An Excerpt From Pushing the Limits

© Nancy Fraser

12.2 Pushing the LimitsCade opened the door to the reception area and waited for her to go through. “I’m headed back to my office to start on the opening remarks. Would you care to join me?”

“Opening remarks?” Julia drew a deep breath before saying, “I’m doing the opening remarks, not you.”

“Ok then, I’ll do the closing.”

She turned to face him, pinning him with what she hoped was a lethal stare. “How about you just sit at the table as second fiddle and let me do the work?”

“I don’t get to do anything?” he asked, his tone filled with both humor and sarcasm.

Julia stopped in front of her office door, and then turned to face him. “Think of our working relationship as an ice cream sundae.”

“Has this analogy got something to do with whipped cream and nuts?” he asked, following her into the office and closing the door behind them.

Sensual memories came flooding back and Julia immediately felt the heat rising in her cheeks. She fought back the urge to brush her hand across her skin to see if she was well and truly blushing. “No. My opening will be the dish holding the sundae. Our questioning of the potential witness makes up the ice cream, and my cross examination the chocolate sauce and whipped cream.”

“I knew there would be whipped cream,” he teased, closing the short distance between them.

Julia stood her ground, determined to not let his nearness unnerve her. “Finally, and most important, this is my case, so my summation. I am the cherry on the top of the sundae.”


Cade reached out and lifted Julia’s chin with a gentle touch of his fingertips. He studied her serious expression for mere moments before the flush across her cheeks deepened. He loved it when she exuded sass and control. This was her case, and she deserved to be the cherry. Yet, something deep inside coaxed him into one last tease. “Got it,” he said softly, his gaze holding hers captive. “You like to be on top.”

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