Luck o’the Irish…Flash Giveaway!

I’m so looking forward to corn beef and cabbage for dinner! You’d think I’d make it more often than once a year since I enjoy it so much. But I don’t. There’s something to be said for a “tradition” and that tradition is … cooking corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day.

May you always have… 
Walls for the winds
A roof for the rain
Tea beside the fire
Laughter to cheer you
Those you love near you
And all your heart might desire.

~ ~ ~

What would St. Patrick’s Day be without a nod to the Irish mob?

Decorated war hero Reece Michaels agrees to go undercover in order to bring down the Irish Mob. In return, the civilian life he’s coveted for the past six years will be returned to him.

Hired by mob boss Sean O’Malley to protect his youngest son, Reece soon discovers the young man needs more protection from his own family than its enemies.

What Reece doesn’t count on is his instant attraction to the police chief’s beautiful and willing daughter. Abby Mackenzie is the younger sister of a woman with whom Reece once had a torrid affair. He’s determined to not give in to Abby’s come-hither ways. After all, one Mackenzie woman was more than enough.

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~ ~ ~

Flash Giveaway

I’m giving away two $5 Amazon gift cards and two copies of Do You Want Me (digital or audio — winner’s choice). You’ll receive one entry for each of the following:

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I’ll hold the draw on Sunday and notify each winner either by FB messenger, Tweet, or email. Winners names will also be added to this post.

I’ll be back again next week with posts of my own as well as guests, tours, and book reviews! In the meantime, have a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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