land, he didn’t know.

All he prayed for each night and every morning? To find when he landed—he wouldn’t be alone.

♥ ♥ ♥

About the Author:

J KaceyJennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her family in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. She’s the Amazon top seller and award winning author of the Members Only Series and the Surrender Series along with several standalone novels and novellas. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

Looking for Jennifer? Website   Facebook   Twitter

Thank you so much for stopping by. Please come back again on Saturday for our regular Sneak Peek/Author Favorites feature. This week’s topic is “Favorite Romance Book Cover”. Until then, please stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.



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Learning Curve … Author Melissa Kendall

jigsaw-guest-yellow-mdToday’s special guest on Notes From a Romantic’s Heart is fellow Decadent Publishing author, Melissa Kendall. Her latest release, Learning Curve, is a follow-up to her previous release, Curve My Appetite, which was part of Decadent’s 1-Nite Stand series. Please join me in welcoming Melissa for her first visit to the blog.

About the Book:

Learning-Curve-300x450Madame Eve may have helped them find one another. But meshing their two worlds together isn’t easy.

When Dean is nominated for an Emmy, he is so excited he invites Sally to be is date for the evening.

Sally is reluctant at first but eventually agrees. Petrified the world media will make fun of her for being the fat chick on Dean’s arm, she works her butt off to lose weight before the big event.

Can Dean and Sally learn to make life together work? Or will the reality of the differences in their lives be too difficult to overcome?

You can find Learning Curve on Amazon  ARe   Bookstrand  Kobo

Also available in print from Amazon   B&N

Read an Excerpt:

Dean walked in the front door to his condo and glanced around. Everything sat in its usual place, mail on the sideboard, house cleaned. Yet, he felt unwelcome. Six hours ago, Sally had dropped him off at the airport in Greenville. It had been hell to leave her standing there, eyes glistening with tears. He’d be lying if he didn’t admit he might have had to wipe a tear or two from his own.

After setting his bag on the floor, he fished his cell out and unlocked it. He loved the speech-activated feature. “Sally.” Immediately the phone dialed her number.

Counting the rings—after five it would go to voicemail—he breathed a sigh of relief when she picked up on four. “Sally.”

“You’re home.” She sounded happy but sad at the same time.

Hearing her voice eased the ache in his chest, at least a little. “Yep, baby, I’m home.”

“Did you have a good flight?”

“Yeah, pretty good. I missed you, though. Wished you were with me.” The sad sigh from the other end made him want to take the words back.

“Please don’t say that. It’s hard enough, me being stuck here with summer school and you being over two thousand miles away, with no idea when I’ll see you again. Don’t make it harder.”

I’m such a jerk. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you unhappy. Just wanted to let you know you were on my mind.” He had known the moment he arrived on Sally’s doorstep for his surprise visit he’d found the woman he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. The time they spent alone, the past fortnight, being together and learning everything about one another only served to heighten his feelings.

Sally sniffed. “I’ve been thinking of you, too.”

Not wanting them both to end up in tears, he decided to change topics. “Hey, I got some good news when I arrived home today.”

“Oh, really. What?”

“Guess who got nominated for a primetime Emmy?”

“Wow, that’s terrific. What did you get nominated for?”

“Outstanding Lead Actor for Thieves and Liars.”

“I loved that miniseries. You played a drug-addicted detective so well.”

He stood a little straighter, chest puffed out. “Thank you.” Dean had no idea what else to say. Sometimes he forgot she was a Mark Martin fan and had probably seen everything he’d ever done. “Anyway, I was wondering…. I know it will be right after school starts, but I hoped you might be able to get some time off to accompany me to the ceremony.”

A weird squeak accompanied an “Oh, my God.” Then silence.

He had to choke back a chuckle. “You still there?”

“Um, yeah. Sorry. Just a little shocked. You sure you want to take me?”

“Of course I want my girl there with me on what could be the biggest night of my career.” Dean had hoped their time together, enjoying each other’s bodies, might have rid Sally of some of her insecurities, but he could imagine the negative thoughts rolling around in her brain. “Please,” he begged.

“Okay,” she replied so quietly he almost didn’t hear her.

“Okay? You’re sure?”

“Yep,” she said in a much more convincing tone.

“Woohoo! We’re going to the Emmys.”


