Historical Romance

Historical romances can be set in any period prior to World War II and go as far back as time itself


Chicago, IL

Caught in a raid at an illegal speakeasy, good girl Erin O’Mara loses everything: her job, her home, and her reputation.

Handsome and so out of her league attorney, Seth Harrison, her best friend’s brother, rescues her not once, but twice. He bails her out of jail and offers her a job as nanny for his son.

Seth has no intention of falling in love after the death of his wife. But despite his better judgment, he can’t help being drawn to Erin’s innocence.

This Christmas, letting go of the past and embracing the future may be the greatest present of all.


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Katy Anderson has experienced more heartache than most know in a lifetime.

Given to a man old enough to be her father, she has spent the past six years secluded from everyone except for her three young children. Her husband’s untimely death brings relief that … finally … she and her children are free.

When Sheriff Mitch Logan arrives at the Anderson homestead, he is moved by Katy’s sad circumstances and vows to right the wrongs done to her. Mitch has always shied away from marriage due to his dangerous profession, yet he quickly changes his mind when Katy comes into his life, and into his heart.


A Saved Woman is available in digital format from Amazon or The Wild Rose Press

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Note from the Author: The following three books from The McCade Legacy series were written with a very special person, my late and loved writing partner, Patti Shenberger. Being part of this series was a wonderful gift.

Book 2, The McCade Legacy

Greenville, MS, Summer, 1868

U.S. Marshal, Zack McCade, takes pride in protecting the good folks of Greenville – especially beautiful Dr. Suzanne Martindale. He doesn’t always understand her need for independence, but he sure does like getting under her skin. It’s not like he’s looking to settle down – his job is too dangerous to risk taking a wife and family.

In an era when women aren’t readily accepted in the male dominated world of medicine, Suzanne doesn’t have time for courting – especially a charming Cajun rogue like Zack. When he proposes a fake betrothal to keep the matchmaking town out of their hair, she’s sure it’s a bad idea but can’t deny her longing for a respite from the over-zealous bachelors in town.

Their ruse starts a fire in their hearts that neither expected, but will the re-emergence of Suzanne’s real fiancé douse the flames?

*Winner, International Digital Award for Historical Romance (novel)*

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Book 1, The McCade Legacy

Greenville, MS, Spring 1867

Dressed as a boy, Felicity Beaumont devises a plan to move her father’s illegally owned slaves north to safety using the gambling river boat known as the River Maiden. Unbeknownst to its charismatic captain, Jake McCade, of course.

Jake doesn’t trust women, and when he discovers Felicity’s subterfuge, he remembers exactly why.

While they find themselves in agreement about helping the slaves, they are at odds over everything else, including their quickly escalating feelings for one another.

Will gambling on love be a bust or reap a happily ever after?

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Prequel to the McCade Legacy

Greenville, MS, Summer 1866

Miracle Johnson knows two things for certain: First, she grew up without a father, thanks to his obsession with The River Maiden, a 1860s Mississippi Riverboat. And second, the original owner of the River Maiden, Matthew McCade, was the devil-incarnate himself, a man who took advantage of the masses, pandered to their weaknesses, and—by reputation—bedded every woman in sight.

Then why, when she’s accidentally transported back in time, and into the arms of this man she hates so much, does Miracle find herself unable to resist his legendary charm.

Struggling to acclimate herself in a time and place totally foreign to her, she vows to rid herself of the handsome riverboat owner, only to find herself in his bed, time after time.

McCade’s Miracle is available in digital format from Extasy Books | Amazon