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The Gingerbread Man- A Scrumptious Erotic Fairytale
Lynn Hubbard

Once upon a time there was a girl named Penelope. Food was scarce those days, and she had to walk miles looking for roots or berries to eat. After a long, hot morning Penelope was tired and hungry. A delicious scent led her to a cabin deep in the woods. She followed it in anticipation of having all her needs filled.

~ ~ ~

The Legend of M’Rith
Miriam Newman

By 1844, an increase in the human population of Ireland has forced Fae inhabitants from their lush green homes in the East to the spare, bare terrain of the West–except for one.  M’Rith, half fairie and half elf, has been bidden by her Queen Mother to remain in the forest, promising her a mortal man to love. Kieran, the village blacksmith, has lost his wife and lives in the same painful solitude as M’Rith, but he is a worker of iron that can mortally wound a fairie lover.

~ ~ ~

To Adventure
Jae El Foster

There is a black plague crossing from kingdom to kingdom, placed upon a slumbering princess by her wicked stepmother, and only with true love’s kiss can the spell be lifted. Will the plague encompass all before that kiss can be sealed, or will the power of true love make itself known to the handsome Prince Harold, providing him with the adventure of a lifetime?

~ ~ ~

We Asked the Authors

Notes From a Romantics Heart asked the authors to weigh in on what it’s like to write for an anthology. Here are their responses:

By Miriam Newman

Funny you should ask.  This is my only my third time writing for an anthology and it has been an experience.

When my publisher put out a call for anthology pieces, I was undecided about submitting.  I had nothing written except what I had hoped would be the beginning of a novel.  It had a mind of its own and kept going to one point and stopping—bang, full-on stop.  I labored, I wrote drafts, I brainstormed with author friends, but that thing was FINISHED.  It took several hits over the head before I realized the piece was written.  That was where it was meant to stop.  It was complete.  How could I not have known this?

My next mental hurdle to cross was wondering who would be writing this book with me?  Did I want to know?  I had the subject matter in hand.  Was it even necessary to know?  I decided it wasn’t.  Our work would stand on its own merit or it wouldn’t.  I trusted my editor implicitly, so I cleaned up my little novella and hit SEND.  And then I prayed.

The results, when they came, couldn’t have been better.  The short-short that one author provided was literally unlike anything I had ever read.  It was so whimsical and so adroitly crafted that I chuckled all the way through to its unexpected end.  The second piece was pure fantasy, very intricate and reminiscent of witchcraft in a way my own writing is not.  I could never have written that piece.  And then there was mine, set in my own favorite time and place–Ireland of the Fae.  I was happy I had done it.

I hope you will enjoy this book as much as we enjoyed writing it.

~ ~ ~

Writing for an Anthology
By Lynn Hubbard

I like to participate in Anthologies. For Authors it is a great way to network and cross promote. I have participated in several and all have been very refreshing. For one thing it gives you a topic that you might never have thought about before. You get to meet other authors and learn more about their work.

I think being asked to contribute to an Anthology is an honor and I participate whenever I have time. One book I did was a cookbook. We had to take a recipe from one of our stories and tell about it. My recipe was for Rabbit Stew. (I write westerns) It did not go over well with some of the more sensitive writers…

The hardest thing I ever had to write was for an Anthology called Love Letters. You had to a write a letter to someone that you lost. Love comes in all shapes and forms and I chose to write a letter to my Aunt Susie. We were very, very close and she died after along battle with Kidney disease. So I told her what I had always wanted to tell her but never found the time.

Time is such a precious gift. And so many, many people waste it. She taught me to live and follow my dreams and it is because of her that I write.

DCL Anthologies are much more fun! Who hasn’t thought about being in a fairytale! And to create and control your own fairytale is even better. I always enjoy working with Jae El and Miriam. And I think that everyone deserves a Happy Ever After.

As a reader, I normally prefer full length novels, but Anthologies give you a snippet of different authors writing styles so that you can look up their other books. You can discover authors that you never heard of before.

They are also good if you just need a quick read. And who doesn’t like a quickie once in a while?

~ ~ ~

Three’s Company
Jae El Foster

As a reader, I know that I am in great company with the two other brilliant writers in the anthology Enchanted Fairy Tales. Lynn Hubbard and Miriam Newman both crafted such enjoyable, mesmerizing stories that I humbly bow to them.

When the call for submissions was released for Enchanted Fairy Tales, I was in the promotional stages of another anthology – Kings & Queens – and I jumped to the opportunity of the call. However, I was unsure of what to write or how to go about it. As a child, I had been privy to the classic bedtime fairy tales, and like most American children, I endured my fair share of Disney’s fairy tale remakes. Professionally, however, my writing life has always been a contrast to those childhood stories.

My focus with writing falls into multiple genres; I write what the muses tell me to write. Usually, it is horror, thrillers, contemporary, or something along those lines. I’ve enjoyed tackling romance and comedy, and it has always been a great experience to craft these tales. Yet, I will admit; I found the idea of writing a fairy tale quite daunting.

Naturally, when you’re writing a story for a call for submissions, you don’t know who else is submitting or what anyone else is writing. You don’t want to copy; you want to stay original, which means tapping into that creativity and blending the most memorable aspects of the fairy tale genre into one strong, adventurous tale.

