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GENRE: Contemporary Romantic Comedy Amazon | The Wild Rose Press We Asked the Author Q1: If you could become any one of your book’s characters, who would it be and why?  I love this question. I would definitely want to … Continue reading

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GENRE:   Contemporary Romance Amazon Purchase Link/KDP About the Book Walking wildfire Sam Owens gets Lillian hot in all the right ways, but there’s more to the software CEO than just a pretty face. And a great body. And… Oh, right. … Continue reading

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BASED ON PRINCIPAL by Marie Johnston

GENRE:  Contemporary Romance SERIES:  Fanboys (Book #3) Amazon | B&N | Chapters/Indigo Ask the Author Q1: If you could become any one of your book’s characters, who would it be and why? I’ve never had the desire to be one … Continue reading

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Z-BOT by S.C. Mitchell

GENRE: Science Fiction Romance SERIES: Xi Force (Book 1) Amazon About the Book Chris Johnson never really started living until he died. Orphaned, fostered, and drifting through life, the twenty-seven year old programmer had no family, little money, and few … Continue reading

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GENRE: Chick Lit/Comedy/Fantasy Amazon About the Book AT FIRST, DAISY IGNORES HER CAT’S DATING ADVICE. Daisy will turn 40 in eleven months and has never married. Her family figures Daisy is a loser because she is still in college trying … Continue reading

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GENRE: Historical Gothic Spoof, Historical Regency Amazon About the Book An appreciative satire of the cliches of classical Gothic, with the eponymous Villainus Viscount, a haunted castle, a family curse, and a spirited heroine. When Clarissa Greendale inherits the fortune … Continue reading

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FLIP THE BEAT by Roxanne D. Howard

GENRE:   Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Romantic Comedy Amazon | B&N | Chapters/Indigo About the Book WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR Molly Ivers thought she found Prince Charming, but without a devilishly sexy accent, and six months ago … Continue reading

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EDGER by David Beem

GENRE:   Comedy Fiction Amazon About the Book It’s been said every story must start somewhere. Ours begins with a professional dork. The kind who fixes computers and lives in his gran’s basement. The kind tapped by destiny (that saucy minx) … Continue reading

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THE MARQUIS AND I by Ella Quinn *Review*

GENRE: Historical Romance; Regency Romance SERIES: The Worthington’s (Book 4) Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Apple I-Books About the Book Trouble is no match for a lady of the extended Worthington family—except when it comes in the form of … Continue reading

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GRINDER’S CORNER by Ferris H. Craig and Charlene Keel *Review*

GENRE:   Romantic Comedy On sale for 99¢ at Amazon About the Book Grinders Corner explores the world of taxi dance halls in the 1960s in all its raw hilarity.  Saucy, sassy and sexy, but not the least bit erotic, it … Continue reading

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