Find the prequel, Curve My Appetite on Amazon

About the Author:

Melissa KendallMelissa Kendall is a forty-year- old mother of two from Perth, Western Australia, the second-most isolated capital city in the world. Predominantly a stay-at- home mum, she works a few hours a week as a software support consultant.

She has always loved to read and write, and spent most of her teens writing poetry and short stories. Over the years, daily life got in the way and she lost the passion for it, but after the birth of her first child, Melissa discovered e-books and her interest in writing rekindled.

Where to find Melissa: Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Please join me again on Wednesday for my regular Welcome Wednesday feature and then again on Saturday for Sneak Peek/Author Favorites. Until then, please stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.



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Sneak Peek Saturday…Favorite Things

sneak peekWelcome to Sneak Peek Saturday’s here at Notes From a Romantic’s Heart. Every Saturday you’ll get to meet three authors and learn about their books. Each Saturday will also have a “theme” and the authors will give insight into their quirky personalities by identifying their “favorite” from the week’s them.

This week’s subject is Favorite Fast Food.

Our first guest, author Natalie J. Damshroder says: “My favorite fast food is a local chain called Neato Burrito, because they have a jalapeno feta salsa that is INCREDIBLE.”

Natalie’s newest release is The Color of Courage from Soul Mate Publishing.

NJD_TheColorofCourage_400x600From high-rise ledges to charming residential neighborhoods in Washington, DC, a team of superheroes saves people and battles villains…while struggling with bill collectors, day jobs, and complicated love lives.

Empath Daley Charm feels like the weakest member of the city’s superhero team—especially when someone targets them for destruction. Her insecurities also complicate her relationship with team leader Adam Tarantino, especially since she can’t “see” emotions that are about her.

When missions start going dramatically wrong, Adam pulls away even more, knowing his feelings would reveal an exploitable weakness that could mean the end of the team. As they struggle to discover who’s sabotaging their missions, Daley must confront her own self-worth and faith in her abilities. Does she step away to protect her friends, or stand with them and risk someone getting hurt…or worse?

The Color of Courage is available on Amazon

Also, please stop by Natalie’s Website


According to author Cindi Madsen she can’t get enough of MY personal favorite. “My fast food favorite is Taco Bell. Nacho cheese & Diet Mountain Dew on tap. Need I say more?”

Her new book is titled The Bad Boy’s Baby from Entangled Publishing.

TBBB_500-2There are certain words that have always described Cam Brantley: Town bad boy. Soldier. Protector. But never, ever dad. Until he returns home from his latest military tour to discover the girl he had one smoking-hot night with is now mom to the adorable two-year-old Zoey. Who has his eyes.

Plenty of words could describe Emma Walker these days. Mom, dutiful granddaughter, budding designer, the town’s golden child. But when her longtime crush Cam Brantley comes back to town, she knows the perfect word to describe herself: screwed.

Cam and Emma are both shocked to discover he truly wants Zoey in his life. But Cam’s not sure he’s ready to be a dad, and Emma can’t gamble her daughter on maybes. As the long-simmering heat between Cam and Emma reaches a boiling point, he’ll have to work past his demons in order to be the man both girls need.

The Bad Boy’s Baby is available from Amazon  Nook   iTunes

You can connect with Cindi on her Website


Our third guest today is author Cathy Skendrovich who says “My favorite fast food is KFC. I could eat fried chicken morning, noon, and night.”

Her latest release is Prisoner of Love, also from Entangled Publishing.

PRISONER-OF-LOVE-500x700-1Risking his own life is one thing. Risking hers is another…

It was supposed to be a girls-only weekend in the California mountains. But when Lucy Parker is carjacked by a rugged stranger, her fun weekend takes a nighmarish turn. Now she’s caught up in a dangerous world of stolen money, vicious drug dealers, and murder, and the only thing keeping her alive is her oh-so-hot captor.

Imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, undercover cop Jake Dalton wants answers-now. Worse, he’s dragged Lucy into the mix, and she’s now guilty by association. With their lives on the line, the race is on to get to Las Vegas before they’re killed…and they’re running out of time.

Prisoner of Love is available through Amazon   B&N   iTunes

Visit Cathy’s Website

Thanks so much to Natalie, Cindi and Cathy for joining me today. Please come back on Wednesday for our weekly Welcome Wednesday feature and then again next Saturday for another Sneak Peek/Favorites look at three more wonderful authors.

Until then, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.




