We Asked and Jennifer Answered

Q1:  If you could become any one of your book’s characters, who would it be and why?

That’s a tough decision.  I’d love to be able to transform into a grizzly bear like Lou (It would give a whole new edge to my mama bear persona).  I’d be fascinated to speak to the dead like Bernie, Martha’s daughter.  I’d be proud to have Martha’s strength and determination to do what’s right for her family.  But I think that if I truly had to choose, I would pick one of my secondary characters, Kal, who is able to see into people’s hearts and minds.  I think that would be a comfort most of the time, seeing people’s good intentions directly and in the cases where they weren’t acting in good faith, having the warning to avoid them.

Q2:  What do you consider to be the central plot of your story?

In my mind, the central story of Judgment is all about learning to see more of the world around us.  We only see very narrow parts of other people’s lives and the events that shape our worlds and we make assumptions about those thin slices.  When we start to see more, we can have more compassion and understanding, but I think it also rouses us to action when we see injustice.

Q3:  When did you know you were destined to be a writer?

I’ve always told myself stories, as far back as I can remember.  I was the nerdy kid who loved visiting my grandmother’s house because she had a typewriter in the basement that I was allowed to play with.  I wrote for myself and my friends for a long time but it was my kids that gave me the courage to give professional writing a chance.  I was encouraging them to follow their dreams and realized that publishing was my cherished dream that I hadn’t pursued.  They’ve been my number one fans ever since.  My youngest tells everyone that his Mommy writes awesome books that he’s not allowed to read until he’s older.

Speed Round (just to get to know you better):

Coffee, tea, or other?  I’m a cola kind of gal, though I prefer hot chocolate in winter.

Music preference?  Anything. I have a huge music library from opera to pop to techno.

Favorite movie?  Too many to pick but for the last 10 years, I’ve been loving the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Dog, cat, or other?  I have both.  Cats for cuddling, dogs for company.

Favorite author?  Again, too many to pick just one.  Rebecca Roanhorse, Sherry Thomas, and Jenna Black for my latest recommendations.

About the Book

How far would you go to protect your child?

Martha Anderson gave up everything to help her daughter: her career, her marriage, and her life.  She devoted years to Bernie’s therapy and medication, only to discover the voices that her daughter heard were real: the voices of the dead.  For the last year, they’ve been hiding in Ekurru, a remote sanctuary in the Alaskan wilderness, to keep Bernie safe from those who would exploit her abilities. But not everyone has been so lucky.  Other lalassu have been sent to an isolated evaluation camp. It was supposed to be temporary, but no one has been coming back.

Lou Charging Bull, a skin-walker and one of the Guardians of Ekurru, agrees to go with Martha to the camp so that he can protect her and Bernie, surprising himself and his family.  But ever since Martha came to Ekurru, she has been on the mind of its strange and silent protector.  Alone even in his isolated community, Lou sees a hint of a kindred spirit in Martha.  He sees something extraordinary in the ordinary woman who chooses to stand against overwhelming forces.

Together the two of them will discover things are far more dangerous in the camp than anyone could have imagined.  With human experimentation, restless prisoners and a murderous ghost, finding the space for love to grow might seem like a hopeless goal.  But Martha and Lou will find strength in each other that they never knew was possible.

They’ll teach the world an important lesson: Never underestimate a mom with a mission.

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Martha narrowed in on that tiny weakness, eager to shatter Lou’s superior sulkiness. “We didn’t ask to come here. You’ve made your feelings quite clear, and trust me, it’s as uncomfortable for us to be here as it is for you to have us here. But this is where we need to be to keep Bernie safe. So you can keep your opinions about our right to be here to yourself.”

He seemed uncertain, his eyes darting to the side in search of escape. But when she paused for breath, he growled. “I am the Guardian here.”

“Then shout it to the trees or the rocks or whatever you have to do in order to get it off that ridiculously muscled chest. But don’t you dare tell me or my daughter that we don’t have the right to be here.”

About the Author

Jennifer Carole Lewis is a full-time mom, a full-time administrator and a full-time writer of paranormal romance, which means she is very much interested in speaking to anyone with a functional time-travel device.

She is a member of the Ottawa Romance Writers’ Association and the Romance Writers of America.  She is a devoted comic book geek and Marvel movie enthusiast.  She spends far too much of her precious free time watching TV, especially police procedural dramas.  Her enthusiasm outstrips her talent in karaoke, cross-stitch and jigsaw puzzles.  She is a voracious reader of a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction and always enjoys seeking out new suggestions.

You can find more about Jennifer Carole Lewis and her books on her website, including her monthly Heroine Fix about the strong female characters who inspire her writing and her monthly Hidden Diamond feature about authors who write amazing paranormal romance and romantic suspense.  You can also find out about her upcoming paranormal romantic suspense release with Soul Mate Publishing.

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