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We Asked and Jen Answered

Q1:  If you could become any one of your book’s characters, who would it be and why?

Ooh, this is hard because I love all the characters in my books even when they’re behaving badly. However, I have become quite attached to Ella Masters my heroine in The Rise of Orion paranormal series. I have written three books with her as the main character, and I feel I know her the best. She’s lived several lives, and in each one has been betrayed by men. Despite this, she is willing to take a risk and love again.  I love how vulnerable and soft she is as well as tough. She’s a survivor.

Q2:  What do you consider to be the central plot of your story?

Hm, the central plot in my upcoming release, Forgotten Love is about a second chance at love. My main character Summer Hamilton is involved in a car accident and is left in a prolonged coma. When she wakes, she doesn’t recall the previous twelve months. The doctors say she has a case of retrograde amnesia and that her memory may never return. Determined to move on and start a new life, she moves away from the bright city lights which now bring on panic attacks and takes up residence in the peaceful town of Bridgton, Maine. But fate catches up with her, and the quaint village is not without danger. A stranger in town, Rafe Bryant, saves her after a scary ordeal and memories from the past resurface.

Q3:  When did you know you were destined to be a writer?

I’m a late bloomer. It was really after my children were born that I felt consumed with stories circulating in my head. I kept plotting the books out and visualizing them like a movie, but I dismissed the act of writing telling myself I couldn’t do it. Then, when I was at a low point in my life, the need to write was no longer something I could ignore. I picked up a pen and my sons’ notebook and wrote. Once, I started, I couldn’t stop. For years, I questioned if I was a real writer, and I wouldn’t admit it to anyone.

Speed Round (just to get to know you better):
Coffee, tea, or other?  Mostly tea, but I will drink coffee, wine, prosecco.
Music preference?  Coldplay, U2, Queen, Barbara Streisand, Pink, Mozart, most music except rap!
Favorite movie?  Lord of the Rings. All of them.
Dog, cat, or other?  Rescue hound named Ella and 2 cats, Skittles & Kitkat
Favorite author?  I have many, but right now it’s Colleen Hoover.

About the Book

I’m an ex-Navy SEAL. A wounded warrior with a hard-ass exterior and a checkered past to match. All I care about is my outdoor survival business—teaching others the skills they need to survive in the face of danger.

But fate has a wicked sense of humor.

From out of nowhere this brunette-beauty with the easy smile and doe-eyes walks into my life…and it’s not the first time.

Summer doesn’t remember me. But she’s the one I can’t forget.

I know that she’s in danger, and I’ll gladly give in to every protective instinct I have when it comes to keeping her safe.

There’s a reason fate sent her my way for a second time.

Only, this time…I won’t fail her.

Not again.

~ ~ ~

Forgotten Love will be available on March 12th

Read an Excerpt

Rafe wanted to close the distance between them but didn’t dare. The hits kept coming. His gaze ran over the faded navy Patriots shirt she wore over her cream sweatpants. Trying to remove the mental picture of her from his mind, his eyes widened, and his dry throat tightened. Knowing his gaze lingered over her, he lifted his eyes to meet hers and watched as she tugged at the top.

“It’s an old shirt, but I love the Patriots, especially Tom Brady. Don’t you?”

You can do this. Rafe rubbed his hands over his face to break the spell and convince himself he could carry on, unaffected by her performance. Marching into the kitchen, he opened the cupboards for some liquid support. She must have some alcohol somewhere. Perched on the top shelf stood a full bottle of Rémy Martin, which he grabbed, along with a couple of crystal glass tumblers. They could both do with a stiff drink, and he switched around to face her.

“Hm, a good team, but I’m more of a Brad Marchant fan myself.” He shrugged and kept his reply monotone. A simple lie, but enough to change the direction of conversation knowing she hated ice-hockey. At least she used to.

About the Author

J.M.Davies, Jen is the author of The Rise of Orion paranormal romance series as well as several contemporary and YA fantasy novels under the name, Jennifer Owen Davies. Jen’s novels are available worldwide in Ebook and print format.

In 2014, she was signed with Secret Cravings to write the Children of Annwn fantasy series and in 2018 signed with Limitless Publishing to write the Bound by Love series. Jen is also an indie author producing and publishing work of her own.
Jen loves to create realistic and flawed characters who deserve a happy ever hopefully providing a satisfying read.

Originally from Wales in the UK, she now lives with her family in a small town in New England close to the city of Boston, the coast, and the mountains. Both countries are huge sources of inspiration for her writing. Since she could read, Jen has enjoyed an eclectic taste in books, but loves all thing’s romance, and from her love of the written word stemmed the desire to create her own satisfying stories. Although, a shortie at only five feet tall, she has a big heart and hopes that is evident in her storytelling.

She is mom to four boys, five, if you include her husband, an adorable rescue hound called Ella, and two cats, Skittles and Blackjack. Yup, you guessed it; she has a sweet tooth, and loves chocolate—mostly Cadburys!  When she isn’t writing paranormal or contemporary romance, Jen manages a local writers group called Writers Supporting Writers on FB as she loves inspiring others to pursue their dream.

She also loves discovering old treasures at yard sales and revamping them, watching Grey’s Anatomy, Game of Thrones and Homeland, walking on the beach, cooking, road biking and when there’s time the gym. She loves to chat to readers and below are some ways to stay in touch with the latest news about her books and competitions.

Jen’s Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

It’s been my pleasure hosting author J.M. Davies and a getting a sneak peek at her upcoming release.

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