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Q1If you could become any one of your book’s characters, who would it be and why?

I’d be Corrin in Torn by Vengeance. She’s plucky, smart, petite (I’m almost 5’8”) and has a compassionate, attentive, hunky doctor thrown into her life. I love how Corrin handles the mutual attraction, which hits at the worst time for her to achieve hard-won career advancement. But, how could I, ahh, I mean Corrin, sideline Kyle, a man with blond-haired, surfer good looks, country charm, and old-fashioned values? I’d willingly step out of my size nine boots and into her size six heels for a couple days.

Q2:  What is the setting for your story?

The Hitman’s Mistake and Torn by Vengeance, Books 1 and 2, both open in Seattle. Woven into all the stories are reasons my heroes and heroines gravitate to a fictitious, picturesque small town in Montana. Love Thrives in Emma Springs is the series title, and I modeled the community after people I met and places I visited while travelling for work.

Q3:  If there’s one thing you want the reader to take away from your story, what would it be?

I’m a Libra, and my balanced scale holds two equally important considerations. The first side of the scales tells us to trust your instincts. Gavin de Becker’s non-fiction book, The Gift of Fear sites compelling reasons to do so. Corrin sensed danger, but waited to ask for help. In real life, we need to act, not react. The other equally weighted side holds the importance of true female friendship. My imperfect, courageous, loyal women fully support one another.

Speed Round (just to get to know you better):

  • Coffee, tea, or other? Both. First, I consume several mugs of coffee with chocolate milk and then switch to Earl Grey tea with a touch of Trader Joe’s powdered Chai tea.
  • Music preference? Rock N’ Roll, baby. The fast-dance type.
  • Favorite movie? Men in Black or True Lies. Surprises, humor, romance, oh my.
  • Dog, cat, or other? Both. Can I add horse—so my boy, Lance, isn’t offended.
  • Favorite author? Mary Balogh rates high, but there are so many…

Q4: Is this book part of a series and what’s come before, scheduled for after?

Torn by Vengeance is Book 2 in the Love Thrives in Emma Springs group of six stories. The Hitman’s Mistake opened the series with a galloping getaway up the mountain towering above Emma Springs. Literally. With Vengeance published, I’m knee deep in edits on Book 3, The Targeted Pawn. The hero/heroine are forty year olds who really haven’t experienced love. But there isn’t an expiration date stamped on our love lives, now is there? Rane and Elon’s story of smoldering romance, calculating villains, and rescued animals features another escape to Emma Springs.

About the Book

Look over your shoulder, he’s watching.

Corrin Patten is solidly on a path to make partner in a prestigious Seattle law firm when an ominous threat from her past turns deadly. She can handle circumstances necessitating a temporary move to the backwater town of Emma Springs, but its charming physician is another matter, as she’s issued a permanent moratorium on men.

Dr. Kyle Werner revels in trust from patients he regularly treats in a community he’s never wished to leave. Yet, Emma Springs lacks one thing, a woman to share his perfectly bucolic life. He’s read about pheromone attraction, but never experienced desire until meeting Corrin. They make an unbeatable team, but convincing her that his interest is sincere while they dissect layers of deceit requires the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel. Can they defeat the wealthy stalker bent on mistaken revenge against Corrin and destruction of the peaceful Montana setting?       If you thrive on tenacious heroines, sizzling attraction, and a shadowy villain with a grudge, you’ll love this prescription for thrills.

Read an Excerpt

Turbulence dropped the airplane, digging Corrin’s seatbelt deeper into her roiling stomach on the Thursday morning flight. The tray table above her knees rattled. She scrunched her eyes shut to block out the memory of being trapped in another rocking, bobbing seat, and dug her fingernails into the armrests.

The plane lurched—pitching and thrusting her like the speedboat ride ten years ago when it jetted through white caps. The horrible trauma surfaced, and with it, an image of the pervert who’d destroyed her innocence.

The shuddering stopped. A hand touched her arm. She raised her fist, ready to break free and fight again.

But the stranger’s fingers on her forearm didn’t boast a dagger-shaped ruby ring. No vice-grip pinned her in a boat’s bucket seat. She gasped for air.

If her sister-of-the-soul, Miranda, hadn’t frantically called, she’d never have flown here to offer moral support and informal legal coaching.

The clatter of luggage and bodies charging the aisle announced the airplane cabin exodus.

She frowned and rose from her seat.

Twenty rows up, the paunchy guy in First Class who’d bolted late onto the Seattle to Three Falls flight turned and eyeballed her again. He caught her looking and headed out the forward exit.

Bristling alarm sent cold chills down her spine. Colder than jumping into Puget Sound to escape the boat attack. She’d blocked the blasted memory for years, but today it flooded her brain.

~ ~ ~

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About the Author

Multi-award winning author Sally Brandle weaves clean (without intimate scenes) slow-burning romance into edgy suspense stories. Sally left a career as an industrial baking instructor to bring to life stories motivating readers to trust their inner gifts. Her rescue Aussie is her companion during long spells of writing, bouts of tormenting weeds in her garden, or afternoons spent riding on the wind with her twenty-nine year old Quarter Horse, Lance.

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It’s been my pleasure hosting author Sally Brandle on today’s edition of Friday Friends.


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