Psychic Phenomenon? When Your Research Gives You Goosebumps!


A number of years ago I was working on a new novel … a futuristic time travel that began with a visit to a psychic who claimed to be able to transport guests to the future for a 20-second ride and then return them safely home. My heroine, a tenacious Lois Lane-type investigative reporter was sent to debunk her claim. The hero was not only an NYC vice cop, but also the heroine’s ex-husband. As an author, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my characters…where I wanted them to go, how I wanted them to feel.

The part of the story I was struggling with was the mystic part, the séance, the mysterious psychic personality.


A writer friend recommended that I visit her neighbor who, my friend assured me, possessed all the right psychic powers to answer my multitude of questions. So, being the thorough researcher that I like to think I am, I gave the woman a call.

When I made the appointment, I explained I was only there for insight into what a psychic medium does and how I could relate it to my work-in-progress. The woman told me to bring the first chapter of my book in a sealed envelope as well as something else I used when I wrote. My never-empty coffee cup was the first thing that came to mind but, instead, I took a floppy-disk copy of my story (yes, I said it was a number of years ago) inside a black plastic disc case.

Non-believer that I was, I reluctantly forked over my hard-earned cash and took my seat at the table. Even though I’d only come for information, she insisted I allow her to go through her usual routine. And so…

Handwriting analysis: She had me write out a very simple sentence and then proceeded to delve into my personality based on what I’d written. I was fully expecting she’d hone in on my fiction writing but, rather, she discussed many things non-related to writing that I’d done in my past. Creepy!

Palm reading: Next she read my hand, pointed out my deep and long lifeline (encouraging) and found my writer’s fork! Okay, now we’re getting into what I’d expected. She also said there was a break in my heart line that would become apparent near the upcoming year-end holidays. Given both my mother and my in-laws were elderly, this gave me a moment’s pause.

Tarot cards: Nothing too profound at first. Then, she turned over the card that was supposed to represent the man/love in my life. She said there were wheels around this person. I snickered … after all, my husband worked for a company named Kelsey Wheel. The woman told me to not be so quick to laugh, and that the card had nothing to do with his employment. Strange but not creepy!

Object Association: Finally! We were to the reason I’d come. I handed her the sealed envelope and black disc case. She laid them on the table and rested her hands on top. Within minutes, she was giving me details in my book that we’d not discussed…delving accurately into my vivid imagination. She definitely had my attention!

Then, for some strange reason, she began talking about a farmhouse, a small boy with blond hair and a camera. I explained that those weren’t from the book I was working on, but rather from an outline for another book I’d proposed. She asked if I was thinking of that second book while we talked and I told her “no”, I hadn’t thought of it in weeks.

After we were done and she’d given me some wonderful insight as to how I could play up the psychic’s skills in my book, we opened the envelope and I showed her the first scene she’d described so well. We opened the disc box and there, inside, was not only the disc for my time travel, but also the disc for the forgotten story. Goosebumps covered every inch of my arms!

I left the session far less of a skeptic but still not convinced true powers existed. However, I did have a wealth of information I could use while finishing my book and for that I was grateful.

Fast forward three months, the holidays were upon us, and … my heart line and tarot card readings … came crashing down around me. My husband of over 25 years decided to call it quits and he’d set the wheels in motion to separate. Everything she’d predicted had come true and I was now a dyed-in-wool believer … and still am to this day. I’m not saying every psychic is on the up-and-up…I’m not that naive. However, there are people out there with true gifts, whether it be of a psychic nature, or creative nature … we all have something to give.

Speaking of gifts:

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In the meantime, stay safe, don’t let the zombies get you, and come back soon!



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