An Excerpt From Love is a Many Splendored Thing

Golden Decade of Rock and Roll Series (1955)

© Nancy Fraser

loveis He leaned back and closed his eyes, losing himself in thought … in memory.

 “Good afternoon. May I speak with Marnie Shelton, please?”

 “I’m Marnie Shelton,” the young women said, her voice trembling as she took in the dress uniform, the hat tucked neatly beneath the arm, the stiff stance.

 “I’m Captain Edward Louden, United States Air Force. May I come in, please?”

 Mrs. Shelton opened the door fully and turned to let him in. It was then he noticed the rounded belly, the pregnancy she couldn’t hide. Before he’d even reached the cramped but tidy foyer, a small child of no more than two bounded forward and snuggled close to her mother’s side.

“Mommy,” the little girl squealed, a doll tucked haphazardly under her arm. The woman scooped up the child and balanced her on one hip.

“Come in, Captain Louden.” She led the way to the kitchen and motioned toward the closest chair. “Have a seat, please.”

Rather than take the seat she offered, he pulled out the chair and suggested, “Why don’t you sit first?”

She did as he’d suggested, sinking down into the chair in an almost daze-like state.

“I’m here on behalf of the United States Air Force. I regret to inform you…”

The rest of the unpleasant memory faded, and Ed opened his eyes to the present. He knew it didn’t do any good to live in the past, on memories good or bad.

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