An Excerpt From Love Me Tender

Golden Decade of Rock and Roll Series (1956)

Love Me TenderSydney closed her eyes for a brief moment, letting Aaron’s touch sink into her senses. The gentle tug of his fingers as he stroked the strand of hair made her scalp tingle. When she opened her eyes, their gazes met.

Reaching up, she pulled her hair from his grasp. She needed to gain control, before she couldn’t…or wouldn’t want to. “Don’t, please.”

“I’m sorry, Sydney. I shouldn’t have done that.”

She wanted to tell him that she hadn’t minded at all, that his touch was welcome. Yet the words wouldn’t come. She couldn’t bring herself to relinquish control of their working relationship. She couldn’t risk having a personal relationship as long as they were working together, especially not on her first case as a partner.

Rather than explain her concerns, she turned toward the sink and busied herself with filling it with water. Without turning around she told him, “You’d better get going and take those notes and pictures to your friend.”

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