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Santa Rosa, CA ~ January, 1967

Newly appointed Chief of Emergency Medicine Dr. Garrett Langley can’t seem to find a secretary to keep up with his demands. His love life isn’t going so well, either. He recently lost his long-time girlfriend to his older brother and saw a workplace romance end in disaster, leaving him with a busy career but no love life.

Piano prodigy Grace Valentyne forfeited the second half of her Julliard scholarship to come home to California and care for her mother. Now, with her mother gone, she must find a job in order to pay for the remainder of her education. When offered the opportunity to work for the physician nicknamed Dr. Cupid, she jumps at the chance.

Grace soon finds herself in over her head—and not just with the office equipment.  But falling for the boss won’t get her back to Julliard. She needs to keep her focus and not let the sexy doctor derail her professional goals.

~ ~ ~

Garrett shoved the last clipboard into place atop the nurses’ station. So much for organization…routine. Rounds had taken twice as long as he’d anticipated, and the need for a secondary consult had caused him to miss his standing department head meeting.

Not that he minded. Sitting around a conference table with a dozen other doctors discussing schedules and budgets was not his idea of productive time management. He’d have much rather been holed up in office tending to his dictation.

Dictation? Or is it Grace who has you anxious to get back to your desk?

If he were being honest, probably a bit of both. Okay, a bit of one, a lot of another. “I’m back,” he called out, his arrival at the corner of the desk obviously surprising her.

She startled, her head jerking up. “So I see.”

It was then he noticed the look of fatigue in her expression, the dull lifelessness of her usually bright eyes. And the roses. On her blouse. He crooked his finger and beckoned her to follow. “Can you join me, please?”

“Yes, of course.” She stood, the sudden motion causing her to wobble. He grasped her elbow to steady her before stepping into his office. Once she’d crossed the threshold, he shut the door behind them. “What time did you leave work last night, Grace?”

“What time?” Her gaze lowered and she bit her lower lip before saying, “I told you, I’m not putting in for overtime pay. It shouldn’t matter how late I stayed.”

Slowly, he reached out and lifted the embroidered collar of her blouse, running his thumb across the rose and leaf detail. “You didn’t go home at all last night, did you?”

“What makes you think that?”

“This is the same blouse you were wearing yesterday.” A vision of Grace on the stepladder, her pencil-straight skirt hugging her hips and bottom came back to haunt him. “And if I’m not mistaken, the same skirt.”

She let out a long, weary sigh and sank into the leather chair opposite his desk. “I couldn’t face disappointing you again. When we couldn’t find that little girl’s file…I don’t know…something inside me just snapped.”

He glanced briefly at his watch. Four-ten. Grace had been at work for over thirty hours. “Get your coat, hat and purse. I’m driving you home.”

“My car is here. I can drive myself.”

“You can barely keep your eyes open. You’re an accident waiting to happen. The last thing I’d want is to see you lying on a gurney in the ER.”


“No arguments. Get your things. We’ll be leaving in ten minutes.”

I…uh…I work until five.”

He shook his head and shot her what he hoped was a quelling glare. Pointing toward the outer office, he ordered, “Not today you don’t.”

~ ~ ~

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