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Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Polly leaves her husband and travels to India. There she meets the charismatic Finlay and begins a new – and dangerous – life of teaching street children in the slums.

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The boy slurped the milk straight from the jug, emptied it.

‘So what went wrong?’ she asked, nodding towards the table.

‘The owner of the shop died and his brother took over. Says it was his wife who ill-treated the boy.’

The food finished, the child sat there shivering. She could see the tremble in each bony limb and felt her heart would break. He was only a little boy and he’d been beaten and starved. She crept into the room where the boys were asleep to fetch one of the old blankets they used to wrap sick children.

Somebody stirred, sat up in the darkness. ‘Aunty?’

‘Shush. Go back to sleep.’ Pushed him gently back down onto his mat.

‘Can you find an old newspaper, Poll?’ Finlay enveloped the boy in the blanket and picked him up. ‘Come on, old son.’

With the boy on the hall chair and papers spread on the floor beneath him, Finlay manned the scissors. Chunks of matted hair fell to the ground. ‘I’ll cut the worse of the lice out before I get him in the shower. His head can be shaved in the morning.’

While Finlay washed him, Polly gathered up the paper and hair, took them into the yard and struck a match, the sulphur catching in her throat. She listened with a feeling of nausea to the hissing and popping sounds.

~ ~ ~

Author Dianne Noble has painted an extremely vivid picture of India, its people, its culture and shown both the good and the bad with equal passion.

A well-written story, A Hundred Hands, draws the reader in to the lives of not only the heroine, Polly, but everyone she touches. Especially her friend Amanda, co-workers Finlay and Liam, and the children of Kolkata.

If you’ve never read one of Dianne Noble’s wonderful books set in India, A Hundred Hands is a great place to start.

~ ~ ~

About the Author

I was born into a service family and at the tender age of seven found myself on the Dunera, a troopship, sailing for a three year posting to Singapore. So began a lifetime of wandering – and fifteen different schools. Teen years living in Cyprus, before partition, when the country was swarming with handsome UN soldiers, and then marriage to a Civil Engineer who whisked me away to the Arabian Gulf.

Most of the following years were spent as a single parent with an employment history which ranged from the British Embassy in Bahrain to a goods picker, complete with steel toe-capped boots, in an Argos warehouse. In between I earned my keep as a cashier in Barclays, a radio presenter and a café proprietor on the sea front in Penzance.

My travels have taken me to China, Egypt, Israel, Guatemala, Russia, Morocco, Belize and my favourite place, India. I keep copious notes and constantly dip into them to ensure my writing is atmospheric.

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It’s been my pleasure hosting this week’s review for Dianne’s book tour. Please come back again tomorrow for another guest and giveaway!

Until then, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.


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