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Tabitha’s Take on Small Publishers

What it’s really like to publish with a small press aka a “boutique publisher”?

Hi! I’m Tabitha Rhys, author of the novel Love, Music, Madness. I’m here today to answer a question I get all the time: “What is it really like to release a book with a small publisher?” I can’t tell you what every small press publishing experience will be like, but I can tell you about mine.

I began my publisher search by browsing the internet for small presses that had both released novels similar to mine and produced plenty of quality books. After choosing six small presses, I emailed them. A few months later, three acquiring editors “requested a full”—they wanted to read my manuscript!

When a rep from Soul Mate Publishing sent me a contract, I signed. However, there wasn’t much time to celebrate. My editor and I soon began the process of turning my passion project into a marketable book. Over several months, I pared down my manuscript so it better fit the conventions that romance readers expect.  Next, with the help of my publisher I sent out advance copies of my novel to readers, reviewers and book bloggers. Finally, after building a bit of buzz, it was time to launch my book!

Looking back, I’d say releasing my book with a small publisher was fun, hectic . . . and lots of hard work. While small press publishing isn’t for everybody, I can tell you that if I had the chance to go back in time, I’d choose a small press all over again.

About the Book

Song writing partners Lawson Harper and Jessa Warlow’s musical ambitions are derailed when their so-called relationship ends disastrously. However, neither Lawson nor Jessa are willing to give up on the album’s worth of soul-searing songs they wrote together—songs they’re sure are good enough to change both their lives.

Will the chemistry that fuels their creativity drive them to make the record of a lifetime, or only to absolute madness?

Love, Music, Madness is set in the Philadelphia suburbs and Los Angeles.

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Read an Excerpt

I forced myself not to wonder whether what happened after our last session would happen again. I told myself there was no chance. That Jessa had just given in to an impulse—a whim. That it didn’t mean anything. But after our session had concluded and I set my guitar down, I felt Jessa’s arms slipping under mine. Then her lips were scraping across my collarbone.

I squeezed my eyes shut as a scorching heat surged through me, all the way to my fingertips. For a few seconds, I let myself absorb what was happening. I could hardly make myself believe it. Then I knew. I was going to be Jessa Warlow’s guitarist. I was also going to be the warm body standing between her and loneliness at a peculiar, in-between time in her life. It would probably be temporary, and it would probably mean much more to me than it did to her.

That was all right. It was more than all right. I would take what I would get. Because Jessa was beautiful, and unapologetic, and an artist. To me, she was irresistible.

~ ~ ~

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About the Author

Tabitha Rhys is a writer and mom with a passion for music, misfits and subculture. Although entirely a work of fiction, Love, Music, Madness is inspired by her many years on the road and in the studio as an independent musician. Currently, Tabitha resides in Riverside, CA. When she’s not exploring with her toddler son, she’s hard at work on her next novel.

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