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Between Midnight and Dawn … Author Cheryl Yeko

RB-BTWNMidnightDawn-CYeko_FINALNotes From a Romantic’s Heart is pleased to welcome author Cheryl Yeko and feature her new release, a romantic suspense titled Between Midnight and Dawn from Soul Mate Publishing.

About the Book:

midnight and dawn _coverKyle Wade has spent over half his life seeking justice for his mother’s brutal murder at the hands of the serial killer known as C.H.K. His efforts lead him to Nicole Chambers, a woman he quickly develops strong feelings for.

Now he’s torn between keeping Nicole safe or using her as bait to capture the monster stalking her.

Available on Amazon

Watch the Book Trailer here!

Enjoy an Excerpt:

Nicole paced nervously, waiting for Kyle to return. She’d thrown on her workout clothes; a black pair of Capris, a long purple T-shirt with large cut-out armholes, and a black sports bra that peeked out from underneath. She was covered practically from head to foot, so why did she get so nervous thinking about Kyle seeing her in the outfit?

Because he’ll be touching me, that’s why. And though not as daring as what a lot of the women wore at the club, it still showed far more skin than Nicole was used to, except when she was working out. Did this qualify?

This is a bad idea.

Her doorbell rang out.

She took a steadying breath. Too late to back out.

When she opened the door and Kyle saw her, his eyes lit with a smoldering fire. But all he said was, “Ready?” as he moved past her, greeting her dog, “Hey, Charlie.

Taking a moment to close the door, and calm her jittery nerves, she turned back to him.

The desire she’d so clearly recognized in his heated stare, had lessened to a more neutral expression.

He nodded toward the living room, where she’d pushed the furniture out of the way, clearing a large spot in the middle. “You should have waited for me to help.”

Nicole rolled her eyes. “Please. I do vacuum, you know. The furniture doesn’t move itself.”

A slightly crooked smile curved Kyle’s lips as Charlie headed over to his dog bed for a nap. “Suppose not.”

Her stomach fluttered. He was too damn charming for his own good. How in the hell was she supposed to resist him? No men rule, remember. Gah! What a dumb rule. What had she been thinking?

Maybe that your taste in men is crap, and you needed a good long break after the last guy you dated almost killed you.

Oh, yeah. That was it.

Kyle moved to the center of the room, looking all too fine in a pair of tight jeans that hugged his ass. He waved her over with two crooked fingers. Her cheeks flamed, hoping he hadn’t caught her checking him out. But by the smirk on his face, she figured he had.

“Now,” he said as she approached, his tone shifting to all business. “If someone tries to grab you, whatcha gonna do?”

“Um. Run away?”

He nodded. “That might work. But, let’s say he manages to get ahold of you. What then?”

She licked her dry lips, nerves rolling around in her stomach. “Is this a trick question?”


My Review (also available on Amazon and Goodreads):

As with her previous books, author Cheryl Yeko weaves a wonderfully tangled web of suspense, effectively keeping the reader on the edge of their seats.

The chemistry between the hero and heroine is electric. And, despite his duty to his mother’s memory, you just know the hero is going to do whatever it takes to protect the heroine. Not that she’s a shrinking violet.

The author writes both hero and heroine as strong and capable characters, well deserving of a happy ending.

About the Author:

CherylMy writing career began in 2011, after my wonderful husband bought me a Kindle for Christmas and changed my world. I started reading romance novels, and fell in love with them. I decided to write one myself, and disappeared into my room over a long Wisconsin winter and wrote my debut novel, PROTECTING ROSE. I submitted to a few publishing houses and was offered a contract with Soul Mate Publishing, which I quickly accepted.

PROTECTING ROSE went on to win the 2012 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence in the romantic suspense category. Well, I was hooked.

Today, I’m a multi-published, award-winning author, and live in Wisconsin with my husband Patrick. I love to read, play piano, and spend time with family and friends. I enjoy novels with fast-paced action and steamy romance, protective alpha men and strong heroines. I belong to several writing groups, including Romance Writers of America (RWA) and Sisters in Crime.

You can find Cheryl here: Website   Facebook   Twitter   Goodreads

Sign Up for Cheryl’s Newsletter

In conjunction with release day for Between Midnight and Dawn, Cheryl is sponsoring a giveaway for a $10 Amazon gift card.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can follow Cheryl’s other stops on her release day blast through Tasty Book Tours

It’s been a pleasure being part of Cheryl’s release day tour. Notes From a Romantic’s Heart will return on Saturday with our regular Sneak Peek/Author Favorites feature. Until then, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.



