A CONVENIENT RISK by Sara R. Turnquist

GENRE: Historical/Inspirational Romance


Getting to Know the Author

Have you ever had an imaginary friend?

I had an imaginary dog. He was a small dog. Could fit in the palm of my hand or in my pocket. His name was Germ. He was a good dog. Can’t remember where I put him.

Do you have any phobias?

Deathly afraid of heights. Can’t even climb a paint ladder. Not even kidding.

Do you listen to music when you’re writing?

Absolutely! I have to have my “writing playlist” going to get me in the zone. It’s mostly instrumental music from epic scores such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Dark Crystal…

Do you ever read your stories out loud?

You bet. I think this is an important step in editing. To hear yourself read the story aloud allows you to catch the rhythm and pacing of the story. And you pick up on so much more than just reading over it silently.

Tell us about your main character and who inspired him/her.

Amanda Haynes is not really inspired by anyone that I know…there is the argument that all authors create characters from people they know or put together pieces of people they know to make their characters. I don’t know if that’s true…I can’t pinpoint anyone in my life that is the reference for Amanda.

About the Book

He never imagined her heart would be so hard to reach.

Forced into a marriage of convenience after her husband dies, Amanda Haynes is determined she will never love again. Not that it bothers Brandon Miller. He needs her husband’s cattle ranch and life insurance policy. She needs financial stability and long-term support for her son and herself. But she never expected to care so much about the running of the ranch.

Butting heads over the decisions of the ranch, adding to her frustration and grief at her loss. Her wellbeing is soon threatened as their lives become entangled with Billy the Kid and his gang. What has she gotten herself into? What kind of man has she married? Is there any way out?

Read an Excerpt

“My son…where is he?”

Brandon’s hands grazed her elbows still. Did she dare take comfort from it?

“He couldn’t get to sleep on his own, so he’s in the room with Uncle Owen.”

“Oh.” She turned away, wishing she could pull her arms away from his touch.

He remained quiet for a few moments. “He was quite worried about you when you didn’t return for dinner.”

Amanda looked in his direction again. His features were coming into focus as her eyes took in the little bits of moonlight coming in through the window, but only in forms, no details. “He was?”

Brandon nodded. “We all were.”

“Oh?” Why would she bait him? She did not know. But the utterance was beyond her lips before she could stop it. Amanda tightened her lips to keep anything else from coming forth.

“Yes. As was I.” His voice was thick.

His confession stirred something high in her chest. Something that spindled and twisted. Something pleasant. It was but a taste, and she wanted more. But how?

“You were?” What was that in her voice? Hope? She barely recognized it.

He stepped closer to her. Heat emanated from his body. “Of course I was.”

Her head began to swim as the stirrings in her chest spread throughout her whole body, tangling and weaving into her being. Was he going to kiss her? Did she want him to?

My Review

The author has taken a tried and true western historical formula and given it an alternate life with the addition of the faith-based plot. Her heroine, Amanda, tugs on your heartstrings from the get-go, as does her child.

Brandon, the hero, is your typical rough-and-ready rancher just trying to make a go of his spread and provide for those around him, including his new wife and child.

When most marriage-of-convenience stories rely heavily on a strong/graphic physical component to bring the virtual strangers closer together, Sara R. Turnquist had managed to tell a compelling story and maintain its “clean read” rating.

My only disappointment is that there was nothing “new” about the plot other than the aforementioned inspirational tone.

About the Author

Sara is originally from Middle Tennessee. After a short stint in Memphis, where she earned a degree in Biology and began a career as both a Zoo Educator and a Sleep Technician, she then followed a dream to work for a large zoo in Orlando, FL as an Educator. Once she and her husband started their family, they moved back to Middle Tennessee where they currently reside. Sara and her husband now enjoy a full life with their three beautiful and very active children. She enjoys many creative outlets – singing, piano, drawing, drama, and organizing anything. And even though she has enjoyed her career as a Zoo Educator, Sara’s great love of the written word continued to draw her to write.

She has always been an avid reader and, for many years, has been what she terms a “closet writer”. Her travels and love of history have served to inspire her to write clean Historical Romance. Sara has made several trips to the Czech Republic. Her time among the Czech people and the landscapes of the country inspired her and greatly influenced her work on her debut novel, The Lady Bornekova, set in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. Sara is also the author of The General’s Wife, Off to War, Hope in Cripple Creek, and A Convenient Risk and a member of ACFW.

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    • Yes, I do. I believe that there are times when you, the writer, are just uninspired. But I also believe that it is up to you to overcome it. There are days I sit down and am not in the mood to write. But the times I can write are not plentiful. I have smaller children, a house, laundry, groceries…not to mention a full schedule of appointments, meetings, and other things for my career and family. So, I have found that when I have the time to write, I have to find inspiration. Sometimes you have to “prime the pump”, so to speak. Practicing a writing prompt, writing freehand in a character’s point of view about something unimportant to the story (just for you), or editing a previous scene, can help do that. You will be surprised how fast you find the juices flowing.

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    • Thank you, Renee! I’ve always got at least two I’m working on! My next book will release later this month or early next month and then I have two that are nearly ready for release (so later this year hopefully).

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