LAS VEGAS TALES by Amber Malloy

GENRE:   Interracial Erotic Romance


About the Book

Even love takes a vacation in Sin City every once in a while.

Four brown beauties tumble head first in love in the last place on earth anyone would look for it… Las Vegas!

The Guardian: Jack Stone has inherited his family’s casino. The only problem? The mob wants it more than he does. If he doesn’t play his cards right, he’ll end up dead. When his high school sweetheart drops back into his life, Jake’s got an even tougher decision — should he trust the beauty with his life and heart — again?

High Art: A brilliant painter, Bebe Noel has the goods to make it to the top… just not the social skills. With her financial situation in limbo, she must turn to her deceased benefactor’s husband for help. Will this new arrangement become lucrative for the both of them or fizzle out before it can even get started?

Beauty and the Boxer: Middleweight boxer Cristiano Díaz is in trouble. Unless he can score a quickie marriage he will be deported. He has his eye on a sexy baker, and she’s the only one he wants. Can the boxer convince the curvy vixen to marry him, or will he get knocked out before the first round?

Run, Pussycat, Run: Sullivan McNeill comes to Vegas to snatch lounge singer Kitty Carmichael, the love of his life, away from the bright lights of Sin City. When he finds out she’s trapped in a contract with the devil, he has to figure out a way to save her or lose the woman who holds his heart forever.

Read an Excerpt (from The Guardian)

The last remains of the Vegas nightlife surrounded his bar, where the showgirls from the Bellagio ignored last call. Jack Stone cleaned off the glasses with a smile. He had no choice; this town was a world of its own. Only in Las Vegas would a baby shower at the witching hour be acceptable. The star act of the Night Review was not blessing a new life with just any old nightclub but one where old Hollywood had once clamored to get in.

“To Mindy, for getting out of the dance race before she got tossed out on her pregnant ass!” The pack of Amazons cheered at their captain’s toast.

“Last ones, lovelies,” Jack called out. “It’s time to go.”

“Aw, come on, Jack, one more?” they whined practically in unison.

“Sorry, girls, the big boss would have my head if he knew I kept us open this late.”

“We could only make it over after the show.” The tallest of the tribe reached across the dark bar to touch his shoulder. “I’m sure you can pull a few strings.”

Jack kept his smile firmly in place, without allowing them to know he was immune to their charm. “Last one,” he repeated with a wink to soften the blow.

“Okay, you win.” Still sparkly from her performance earlier, the replacement showgirl took her Peppermint Schnapps down like a pro. “What do you say to dinner tomorrow night after last curtain?”

Since his return to Vegas three years ago, this was the same song and dance he went through nightly. He was hip deep in friends with benefit offers. At first he indulged in the available pool of beauties, a distraction from his true mission. It would have been easy to keep going, but the sexy woman who had just stepped into Pauline’s consumed his mind and heart.

My Review

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a Vegas groupie. I love the bright lights, the shows and, unfortunately, the casinos. One of the things I enjoyed most about this collection of short stories was the distinct flavor of Las Vegas. The second thing that pleased me was the fact that the heroines are not stick figure Barbie dolls … they all real, curvaceous women. What man wouldn’t want to sin with these ladies in Sin City???

Now to the actual collection of stories. This is where my feelings are mixed. Nothing bad, just mixed. If you’re searching for a Happily-Ever-After (HEA), you’re not going to find it here. These stories are raw, lusty, with just a hint at a possible continuation between the characters. Nothing is guaranteed. If I were going to characterize the book … it’s a steamy romp that requires a comfy chair and something cold to drink

If I had to choose a favorite out of the four stories, it would definitely be High Art. I could most relate to Bebe’s brilliantly talented, yet socially awkward heroine. And, because I do like my romance to have a hopeful conclusion, this is the story that came closest to making that promise.

If you’re looking for that snow-bound read that will keep you warm without a blanket, this might just be the set of stories for you.

About the Author

Amber Malloy dreamed of being a double agent but couldn’t pass the psyche evaluation. Crushed by despair that she couldn’t legally shoot things, Amber pursued her second career choice as pastry chef. When she’s not writing or whipping up a mean Snickers Cheesecake, she occasionally spies on her sommelier. Amber is convinced he’s faking his French accent.

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