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Welcome Wednesday … Author Darlene Fredette

22898524_sThis week’s Welcome Wednesday post features Author Darlene Fredette. A fellow Atlantic Canadian, Darlene’s newest release, Hershey’s Choice, is from The Wild Rose Press.

As with our previous guests on Welcome Wednesday, Darlene has graciously agreed to answer a few of our questions.

Q1:  If you could become any one of your book’s characters, who would it be and why?

Hmm, that’s a tough question. I like all the characters I write about because they each have a unique personality. But if I had to pick one, it would probably be Candi from One Sweet Christmas. She owns Cane’s Chocolate Shop, so who wouldn’t want to be her for a day!

Q2: What was your biggest challenge in writing your current release?

Hershey’s Choice was fun to write. I didn’t really come across any challenges with this story, other than I’m a slow writer, so it would have been nice if the timing from writing start to finish had been shorter.

Q3: If you were stranded on a desert island with ANY book boyfriend (not just one of your own creation), who would you choose and why?

Probably Nick from my book, Twist of Faith. He’s a contractor, so he’d be able to build a good shelter.

Q4: When did you know you were destined to be a writer?

 My high school English teacher knew before me. She said I had a knack for creating interesting stories. It was several years later before I finally started writing the many stories in my head.

Speed Round (just to get to know you better):

  1. Coffee, tea, or other? Hot chocolate
  2. Music preference? The Classic Oldies
  3. Favorite movie?  Tombstone
  4. Dog, cat, or other? Dog
  5. Favorite actor/actress? Chris Hemsworth/Carol Burnette
  6. Favorite television show (past or present)? The Walking Dead

About the Book:

perf5.000x8.000.inddEngineer Ryan Jerome has a knack for designing the future but can’t create one for himself. When Ryan lets his dog, Hershey, take the lead, going to the park is never the same. Unintentional meetings, a soiled coat, and a meddling mother are a few of the obstacles in his way of convincing Britt he’s not a stalker. Will he accept his dog’s direction and open his heart to the beautiful woman with a side of crazy?

Ruined weddings, divorced parents, and disastrous relationships have left event planner Britt Wells a non-believer in happy-ever-after. She’s readying for a future in interior design with one last wedding to oversee. Complications arise when she learns a suspected stalker and owner of an unruly dog is related to her client. Falling for Ryan and Hershey were not part of the plan. Can she put aside her doubts in relationships and take a chance on love?

You can purchase Hershey’s Choice through: Amazon     B&N  or through the publisher’s link at the top of this post.

My Review:

Hersheys Review

About the Author:

Darlene lives with her husband, daughter, and Yellow Lab on the east coast of Canada. An avid reader since childhood, she loved to put a pencil to paper and plot out stories of her own. Her writing is a combination of heartwarming, contemporary romance and plot-driven page-turners. When Darlene isn’t writing, you’ll find her reading, visiting the Valley, or sitting outside by the fire pit with her family on a warm summer evening.

Where to find DarleneBlog   Facebook   Twitter

A big ‘thank you’ to Darlene for stopping by. Please join me again on Saturday, May 21st for Sneak Peek/Author Favorites. This week’s topic is “favorite fast food”. Check back to see what my guests have to say.

Until next time, stay happy, stay healthy and, most importantly, stay well read.



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Sneak Peek Saturday…Favorite Things

sneak peekWelcome to a new feature here at Notes From a Romantic’s HeartSneak Peek Saturday’s. Every Saturday you’ll get to meet three authors and learn about their books. Each Saturday will also have a “theme” and the authors will give insight into their quirky personalities by identifying their “favorite” from the week’s theme.

This week’s subject is Favorite Book (not necessarily a romance).

Our first guest, author Mandi Benet, says: “My favorite romance would be the series, The Rock Star’s Seduction by Olivia Thorne, because the writing, sex and story are compelling and there are heart-breaking moments all over the place.”

Mandi’s newest release is To Rome With Love.

TO ROME WITH LOVE_200x300.jpg - hi resWhen Gaby Conte’s Italian husband, Danieli, abandons her for a young Peruvian waitress at a restaurant they co-own in San Francisco, Gaby seeks refuge in Rome with her best friend Maria. There, she swears off romance for a long while and Italian men forever.

