An Excerpt From Wake Up Little Susie

Golden Decade of Rock and Roll Series (1957)

Wake Up Little SuzieSusan took a seat on a bench in the courtyard across from the University. “Come on, think,” she scolded herself. “What could have possibly caused this to happen? And,” she went on, “what happens if you don’t wake up back in 2008 and in the familiar surroundings of the university campus?”

“Hi there.”

Susan looked up to see a young woman standing in front of her. Dressed in a long pencil-straight plaid skirt, sweater set, bobby sox and saddle shoes, she personified the 1950’s image.

“Hello,” Susan answered back.

“You new this semester? I haven’t seen you around before.”

“Actually,” Susan told her honestly, “I’ve just recently arrived in, uh, Chicago.”

“Really, I’ve never traveled anywhere, except to Joliet with my mom and Aunt Sissie.”

Not waiting for an invitation, the girl plunked herself down on the bench next to Susan. “My name’s Debbie.”


“Yeah, Debbie Phillips. What’s yours?”

Susan’s breath caught in her throat and it was a moment before she could answer. “Susan,” she said simply.

“I absolutely adore the name Susan.” Shifting her books in her lap, Debbie shared her thoughts, “If I ever get married and have a daughter, I’m going to name her Susan. Or Susie. You know, like that new song on the hit parade by those two brothers.”

“Wake Up Little Susie,” Susan supplied. “The Everly Brothers.”

“Yeah, that’s the one. I absolutely adore that song.”

At that very moment, Susan realized two things. First, no matter how much she wanted to deny it, somehow she’d fallen into a time warp. This wasn’t a dream but a stranger reality than any she could have ever imagined. And, second, she was sitting face-to-face with her own grandmother.

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