A Busy Audio Book Season Part 2: Kilty Pleasures

These past couple of months have been crazy-busy! Just since June I’ve seen four of my books turned into audio books with another three to go before the end of the year!

In my first post, Crazy Part 1: The Vessel, I shared the process for completing an audio book. This post, I’m going to talk about the narrator’s side of the process.

The publisher (or author for self-published) puts out a call for voice talent. You may get one audition, you may get many. Each narrator reads the same pre-selected scene. The author then listens to the auditions and selects the one that is closest to the feel of the book. Personally, I prefer male narrators for suspense, military, or books written from the hero’s point-of-view. Female narrators work best for sweet romances, as well as those in the historical genre.

And, take my word for it, you haven’t lived until you’ve heard erotic love scenes read by a deep male voice. Which is exactly what I got with today’s featured book! The narrator, Kevin Arteaga, did a fabulous job with the entire book, the Scottish accents of some of the supporting characters, and…WOW…those love scenes were even hotter than I remembered writing them!

When Ronan MacAlister returns to Glencoe, Maine to see to the affairs of his late uncle, he’s immediately reminded of why he’s stayed away.

The small town is definitely not his cup of tea, and he can’t wait to settle the estate and be done with the cold winters. The only bright spot is the feisty farm manager, Aileen. All grown up now and far from the shy and reserved girl from his childhood, she exudes a steamy sexuality that has Ronan and his unruly body on full alert.

Aileen MacDougall had a huge crush on Ronan when she was a teenager, content to adore him from afar whenever his family came to Glencoe for a visit. Now he’s back, and although the circumstances are less than ideal, she’s eager to find out if her fantasies can live up to reality. But he holds the key to the future of Glencoe in his hands as well as her own hopes and dreams.

Can being trapped together in a remote cabin during a freak snowstorm melt his heart? Or will they discover they have differences even kilty pleasures can’t overcome?

Available in e-book from Amazon | B&N | WildRosePress

Audio format (including a sample) from Audible

I’m especially proud of the trailer.

~ ~ ~

I’ll be back again soon with Part 3 of my audio book celebration in the next week or so. In the meantime, please come back and visit frequently to meet new authors, read about new books, and enter giveaways. I post 3-4 times per week as part of my hosting duties for Goddess Fish Promotions.

Happy reading!



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