That’s until she meets Silvio, who belongs to an old, aristocratic Roman family and lives in a palace alongside the best private art collection in Rome. Silvio, who is the cousin of Maria’s husband, is going through his own divorce. He’s gorgeous, of course, which Gaby doesn’t tell him. And arrogant and condescending, which she does. The last thing Gaby needs is more Italian trouble, but the attraction is instant and powerful, and against the backdrop of one of the world’s most romantic cities, both try—and fail—to resist the chemistry between them.

But both Gaby and Silvio have made a rule never to make the mistake of trusting in love again. Will they realize some rules are made just to be broken?

To Rome With Love is available on Amazon.

Mandi’s Website


According to author Joanne Guidoccio she can’t get enough of “You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. It helped me survive and thrive during the most challenging season of my life.”

Her new book is called A Season for Killing Blondes.

ASeasonforKillingBlondes_w9101_med (2)Hours before the opening of her career counseling practice, Gilda Greco discovers the dead body of golden girl Carrie Ann Godfrey, neatly arranged in the dumpster outside her office. Gilda’s life and budding career are stalled as Detective Carlo Fantin, her former high school crush, conducts the investigation.

When three more dead blondes turn up all brutally strangled and deposited near Gilda’s favorite haunts, she is pegged as a prime suspect for the murders. Frustrated by Carlo’s chilly detective persona and the mean girl antics of Carrie Ann’s meddling relatives, Gilda decides to launch her own investigation. She discovers a gaggle of suspects, among them a yoga instructor in need of anger management training, a lecherous photographer, and fourteen ex­boyfriends. As the puzzle pieces fall into place, shocking revelations emerge, forcing Gilda to confront the envy and deceit she has long overlooked.

A Season for Killing Blondes is available from Amazon   Barnes & Noble  Kobo   (On sale for 99¢ until May 20th.)

Joanne’s Website


Our third guest today is author Annie Stiles who says “Little Women by Louisa May Alcott is my favorite book. It is a deceptively simple and beautifully sculpted exploration of relationships.”

Her latest release is A Match Made in Heritage View

A MATCH MADE IN HERITAGE VIEW_800x1200Despite having been raised by a man-eating, social-climbing mother, Genevieve Garnier is a hopeless romantic. She has successfully parlayed her sentimental nature into a prestigious Manhattan wedding planning business, but cannot make it down the aisle herself.

As another hectic wedding season winds down, Gen finds herself burned out and at a crossroads in life. She retreats to the charming Hudson Valley town of Heritage View to reinvent herself as girl-next- door “Jane”, complete with a charming cottage and apple pies baking in the oven. Gen is determined to simplify her life in Heritage View and keep her wedding business humming, without letting the two worlds collide. Michael Carlisle waltzes in and turns her plans upside down.

Michael is smart and successful, with enough guarded-heart intensity and magnetism to curl any woman’s toes. He stays out of the social fray in Manhattan, so he doesn’t recognize Jane as socialite wedding planner Genevieve. It’s a good thing, because he hates pampered socialites and avoids them nearly as much as he avoids girl-next- door types. That leaves our heroine 0-for- 2.

To make matters worse, it turns out that Michael is dear friends with the Hunter family, “Jane’s” new best friends. He has relationship baggage of his own to battle, but Michael can’t seem to stay away from Jane.

Will they repeat the mistakes of the past?

A Match Made in Heritage View is available through Amazon

Annie’s Website

Thanks so much to Mandi, Joanne and Annie for joining me today. Please come back on Wednesday for our weekly Welcome Wednesday feature and then again next Saturday for another Sneak Peek/Favorites look at three more wonderful authors.

Until then, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.



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Welcome Wednesday…Author Afton Locke

22898524_sToday’s guest on Notes From a Romantic’s Heart is author Afton Locke. She’s here to share some author insight about her latest release. A shifter romance titled Hidden Moon, this is book #4 in the Hot Moon Rising series from Decadent Publishing. Please enjoy today’s spotlight but … fair warning … the excerpt is steamy!

Insights from the author:

orange-tree-2I’ve always thought food is sensual. Two pleasures are better than one, right? When I was invited to write a book for the Hot Moon Rising series, I was intrigued by the setting of Moonlight, Florida, and how the new pack had once lived as refugees in an orange grove. I didn’t plan on Alan and Shelley to make oranges a key part of their first love scene, but characters have minds of their own. It just happened.

