Nancy’s Gallery

neala-1 Everyone loves to share pictures … whether it’s a family pet, their vacation, grandchildren or beautiful scenery. Authors are no different … so here a few of my favorites. First off, one of my grand-pets: the mega-beautiful Neala.


While I’d naturally hoped for another writer in the family, my eldest granddaughter Mackenzie (age 16) is proving herself as an artist. This past January, I released my first children’s book, Ladybug Ladybug, and Mackenzie was my illustrator!


Haley (14 yrs old) has mad-good FX makeup skills. I couldn’t do this to someone else, and she does it to herself!


And, the two youngest, Anya (age 12) and William (age 5 1/2), are ready for almost anything!

The eldest grandson, Dawson (age 20) owes me a new picture!