Wake Up Little Susie

Golden Decade of Rock and Roll Series (1957)

Wake Up Little SuzieSusan Kelley, graduate student in historical studies, is working to unravel a mystery left among the research papers of her late professor, Dr. MacAllister. Alone in the dusty confines of the History Department archives, Susan steps through a storeroom door and into 1957.

To her surprise, she meets up with not only a young Zack MacAllister, but also many of her relatives. Despite the differences between her modern day life and the one she’s found in 1957, Susan quickly acclimates to her surroundings. Just as quickly, a romance develops between Susan and the young professor.

Zack tells Susan that, as a college student, he too traveled through time. He admits to leaving the cryptic notes on purpose in order to facilitate her trip back to 1957. He gives her the option of staying, or both going forward to the current year as a couple. Will they, or won’t they? Or, will something go humorously awry?

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Wake Up Little Susie is also available in the new Golden Decade of Rock and Roll collection, Play It Again.