Z-BOT by S.C. Mitchell

GENRE: Science Fiction Romance
SERIES: Xi Force (Book 1)

About the Book

Chris Johnson never really started living until he died. Orphaned, fostered, and drifting through life, the twenty-seven year old programmer had no family, little money, and few friends. But he also had no enemies. So, who the hell killed him? After an experimental process brings him back from the dead as a zombiebot, he gets the chance to find out.

Heather Logan’s latest process uses nanobots to reanimate a corpse. Half robot, half something raised from the dead, Chris is her first successful resuscitation. Questions abound. What is it? Is it truly alive, a machine, or some kind of zombie-hybrid?

But someone wants to steal Heather’s secret process and put her out of the picture permanently. Chris, with his new superpowers, is the only thing standing between Heather and an assassin’s bullet. Is he enough of a hero to save her?

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Heather sighed as she smoothed the dark brown hair back from Chris’s forehead. I was going to call you.

She took one beefy arm and turned it flat to insert the long needle into a vein. Already the skin was cooling. The process would work faster if she got the serum into his stream before the blood started to settle. Opening the valve on the IV caused viscous, yellow liquid to slide down the tube and into his arm. “Now we find out if all our theories are correct.”

The serum served to create a pathway, liquefying blood clots and expanding collapsed arteries, so that over a thousand nanobots—robots so small they were almost invisible to the naked eye—could invade Christopher’s corpse, propelling their way through his stagnant blood vessels. Some moved toward his damaged heart and others toward the brain stem.

In the stillness of the lab, the whoosh of the ventilator created a constant distraction. Christopher’s chest continued to rise and fall as if he were still breathing.

And with luck, the corpse would soon be breathing on its own.

God, why not just change her last name to Frankenstein? The Zombiebot program did have more than a few similarities to Mary Shelley’s classic tale.

Am I creating a monster? It wasn’t the first time she’d asked herself that question.

My Review

The Marvel Universe has nothing on S.C. Mitchell! I, too, am a lover of all things Marvel so I went into this book a bit skeptical but came out a fan.

The two main characters, Heather and Chris, are perfectly crafted. An intelligent heroine who, despite her scientific smarts also questions the morality of what she’s doing. A sexy, nerdy hero who questions whether he has what it takes to protect the heroine.

Loved the snappy dialogue (both internal and external). Chris’ inner thoughts are hilarious. The technology aspect is engaging without being overly scientific. The suspense is edge of your seat entertaining. Oh, and the love scenes! Those are good too!

A great read for those who like to mix it up with a bit of fantasy and still get that happily-ever-after.

About the Author

S.C.Mitchell is a writer of paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy romance, who crafts unique and wondrous worlds where characters explore, romp, and fall in love. Whether traveling through demon-filled dimensions, deep space, or ancient mythological heavens, heroes and heroines, face fantastic challenges on their pathway to enduring love.

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