I’ll never forget writing a love scene set at the breakfast table for one of my earlier books. When I got a little too creative with the pancakes and syrup, the editor reined me in. Food is only allowed to go so far, so I was careful with the oranges.

So, what do you think is the most sensual food? Strawberries and chocolate are too typical, so think of something more creative, like an orange.

About the book:

AF_HiddenMoon_MDAlan Shifflett left his old pack due to an inherited mutation that makes him a violent freak. He lives a dull life farther north, suppressing his shifts. But when his father can no longer run Moonlight Diner due to failing health, Alan is compelled to rejoin what’s left of his pack in Florida and face his weakness.

Shelley Fields, once a spoiled high school beauty queen, has dedicated her life to helping her pack. In public, she ridiculed Alan because of peer pressure, but secretly, she longed for her mate. When he returns, she confesses her true feelings, but Alan has no intention of staying where he doesn’t belong.

Meanwhile, Curtis—his rival—has a score to settle, and threats from a rival pack are standing everyone’s fur on end. Terrified of the beast inside, Alan is desperate to return to his safe life, but is leaving his mate, kin, and pack in danger worth the price?

Buy the book here: Amazon   iBooks   ARe   Kobo

A *steamy* excerpt:

“I live alone because I like it,” he said. “It also gives me some peace and dignity. Most of all, I’m less likely to accidentally kill somebody.”

“How sad for you,” she said in a small voice.

He stood abruptly, letting her hand fall. “I’ll grab the other crates of vegetables. Are they in the back of your truck?”

A ball of fire bloomed in her abdomen. If she couldn’t talk him into staying, there was only one other way, and it happened to be something she really wanted. She stood, too, and closed the refrigerator door.

“The vegetables can wait.” She brushed the orange across her breasts, raising the nipples through the fabric of her pink shirt. “I can’t.”

“Jesus, Shelley. What are you trying to do?” His gaze rested on her chest, heavy as a hand, and his aroused scent charged the air.

“Leave if you have to.” She dropped her hand, feeling silly for acting like a seductress. “I just ask one thing before you go. Make love with me.”

“That would be a very bad idea.” But his voice had a big crack in it.

“Just once,” she amended. “I’ll never be with another man.”

“You should marry Curtis. You know him a lot better than you do me.”

“You’ve got that right. I don’t know you at all.” She turned her back on him. “Get the damn crates.”

As soon as he left, she tore a hunk of skin off the orange she held and took a messy bite of it. Tears spattered her cheeks, but the scents of citrus and salt couldn’t cleanse away Alan’s. Need, male and raw, hung in the air, tormenting her.

If she wasn’t his cup of tea, she could accept that, but they were mates. Why did he have to be so logical?

When he came back, he dropped the crates on the counter. His muscular arms glistened with sweat from carrying two at a time.

“Don’t cry, Shelley.” He hugged her close to his chest and looked down at her orange, which he’d crushed in the process. “Shit. I can’t do anything right.” After grabbing a nearby dish towel, he dabbed the fruity juice that had spilled on her shirt.

She batted his hand away. “I’ll clean it later. I need to go. I’m not wanted here.”

“Oh, I want you.” The deep growl of his voice vibrated the air around them.

fiery bookHer breath caught when he gripped her shoulders—hard—and bent to lick a drop of orange juice from her shirt. His breath and tongue, hot and damp, penetrated the thin fabric. Fire rippled through the nipple below.

She clutched the bandana on his head with sticky fingers. “Oh, Alan…. Don’t stop.”

By the look in his eyes, he couldn’t if he wanted to. She’d seen that fiery expression on prom night, before he tried to knock Curtis’s head off. It felt as if a beast lived inside him. Knowing she’d unleashed it made her clitoris throb.

His strong hands circled behind her, squeezed her butt, and lifted her to the counter behind her.

“Yes.” She gasped when he yanked up her shirt and tugged down her bra cups. His mouth closed around her nipple.

Then his teeth. The sudden pain arched her back. She barely caught herself from falling backward.

He ripped a section out of the orange and squeezed it, raining the sweet juice across her belly. The warm nectar trickled over her sensitized flesh, sending her muscles into spasms.

“That’s it, honey. Twitch for me because I’m going to make you come so hard.”