I had to go back to my childhood and recall the things that had always stood out for me in fairy tales. There had always been a princess in peril and a prince destined to save her. There was usually a wicked stepmother that caused the princess’s peril. Fairy godmothers came to mind, as did powerful witches. I believe Walt Disney’s influence made me add a lovable animal sidekick to that list. Aside from all of these aspects, you have to remember the basics – there is usually true love’s kiss, and a happily ever after. And, if you’re crafty enough, you can work in the all powerful slaying of the dragon.

Tell me that this isn’t a daunting task.

Did I mention that when I write, I love nothing more than a daunting task?

When we take in these story dimensions and add to it the restraints of a word count, the intensity of the task grows even greater. Again, one does not know how many other authors are submitting works, how many will be accepted, and how long each will be. A guarantee is that a novel-length story will not be accepted into an anthology. It will either be flat-out rejected, or a publisher might ask that it be submitted differently as a stand-alone project, but it will not be in an anthology.

On the opposite hand, a piece of flash fiction would not encompass everything needed to build the story and complete it.

Now, there is the distinct possibility that I set myself up for things that become bigger than they should be, and there is the possibility that I over-think things and go into too much detail or take an extra turn here and there that extends the story.

In my opinion, none of these things are bad.

For my contribution to DCL Publications’ anthology Enchanted Fairy Tales, I went with a long-form short story in ‘To Adventure.’ With it, I was able to include each of the fairy tale elements that I had hoped for – everything from the cursed princess to my own special version of the slaying of the dragon – and I was able to do it in a way that kept the story moving only swiftly, accurately, and with a steady flow.

When I received news from my editor on who would be included in the anthology with me, I was both pleased and excited. I drafted some early promos for each of our contributions, as well as some ‘now available’ promos when the book was released. Both Lady Lynn and Lady Miriam are wonderful women and talented authors and I was – and am – privileged to be in their company with Enchanted Fairy Tales.

The anthology bug is a contagious one. In November, I will be included in a DCL Christmas anthology titled The Greatest Gift of All. I will be alongside DCL seasoned author Kristi Ahlers, as well as two authors who are new to the DCL family – Jennifer Patricia O’Keeffe and Roxy Q. Reise. There is even a little surprise in the anthology for our wonderful readers who have enjoyed the Dark Castle Lords for over a decade now.

As if that isn’t exciting enough, I’m helping steadfast DCL’s Valentine’s anthology called Queens of Hearts. The call for submissions for this anthology is still open and will remain so until November 16. For any authors interested in submitting, I’ve included the full call on my website at www.jaeelbooks.com/submissions.  We love hearing from new and seasoned authors and are seeking fresh stories from new faces to join our current participating authors for Queens of Hearts.

Writing for an anthology is a wonderful, challenging task, and I invite all authors who have considered it to take on that challenge, embrace it, and conquer it.

Remember always to do good things.

Read an Excerpt

From The Legend of M’Rith

Small and slight and sweet as a berry, she had the palest of faces with enormous pools of slate-gray eyes and a sculpted mouth the color of a berry, too. Jet black hair fell in a mass to her shoulder blades and the violet gown she wore let him see an enticing bit of those as well as lovely sculpted collarbones and the beginning of a swell of breast. Her slender waist was cinched with gold cord. On her feet were the prettiest scarlet slippers—a shocking contrast to her gown, but somehow they suited her, matching the drape of a rich, red-beaded necklace she wore against all rules of fashion. She was all amethyst and ruby. Her feet were the tiniest he had ever beheld; she was tiny all over…the most glorious, diminutive woman, with her skirts held up so that he saw the finest turn of a lovely ankle and calf ever permitted his view outside the marital bed. He felt an unmistakable pang of desire, shocking in the midst of his grief, but he told himself it was simply that he had been too much alone.

She wasn’t anyone he knew, but she stood stock still amongst his chickens, looking at him fully and boldly…a somehow impertinent stare, as if she knew quite well what was in his mind and challenged him to come and kiss the startled look from her face, part her legs and plunge into ecstasy. She was, in short, the woman of his dreams…the one who would consume him utterly.

~ ~ ~

About the Authors

Miriam Newman

Fantasy poetry driven by myths and legends has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I was published in poetry before catching the romance writing bug. I bring that background to my writing along with a lifelong addiction to horses, an 18 year career in various areas of psychiatric social services and many trips to Ireland, where I nurture my muse. My published works range from contemporary fantasy romance to fantasy historical, futuristic, science fiction and historical romance. Currently I live in rural Pennsylvania with a “motley crew” of rescue animals.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Lynn Hubbard

Lynn Hubbard is a Historical Fiction author. She has been writing for over ten years and has eight books. Most of which are westerns. Lynn is fascinated by the Old West and her books portray when life was simpler. When, people worked hard, and sweated to make an honest living. And when justice wasn’t always blind.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Jae El Foster

Jae El Foster is an author with whom you question going to bed with at night, but you dare to venture beneath the sheets with him anyway. As the venture concludes, you are perhaps romanced by it, or perhaps you are frightened by it. Don’t worry, because you are always satisfied by it. Despite the title or genre of the book, Jae El sets out to please you with climatic and unexpected conclusions that will make you tremble with emotion. Hop aboard the Jae El train and give it a good ride.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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