Find Afton here: Website   Facebook   Twitter  Newsletter

A big ‘thank you’ to Afton for joining me today. Please come back on Saturday, May 14th for my next addition of Sneak Peek Saturday/Author’s Favorite Things. Also, next Wednesday, I will be will be welcoming author Darlene Fredette and her novel Hershey’s Choice.

Until next time, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.



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Sneak Peek Saturday…Authors’ Favorite Things

sneak peekWelcome to a new feature here at Notes From a Romantic’s HeartSneak Peek Saturday’s. Every Saturday you’ll get to meet three authors and learn about their books. Each Saturday will also have a “theme” and the authors will give insight into their quirky personalities by identifying their “favorite” from the week’s them.

This week’s subject is Favorite Beverage.

Our first guest, author Victoria Pender, says: My favorite beverage is definitely Guinness these days. I miss it. I’m pregnant so staying away from all things that might hurt the baby is the MOST important thing, but my lips tingle for my dark stout again.

Here’s a bit about Victoria’s latest release, Favorite Coffee, Favorite Crush:

FavoriteCoffee200x300Penny moves back to Miami to start her new job. She must start on Monday, so she has a list of things to accomplish.

A: Find a place to live.

B: Avoid her mother.

C: Reconnect with old high school friends.

There was her best friend, Sandra, the dramatic Eva, the dark Michael, her half-brother Wyatt, and her old high school crush Jay. Jay had never looked twice at her except as a partner in math league, but at least these people respected her.

Jay spots Penny immediately and sets a plan in action. He needs her to pretend to be his date this week. She’s practical minded and stable, which is what he needs his investors to see in him.

Penny’s caught in a whirlwind of plots. Her gold digging mother, Jay’s, Jay’s mother who’s out to stop him, and her own plans are being thrown off course. Worst of it is that she’s falling for Jay, all over again.

You can find Favorite Coffee, Favorite Crush on Amazon

Author Brooklyn Skye, IDs her favorite beverage next: Coffee with almond creamer is by favorite drink because without it I can’t guarantee what random nonsense will come out of my mouth.

Her new book is called A Moment of Weakness.

AMoW_1600He can fight anything…except his need for her.

Until her new job starts in September, buttoned-up elementary school teacher Laurel Harris is at loose ends and in need of cash. Fortunately her best friend’s older brother is a single dad and desperately needs a nanny. Or so she’s told. She doesn’t anticipate him being such a menacing, muscled, and undeniably gorgeous man…or that he has zero interest in hiring a nanny.

Micah Crane will do right by his young daughter, no matter the cost. And right now, that cost is juggling parenthood with long hours at his bar and working as an enforcer for a notorious crime boss. He doesn’t need another complication in his life, but the sweet, frustratingly opinionated little blonde hell-bent on caring for his daughter stirs his blood like no woman ever has.

All it takes is a moment of weakness to ignite the lust blazing between them. A moment that will unravel their self-control and unleash all of Micah’s darkest secrets…

And you can find A Moment of Weakness on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Our third guest today is author Cathy Skendrovich. Her favorite beverage of choice? My beverage of choice is Diet Pepsi, because my favorite aunt liked it, and every time I drink it I remember her.

Her latest release is Prisoner of Love.

PRISONER-OF-LOVE-500x700-1Risking his own life is one thing. Risking hers is another…

It was supposed to be a girls-only weekend in the California mountains. But when Lucy Parker is carjacked by a rugged stranger, her fun weekend takes a nighmarish turn. Now she’s caught up in a dangerous world of stolen money, vicious drug dealers, and murder, and the only thing keeping her alive is her oh-so-hot captor.

Imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, undercover cop Jake Dalton wants answers-now. Worse, he’s dragged Lucy into the mix, and she’s now guilty by association. With their lives on the line, the race is on to get to Las Vegas before they’re killed…and they’re running out of time.

You can find all purchase links for Prisoner of Love at Entangled Publishing

I want to thank Victoria, Brooklyn and Cathy for joining me today and sharing both their books and a little insight into one of their favorite things. Please join us again on Wednesday for our Welcome Wednesday feature. This week’s guest is Afton Locke.

Until then, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.



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Reviving An Oldie But a Goodie !!!

This week’s edition of Welcome Wednesday was…unfortunately…put on hold. My scheduled guest, author Anita Kidesu, will be moving to a later date in mid-June. I look forward to her visit at that time. Because I was unable to find a replacement at the last minute, Notes From a Romantic’s Heart, is reviving an oldie but a goodie….The Things Authors Say! Previously posed over a year ago, it still holds a special place in my heart!

As authors, we often look to other writers for inspiration. I thought I’d share some of my favorite writing-related quotes.

Writers on Writing:

writer mugI love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. – Douglas Adams

I love being a writer. What I can’t stand is the paperwork. – Peter de Vries

If you start with a bang, you won’t end with a whimper. – T.S. Eliot

There are three rules for writing. Unfortunately, no one can agree what they are. – Somerset Maugham

The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book. – Mickey Spillane

If the sex scene doesn’t make you want to do it – whatever it is they’re doing – it hasn’t been written right. – Sloan Wilson

Writers on Editing:

CartoonGet it down. Take chances. It may be bad, but it’s the only way you can do anything really good. – William Faulkner

It is perfectly okay to write garbage–as long as you edit brilliantly. – C. J. Cherryh

Never throw up on an editor. – Ellen Datlow

Writers on Critics/Reviews:

Asking a working writer what he thinks about critics is like asking a lamppost how it feels about dogs. – Christopher Hampton

It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way. – Ernest Hemingway

It is advantageous to an author that his book should be attacked as well as praised. Fame is a shuttlecock. If it be struck at one end of the room, it will soon fall to the ground. To keep it up, it must be struck at both ends. – Samuel Johnson

Writing Self-Deprecation:

It took me fifteen years to discover I had no talent for writing, but I couldn’t give it up because by that time I was too famous. – Robert Benchley

I am irritated by my own writing. I am like a violinist whose ear is true, but whose fingers refuse to reproduce precisely the sound he hears within. – Gustave Flaubert

Having been unpopular in high school is not just cause for book publication. – Fran Lebowitz

A Writer’s Obsession:

WriterWe do not write because we want to; we write because we have to. – Somerset Maugham

When writing a novel, that’s pretty much entirely what life turns into: ‘House burned down. Car stolen. Cat exploded. Did 1500 easy words, so all in all it was a pretty good day.’ – Neil Gaiman

A writer never has a vacation. For a writer life consists of either writing or thinking about writing. – Eugene Ionesco

Just for Fun:

He was such a bad writer, they revoked his poetic license. – Milton Berle


Please join me on Saturday, May 7th for a new feature, Sneak Peeks and Favorites…a look at not just our books but some of our hidden secrets! Until then, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.



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Welcome Wednesday … Author Angela Christina Archer

22898524_sWelcome Wednesday is back … although a day late due to some unforeseen technical difficulties. My apologies to our guest, Angela Christina Archer, for the delay. Today we feature Angela and her wonderful late-1920’s book, As The Liquor Flows, from Long Valley Press.


About the Book:

As the Liquor Flows Red no shadowBlack Tuesday, October 29, 1929, the day the stock market crashed, and the day Evelyn Ford will never forget. With the untimely death of her parents and the loss of their only income, Evelyn, and her brother, Frank flee to a make-shift hovel built in Central Park. After Frank mysteriously goes missing, bare cupboards force Evelyn to seek employment anywhere she can find work, even if that means working at a burlesque theater.

Catching the attention of Don Vincent Giovanni, a Kingpin in the New York mafia, Evelyn discovers that Frank is serving time in prison for running hooch and he owes Vincent a lot of money. In order to pay off her brother’s debt, Evelyn is thrown into the world of mobsters and bootlegging. Between running hooch all over the city of New York and trying to save her brother, Evelyn finds herself drawn to Max Catalano, Vincent’s Consigliere. Even with secrets of his own, he’s the only one she can trust when she entangles herself in the middle of the New York mafia crime wars.

Buy Links:  Amazon   B&N

My Review:

As the Liquor Flows

About the Author:

AngelaAngela lives on a ranch with her husband, two daughters, and many farm animals. She was born and raised in Nevada, and grew up riding and showing horses from hunter jumper, English equitation, western pleasure, trail, and halter. While she doesn’t show anymore, she still loves to trail ride her paint horse, Honky. In December of 2007, she and her husband moved to Oklahoma.

From a young age, she always wanted to write a novel. However, she never believed she could write anything well enough for a publisher to even consider her. Every time the desire flickered, she shoved the thought from my mind until one morning, in 2009, she awoke with the determination to follow her dream.

Please join us again next week when our guest will be Author Anita Kidesu. Until then stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.



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